25 Best Action Games For Android In 2024- Offline Action Games

In this busy world full of hustle, everyone wants some kind of rest, fun, action, and adventure. In such circumstances playing games is the best solution to feel fresh after loads of work. Now the days are gone when people had to go out and search for grounds to play games or had to buy a board game. The ever-growing trend of smartphones and enormous data bundles have made people more inclined towards playing games in smartphones. Furthermore, these days, what’s popular in the world of gaming are action games. Action games have always been appealing for the boys because they emphasize physical challenges, including hand-eye coordination and reaction time. Furthermore, action games are amongst the best gaming categories anywhere because they require a lot of thinking and concentration to navigate through most of the times. The ever-increasing development in the smartphone provides great opportunities for top game developers to hit the Google Play Store with their best lot. However, the sad part is that most of the best games on Google Play can’t be played without an internet connection. So, it affects the gaming experience and limits players in those countries where finding a fast internet connection is a heck of a task. Today, In this roundup, I am going to jot down the best action games for Android of all time that can be played without the Internet.

The list has both online and offline action games for Android.

A. Best Action Games for Android (Online)

There are many Action Games For Phones available right now. In this article, I have jotted down the Top 10 Mobile Action Games that are quite popular. Here is the list of Android action games that can be played without WiFi or internet.

1) Call of Duty  

call of duty

There was a lot of hype surrounding Call of Duty Mobile throughout the beta and ahead of its global launch. Call of Duty mobile, with such a high rating, is so highly successful that it had been introduced quicker than ever. The game has a normal online FPS PvP mode together with a royal 100-player fight. A big reason the game’s doing so well is due to Tencent Games ‘ involvement.   

Game is so damn popular, you can jump into a match super fast, whether you want to play casual games or go up against more experienced players. It is a free game to play, but most purchases made in the game are cosmetic items. This game has won the best game of the 2019 award. You can download the game by clicking here. 

2) Snipper 3D Gun Shooter

best free action games

This game is the best Android 2024 action game and has been developed free of charge by Fun games and it is the best free 3D FPS shooting game. The only objective in this game is to target and shoot, and you have to combat the world war on crime where you’ll get the opportunity to become the ultimate gunman or expert shooter.

Clash with the criminals in various action-packed situations. Good gameplay, great graphics, and funny missions. Your action or aim is to include speeding against time, helicopters crashing, zombie killing, and a few slow-motion shots. Survival is a must. You can download the game by clicking here. 

3) PUBG Mobile  

PUBG Mobile offers a lot to mobile game lovers, with all the highs and lows of online play, plenty of realism and good performance across a wide range of devices. Unknown Player Battlegrounds. From Erangel to Miramar, from Vikendi to Sanhok, these vast and extensive battlefields vary in size, geography, day/night cycles, and complex weather–from urban spaces to tundra to forest.   

Everyone has something. Play Solo, Duo, and in Squads of 4 players. In this game, players are free to use their parachute to choose their starting point and you need to try to remain in a safe zone as long as possible. This free action android game on android has the best game award in 2018. You can download the game by clicking here. 

4) Modern Combat 5 Blackout  

modern combat 5

First-person shooter games featuring great graphics, high-powered weapons, and competitive online multiplayer action. Build a 9-class squad, invite your mates to team play and test your competitive fighting skills against online rivals from around the globe. You’ll have access to use high powered weapons here in this game and this app is full of intense multiplayer online action. This has been one of the best 5 free action games on android.   

You will also have the opportunity to work alone as you can move into this thrilling campaign of solo play as you blast your way through one intense circumstance after another to save the world and make it a beautiful place. You can download the game by clicking here. 

5) ShadowGun Legends


Shadowgun is a free action android shooter game developed and released by Madfinger Games for Android. Humanity is under threat from a deadly alien invader in the sci-fi setting of Shadowgun Legends. The Shadowguns are the last line of defense, legendary fighters, and heroes. The game includes more than 200 single-player campaign missions and various multiplayer game modes. You can download the game by clicking here. 

6) Mobile Legends: Bang Bang

android games online

Mobile Legends: Bang Bang is a multiplayer action game for Android developed by Moonton. In the game, players cooperate with one another to destroy the base of the opposing team. There are many different heroes in the game, each with their own special skills and playstyles.

Mobile Legends: Bang Bang has remarkable visuals and immersive gameplay, making it one of the best online action games for Android. The game also features a leaderboard where players may compete with one another for positions and prizes. The game offers a variety of game modes, such as traditional, ranked, and brawl modes. In order to play with others and plan a winning strategy, players can also form a group with friends or join a guild. Although Mobile Legends: Bang Bang is a free game to download and play, there are in-app purchases for a variety of products and skins. You can download the game by clicking here. 

7) War Robots

action games for android

The action android online game features robots known as “war robots” in team-based online combat. The game’s eye-catching visuals and rich audio effects provide an impressive gaming experience. Players in War Robots have a selection of robots to pick from, each with a unique set of skills and weaponry. Additionally, the game offers a number of game types, such as beacon rush, deathmatch, and dominance, giving players a variety of gaming possibilities.

Players may advance in the game’s ranking system and receive rewards by moving up leaderboards. Players can also add different skins and improvements to their battle robots to give their gaming a distinctive and individualized feel. Although War Robots is a free game, there are in-app purchases for different upgrades. War Robots is a must-play for everyone searching for an exciting and immersive online action game for their Android device due to its compelling gameplay and vibrant player community. You can download the game by clicking here. 

B. Best Action Games for Android to Play Without Internet

8) Critical Ops

10 Best Action Games For Android In 2019- Offline Action Games

Critical Ops is one of the best offline action games available right now you can find on Google Play Store. The game is actually a first-person shooter one with fast-paced FPS that tests your tactical skills. Critical Ops has 2 modes. One of them is the Defuse Mode while the other is the Deathmatch mode. In the Defuse mode, terrorists try to plant and detonate a bomb while in the Deathmatch mode, the player competes for a maximum number of kills within a time frame. Critical Ops is available on Play Store and it’s totally free of cost. The game can be downloaded by clicking here.

9) Alto’s Adventure

10 Best Action Games For Android In 2019- Offline Action Games

Alto’s Adventure is one of the other great action games for Android users.  It cannot be ignored at all. The game is quite light in size and runs smoothly on all devices. The game is all about the journey across wilderness, mountains and abandoned lands. It is one of the most captivation action games ever. Furthermore, on your way you are required to rescue llamas and have to survive obstacles in harsh conditions. This game is not free of cost. However, Alto’s Adventure costs $3.99. You can download Alto’s adventure from the Play Store by clicking here.

10) Unkilled

10 Best Action Games For Android In 2019- Offline Action Games

Unkilled is a zombie shooter game. It has multiplayer, special ops and extra-long storyline features. In this game, you have to survive in an apocalyptic world in the most terrifying zombie outbreak. It’s been staged in New York City. The story starts with one of five unique characters that are elite members of the task force called in to do the dirty work on the streets of the Big Apple. They are known simply as the Wolfpack. You will be a part of a private military organization designed to find, track, and eliminate a threat. Moreover, you will have to dig deeper into the streets, subways, sewers, and back alleys of New York. While doing so, you’ll uncover a plot that no one can imagine. If you are interested in this game, you can download it from Play Store by clicking here.

11) Geometry Wars 3

10 Best Action Games For Android In 2019- Offline Action Games

Geometry Wars is an arcade action game. It comes with more than 100 action-packed levels to play from. Furthermore, in this game, you are required to travel around 3-dimensional maps. In addition to that, there are 15 3D grips and 12 battle modes. The good part is that Geometry Wars can be played on both Android phones and tablet devices. However, it is not free of cost. Geometry Wars 3 cost on the Play store is $9.99 and it can be downloaded from the Play Store by clicking here.

12) Space Grunts

10 Best Action Games For Android In 2019- Offline Action Games

The story of this game begins with a group of intergalactic “problem” solvers, sent to investigate a matter. The Earth’s space-federation has been building moon-bases across the galaxy for many years. Space Grunts have to investigate one of those moon-bases that have been sending a distress signal. You have to play as a member of Space Grunts. Your mission is quite simple. All you have to do is to find your way into the moon-base, and figure out what has happened. You will have to fight your way through aliens, robots, security drones, and base-systems. After that, you will have to find the lower levels of the moon-base, and get to the core of the problems. The amazing game, Space Grunts can be downloaded from Play Store by clicking here.

13) Xenowerk

10 Best Action Games For Android In 2019- Offline Action Games

Xenowerk is one of the best mobile action games for android available at Play store at the moment. It is basically a shooter game which challenges your combat skills in an underground science lab where a failed experiment was conducted. There are 70 different levels in this game. All you have to do is to battle and kill mutants and survive against all odds. It sounds like an interesting challenge. Isn’t it? Moreover, the game has some features that include a wide range of weapons and gears; special gameplay powers; upgradable weapons and much more. Xenowerk is free of cost. It can be downloaded from the Play Store by clicking here.

14) Into the Dead

10 Best Action Games For Android In 2019- Offline Action Games

The game starts by throwing you in a zombie world where you are expected to survive to fight. So all you have to do is to stay alive, keep moving as fast as you can, and protect yourself by any means necessary. When the Dead starts rising, you have to just run! Furthermore, the game also features gruesome and intense gameplay with stunning graphics. Moreover, it is supported on tablet devices as well. Into the Dead is free of cost and can be downloaded from Play Store by clicking here.

15) Sky Force Reloaded

10 Best Action Games For Android In 2019- Offline Action Games

Sky Force Reloaded is one of the all-around action games for Android offline. It allows you to shoot from the top above to down. This action game combines classic arcade elements infused with current technology to bring out one the best action games you will ever play. Moreover, the game features include atmospheric levels with diverse missions, memorable battles, 3D graphics, full voiceover, electronic soundtrack and much more. Sky Force Reloaded can be downloaded for free from Play Store by clicking here.

16) Implosion Never Lose Hope

10 Best Action Games For Android In 2019- Offline Action Games

Implosion Never Lose Hope is one of the best offline action games for Android. The game features console-level graphics and intense gameplay. Furthermore, it keeps you on the edge of your seat all through. You are required to battle against a mysterious being known as the XADA in this game. The first 6 Levels are free to play but you have to unlock other levels afterwards. Implosion Never Lose Hope can be downloaded from Play Store by clicking here.

17) Duet

10 Best Action Games For Android In 2019- Offline Action Games

Duet is an impressive minimalist action game for Android. In this game, you are required to control two vessels in synchronization while keeping the calm and surviving against all odds. Duet is an intense action game. The game has eight chapters with captivation graphics of intense and nerve-racking gameplay. Furthermore, this game runs smoothly on most devices. It costs $2.99 and can be downloaded from the Play Store by clicking here.

18) Eternium:

In the plot of Eternium, there is a camp of wandering soldiers, wrapped in the darkness of the night, was completely exhausted after a recent fight. There were some brave warriors who gave their lives for loyal partners.  A component of the equipment has vanished, and there are serious difficulties with supplies and if the travellers don’t start fighting right now, then, most likely, these 7 days will be the last in the history of never-ending travel. The heroes of Eternium, Mage And Minions re-pack blades and swords, attach life-giving bottles, expecting to move to the dungeon at dawn.

The main idea of Eternium is to turn sorcery and witchcraft into a form of entertaining puzzle where every magic spell will have to be described on the screen. The players also need to move around the different levels, gather items and improve your skills, using points in multiple indicators. And you must also not forget about the bosses and the emerging trials.

Eternium is recommended for all those players who love role-playing adventures and wish to diversify the usual game with an unusual interaction of magic spells.

19) SoulCraft:


soul craft

In the gameplay of SoulCraft, people on the earth have to expose the secret of immortal life very soon. But, demons along with angels chose to destroy the earth and settled a treaty between their parties that would ultimately lead to an apocalypse. You can decide which side you will fight for. There are many options like you can become a supporter of demons, people or angels. Therefore, It will depend on you to take your side to the victory. Apart from that, all armed operations will take place in real cities such as Rome, Cairo, Hamburg, etc. The developers of the game have promised to increase the number of areas I.n the near future

In this game, there is a chance to learn skills, buy ammunition and various armoury. Graphics component is alright and not lower than those that we see in console games. There are several control options like swipes, joystick or buttons.

You can battle with weapons and can use magic spells. At every level, players need to gather equipment, and several items to increase strength and improve skills. You can download the game for free and fight in the legendary crusades. The developers also promised to add a multiplayer mode, and you will have the chance to play with your buddies. And now you can play the game offline. So, if there is no Internet it is not a problem anymore.

20) Broken Dawn II:

action games

In the storyline of this game, Earth in an alternate reality has experienced a number of significant changes. To start with, it is mired in dense vegetation and secondly, scientists found a deadly unknown type Z virus that is found in water and soil, and in 2-3 patients at the local hospital. There is research going on and suddenly there is an outbreak and fast death of millions. The illness that turns humans into zombies cannot be stopped now.

Broken Dawn II is a magnificent blend of role-playing adventure and adrenaline thriller. An unnamed protagonist loaded with guns, bazookas and acrobatic techniques. The heroine visits the destroyed locations and gathers all the valuable information in order to save human civilization. Download the game to choose the most aggressive path and walk through the rotting gardens of the planet Earth.

During the game, as expected from an action zombie game, the screen is covered with heavy explosions and flowing puddles of blood, limbs fly here and there, the building burns or the roof collapse in real-time. Many action game lovers wish to watch such a thriller, and victories inspire them.

21) DawnBringer:

In the gameplay, Mourngard’s discarded possessions are in a pitiful state and residences are burning with fire, wounded and killed are spread everywhere, the smell of blood and hardened steel is in the atmosphere. It is even hard to recognise the corpses in the mess of the bloody fighting. The hero of the action game Dawnbringer for Android must participate in the fight, first with the natives of hell, and then with his own sibling who is leading this army of darkness forward.

Dawnbringer is an interesting action game with a serious plot and an interesting mechanism for handling fights between the characters. The player will have to fight in the “one on one” mode. The main goal is to correctly apply the hereditary skills.

There is full touch control with no virtual joysticks on the screen and no quick access keys responsible for spellcasting. A player can control everything with his/her finger. Everything is much more interesting with the elements of development. Along with that, the hero can switch costumes and can be provided with additional skills. Download Dawnbringer on Android and begin your adventure.

22) Dead Effect 2:

Dead Effect 2 is a science-fiction thriller in which the protagonist is sent on a space station lost in the expanses of the Milkyway galaxy. There are no reports and signals received from the space station. The fearless main character instantly arrives and immediately informed the authorities about the space station that is crushed, and corpses of government agents are everywhere. But what is the reason behind that and what to expect is not known yet.

The space thriller Dead Effect 2 is dedicated to the living dead, only the environment and military attributes were replaced. Rather than the small streets of the city, there are broad sectors of the space station. Pistols are alternated with blasters and rifles with laser cannons. The lineup of enemies has also expanded. It is important to combat both with the dead, and with the group[ of “Alpha”, unknown soldiers. It looks like they are hiding the real state of affairs.

Key and adjacent areas are worked out to the most trivial detail. On the way to the space station, there are working terminals, opened shop doors, lockers filled with cartridges and money, and also sets of batteries and activators. Shooting is realistic. So, lift your weapons and kill the bloodthirsty creatures.

23) Dead Trigger 2:

best games for android action

Dead Trigger 2 is one of the best action games for Android, created by Madfinger Games. During the gameplay, players must fight against zombies in the post-apocalyptic environment in order to survive. A story mode and numerous types of missions, such as defending a position or escorting survivors, are included in the game.

Rifles, pistols, shotguns, explosives, and other options are available to players as upgrades. Players may acquire money and gold as they go through the game and use it to buy new weapons, upgrades, and accessories. In the multiplayer mode of Dead Trigger 2, players may work together to complete tasks and engage in zombie combat. The game is a favorite among lovers of the zombie and shooter genres because of its amazing visuals and challenging gameplay. You can download the game by clicking here.

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24) Dark Knight Rises:

best action game android

The Dark Knight Rises takes place in Gotham City and features an open-world environment. The game allows players to explore different areas and complete missions. Players assume the role of Batman in The Dark Knight Rises, where they must battle crime and save the city from bad guys like Bane and Catwoman. There are several different fighting techniques and weapons available in the game, such as the Batarang and Batpod.

The game provides a visually appealing and engaging experience thanks to its amazing visuals and sound effects. Additionally, players can enhance and customize their version of Batman, giving their gameplay a distinctive and individualized feel. Fans of the Batman series and action games, in general, must play The Dark Knight Rises because of its compelling plot, furious action, and stunning graphics. The Dark Knight Rises is a fantastic option for anybody searching for a thrilling and captivating action game for their Android device, regardless of whether you’re a casual player or a die-hard Batman fan. You can download the game by clicking here.


25) Hitman: Sniper

action games android

Game developer Square Enix created the first-person shooter android game Hitman: Sniper. The game takes place in Montenegro and features Agent 47, who is charged with eliminating high-profile targets with skill and strategy.  Hitman: Sniper has amazing visuals and immersive gameplay, which makes it one of the best action games available for Android. There are several different weapons in the game, such as rifles, pistols, and grenades. By completing tasks and objectives, players may get points to improve their weaponry. There are several areas to discover in the game, each with its own difficulties and goals. The leaderboard system in the game allows players to compete against one another for prizes and bragging rights. You can download the game by clicking here.


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Final Words

So, these were some of the most popular action games that are available for mobile users. In addition to that, if you want to know about the Best open world games for Android, we have jotted down ten best games for our readers. You can check them out by clicking here.

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