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In our previous edition of  PhoneWorld Magazine, we had mentioned in our article “Paksitan’s ICT Human Resource: A Saga of Neglected Opportunity.” that according to the survey conducted by Elance Pakistan ranks at an impressive number 4 in category of freelancers. Considering the state of unemployment in the country, I’m personally of the view that if we create awareness amongst the talented youth of the country about freelancing, than it can somehow create a positive impact on the state of unemployment in the country and people can make a good living by simply working at their homes. Moreover, women must be strongly encouraged to do freelancing since they also hold prime responsibility to manage their household so through freelancing they can make the both ends meet i.e. manage their homes along with earning a handsome amount of money.

In Pakistan, people adopt freelancing as full time or part time profession in the capacity of software developers, content writes, mobile application developers, web designers, technical documentation specialists, etc. And in terms of revenue mobile application developers can be considered as the best job in the field of freelancing as the total revenue of an android or iOS app uploaded on Google or Apple store purely depends on the number of clicks as well as downloads. Many mobile app developers in the country are doing freelancing along with a proper full time job.

Here I’m going to explain you some essential steps required to become a freelancer.

Step 1: Discover your interest.

The first step is to discover your area of interest. What particular sort of work activity is better suited for you. Moreover, if you have multiple interests than you should chose that sort of work which you would enjoy doing in your part time at home. Furthermore, if you wish to do freelancing in the field of software or app development than while making the decision keep this thing in mind that you are choosing that work which requires a lot of time and thinking.

Step 2: Make your profile:

Always keep this thing in mind that someone residing in foreign won’t be hiring you for a project on a good salary until and unless he does not know about your credentials and prior experience. So, make up your profile and do clearly mention your area of interests and past experience in such a way that it reflects the fact that you are an ideal candidate for the desired role. If you are desiring to work as a content writer than put a list in your profile of all the blogs or magazines for which you developed content. Moreover, of you are willing to work as an app developer than provide the employer with the list of all the apps that you developed and also the tools and technologies that you used.

Step 3: Taking the start: and are the most popular web locations as far as the area of freelancing is concerned. And if we specifically talk about software or web development than is considered as the best place by many developers. As for mobile app developers, they can develop any app on android or iOS platform and then upload it on respective Google and Apple Store. Though, Pakistani mobile app developers are not authorized to upload a paid app on the app stores but still they manage to earn significant amount of revenue on the basis of number of clicks and downloads received by their apps.

It is always advisable that initially one should not be concerned with the amount of money but with getting started. Start your work at any cost and if initially you are required to work without being paid than do that. With the passage of time when you’re profile gets stronger (as you will be acquiring experience on multiple projects) you will definitely become highly. All what counts is how much effort you put forward towards your work.

Step 4: Fulfill the client’s requirements:

Lastly, you should always know that what your client actually wants. You should fulfill his expectations to its fullest. Only through that, you will receive endorsements on the basis of which more projects to work on. And in order to excel in this patience is also required at the initial stages. Keep patience, work hard and soon you’ll be successful in your entrepreneurial venture.


Kanwal Ayub

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