Beconhouse Deducts 75% Salaries of Staff- A Relief to Employees During COVID Crisis

One of the top schools of Pakistan, Beconhouse boasting about their education and how they care for people has deducted 75% salaries of lower staff and instructors during the COVID-19 crisis when we need each other’s help more than ever before. On one side, we are talking about the digital interventions of these schools and how they have helped children and parents during the crisis by providing online education to people, and, on the other side, the situation is quite different. These big chains reducing salaries of their staff show a different story of the care for the rich. Still, disregard for their own employees who might be belonging from middle or lower class family background and will not be able to meet their expenses.

The employees who had to face salary cutdown include custodian staff and all instructors of co-curricular staff. In the poverty-stricken situation that Pakistan is going through and how insanely the inflationary rate is rising, it is indeed saddening to see how they will survive.

Beconhouse Deducts 75% Salaries of Staff- A Relief to Employees During COVID Crisis

We understand that school is also facing some hardships(might be); however, in that scenario, Beconhouse should have deducted traveling allowance only instead of a 75% deduction in salary. It means the employees who were getting 15000 salaries before will only get 4000 pkr for the month. How will such people be able to cope with the situation? Will their children have to wave goodbye to schools as their parents cannot afford their fees?

No doubt, this tweet actually shows the real face of the society where we operate, and these educationists working to prepare the next generation are actually money makers and have no social values.

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