12 Best Free Music Download Websites to Legally Download Songs in 2023

“Music is a world within itself with a language we all understand.” Stevie Wonder’s popular saying also illustrates the meaning of music in our lives. It brings charm to our busy lives, making it calming and refreshing. It can be a struggle to find soulful music at times, there are many paid and free websites that offer streaming music. You will stream the music at no cost on tens of thousands of pages. They are not entirely lawful and secure to use though. As most of the websites do not have any legal license or rights, where you can download music without any fee. If you want a free website that offers music for download, then these websites will be very helpful for you. And if you’re a user who doesn’t want to violate the rules. Then, without breaching laws & freedom, we will help you to boost your love of music with Free Music Download Websites.

Every download is legal here. They are either public domain or in most instances, you have been allowed by the artists to download and enjoy their hard work. That means you will feel amazing listening to music. Several websites provide free music downloads, and we have ferreted them out to only select the top sites for free legally licensed music downloads in this list of the 12 best sites for you.

Download Music Free of Charge and Start Rapping!

One might question why free music should be downloaded if you can play it. Yeah, online music listening is cool, so what are you doing when your mobile network or wireless internet access is off? This’s where offline music is necessary, and best of all you can do it without having to spend a single penny on your favorite songs.

That is why we have made it easy to use and popularise all the above websites. the internet music websites make it the best free streaming site for music and nearly any artist can be found there. You have the right to pick the one that better suits you, so try these websites.

How to Download Songs from Free Music Download Websites?

Well, discovering music free of charge is very easy with technology innovation. Various places satisfy these user’s criteria. You just have to select a good downloading platform for music online, visit it and check for downloads.

Top 12 Music Download Websites – Free & Legal

Free mp3 Audio Streaming Pages provides the perfect way in a single click to experience free music. Let us delve into the music world with free and legal music websites.

1- SoundCloud

best music site

SoundCloud the best free music website to download. It gives music fans an unbelievable platform and offers free music as the best free music download site. It established in 2007 and has become one of the biggest artists, music producers, bands, and podcasters platform. Using it to share your works and other artists’ tracks. Use it to check for your favorite artist and band. There’s also a good list of Bollywood tracks. The drawback is that not all tracks can be purchased for free, there are only a few songs to download on the Facebook page, you need to press the same like button.

Free version SoundCloud has zero skip limits one of the advantages that the company focuses on independent artists and anyone who carries a hot track made on a Casio keyboard. The Free Tier has a smattering of major-label music: Kanye West’s “Champion” and “Stronger” can, for example, be found, but listeners need a premium SoundCloud Go+ account when you listen to a whole Graduation album. SoundCloud streams 128kbps MP3 tracks, which means that SoundCloud has various encoding and streaming combinations to test to provide audience quality experiences across devices, but it has an MP3 standard of 128kbps.

SoundCloud’s major highlight is that lately, it has become one of the top places for streaming music and download songs legally in many countries. You only have to check the desired track and click the download button to download songs for free. Using SoundCloud, a legal and secure music streaming site, for free music download.

2- Bandcamp

free music sites

Bandcamp encourages the sharing of artists’ music through a kind of setting called “name your price” This means that another choice is to add a zero in the payment box and download the album free of charge, while you can pay for the track. The Discover page is a fantastic way to find Bandcam’s best-selling music, as well as artists’ new tracks and songs shared by artists.

Not all tracks can be purchased for free but for the ones that don’t have a minimum price: choose Digital Track purchase, enter 0 from the box, select download and follow the on-screen download directions. Download the songs. Many formats, such as MP3, FLAC, AAC, OGG, and WAV are available.

Basically, Bandcamp gives musicians a tool for building an online gallery much as WordPress helps people to create a website. While the main emphasis is on streaming the songs, it also helps an artist to sell a variety of physical releases and products. The whole process is really basic and intuitive, which makes it easier for artists who only begin building a central portal for new fans. Both musicians, large and tiny, are similarly handled. Anyone can make a slick and professional free online shop. At times, the whole albums don’t have a minimum price as well,  so that all the tracks are free with the Zero Buy Digital Album option.

3- Amazon Music

free music sites

Our next selection arrives with Amazon.com’s industry’s giants. In September 2007, the release of Amazon Music has only evolved to challenge its limitations since then. It currently hosts an immense catalog of nearly 50 million tracks, which frequently features new albums and songs.

Hundreds of thousands of chosen songs and customizable Amazon Music Unlimited stations are also available. You can famous songs from classical music to gloomy tracks due to its wide collection of free downloaded music. Amazon Music considered the best Free Music Download Websites for free and legal music download source.

Although there’s no video content on Amazon Music Unlimited, it’s great for delivering a deep podcast and over sixty million songs and compositions, some of them delicious in HD audio, through a web browser, a desktop or mobile app, and powered devices from Amazon Alexa. Editors’ Choices in this category; LiveXLive, SiriusXM, Spotify, and Tidal can provide exciting extras but Amazon Music Unlimited is pleasant meat and potato audio.

4- Pure Volume

music download sites

PureVolume is new music and emerging artist’s discovery and promotion website. The task was to provide artists with a new tool for promotion. The profile of each artist typically contains basic information, updates, pictures, shows, and streaming music. Artists have the opportunity to listeners download each of their songs free of charge.

Listeners and fans can also create profiles, track and share the music they like to interact with artists and with one another. Since 2003, PureVolume has undergone several changes to the design and a change from orange to blue. However, the design of the homepage to the profiles of the artist is essentially the same.

Pure Volume bags is a permanent part of website lists of downloads of free and legal music. If you’re a fan of old music this place is the best time to get the good old track. Pure Volume is suitable for many hidden artists, having links to some of the old songs the world has ever seen. It is ideal to explore the topics with like-minded people.

You will not only receive free mp3 files but even express your views on the artists on this site. You will download any file here, it’s a good source and one of the best Free Music Download Websites. free music download. So when you’re searching for classic country music no longer heard by anyone, here the place you need to check.

5- Audiomack

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If you’re interested in discovering new songs, you’ll like Audiomack. All the content on this page is 100% free and legal sites to download songs easily, and music is also available for download depending on the artist. It is really convenient to use the Audiomack website. You will search the Trending or Best Songs sections for songs, albums and artists. There is also a newly added section to search Audiomack’s newest songs. Reggae, Punk, R&B, Hip Hop, instrumental and afrobeats are among the music types available on this website.

Without a user account you can download Audiomack’s songs. All songs are mostly in MP3 format. Check the website to download music for free.This is the best music application on the market.It has the greatest features no matter what sort of operating system you have. It even has an offline feature which is a life saver for those who don’t have endless storage. You can create as many playlists as you want to group all of your favourite tracks together for easy listening. Create and share a simple, anonymous account. You can select from various genres, and you can also choose the music according to mood. Audiomack also functions in this way with the Android app and the app for iOS devices if you prefer to download music from your phone and tablet.

6- Free Music Archive 

best music sites

An efficient internet access cannot always be possible. You must rely on the active Internet connection to reach the streaming services in the current time of streaming. Perhaps you cannot listen to your favourite songs without the an active Internet connection. The song must then be downloaded to listen offline. Free music archive provides user Free music downloads for offline listening.

The Free Music Archive is the one that twists the applause of any person in the world as you search for free music download sites. There is a large selection of music in the FMA lobby and they can be downloaded free of charge. In addition, under its own licence, each song is advertised.

Free Music Archive is the biggest free downloadable music site. You need to join Free Music Archive family if you are a music enthusiast and want to delight your ears with the blasting tracks. Listen to those songs without any hurdles that bring you joy.

7- Spinrilla

music download sites

Spinrilla has mixtape downloads for free hip-hop. The title, single or list of the mixtape, such as the most popular today, this month, or all of the time, can search for these music downloads. Browsing the website is simple and easy to understand and you can obtain individual tracks or collections simultaneously. You will also see which mixtapes will be available in future on this website. When each mixtape is ready the upcoming Mixtapes page reveals.

The mixtapes feature only shows any mixtape downloaded that helps you to explicitly listen to it The artist’s icon shows all songs from each of the mixtape you have downloaded or songs on your behalf. You can see the Music icon in alphabetical order each album you have downloaded. It lets you make your own playlist for a certain type of Music that you have downloaded for music. The downloads indicate just the music rate you are downloading. You can also listen to these downloads from the website, but if you want to try on your Android or iOS device try through Spinrilla App.

8- SoundClick

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SoundClick is a social networking platform for music as well as a legal & authentic platform for free download of soundtracks. Artists share their music with fans and listeners on this platform. These songs can be downloaded for free and are used primarily by users who want to listen to new music and YouTubers finding background music and musicians who are interested in streaming those beats and instrumentals.

SoundClick is the most important gateway directly from artists’ websites for searching free songs. These artists choose to encourage users to download their music provided for free. This includes artists who are signed and unsigned. Check out the charts and types of music before you find a free music download and listen or download the track.

You can also build customized radio channels, learn more about your favourite SoundClick artists and other listeners in groups. Free Music Downloads are available but for some tracks you  download after you have paid for your download, some artists make your music available while others only allow streaming.


best music sites

Jamendo is a veteran of free licence music networks. It is easy to determine on your own licenses and it makes it much easier to share your work. It helps others to know what they can and cannot do on a glimpse without contacting you.

Jamendo is  wonderful website that provides free music for listening. It includes a vast selection of 500,000 free MP3 tracks, which many artists and producers of music around the world share. The Creative Commons License protects all music files that are released on Jamendo’s website.

It changes its radio and playlist regularly to satisfy the needs of different people. It’s an open source network located in Luxembourg for musicians and music lovers. Jamendo is the best legal music download site as free music website.

10- Musopen

download music

Musopen provides absolutely private, legal and copyright-free sheet music and recordings. You can listen to the music digitally or download it for some use. You can also listen to streaming radio from your computer or your smartphone app for classic radio.

The goal of Musopen is to be the largest public domain online catalog of music. Musopen supports copyright owners’ protections and calls for its users to do so. Musopen demands that all users uploading music to the website prove that the music and/or recording submitted to the public domain. However, please be aware that Musopen does not guarantee the public domain of any music submitted by its users.

Musopen aims to stop copyright violations and fulfils the standards of the Digital Millennium Copyright Act as a service provider, but does not check music submitted by internet users to decide if the music is freely accessible or is under the copyright. Anyone seeking to use Musopen music is strongly encouraged to become associated with copyright law and public domain, and to evaluate separately whether a particular musical work or sound is freely accessible and not Subject of rights of third parties otherwise.

There are several ways to download free music at Musopen: click through musicians, artists, instruments, shape and times. You may of course even check manually to see if anything unique is available. The Music Search Tool is another way to locate music downloads here. This feature helps you to sort all music on the web by tool, rating and licensing form. You can preview music without signing in, but you need to build a user account to download something on Musopen. Museopen account help you to try a generic, audio quality of five music downloads every day.

11. NoiseTrade:


NoiseTrade is one of the most peculiar free music download websites you will discover. It’s a portion of the Paste Magazine website that allows you to hear music and, in most instances, download songs without any cost. By doing this, it links fans and artists.

Additionally, if you wish to download music, you receive all the tracks from a certain artist’s library in a single zip file rather than being able to select individual tunes. NoiseTrade offers a variety of prominent musicians in a variety of genres, and all you have to do to download music is provide the artists your email address so that they can contact you.

12. Last.fm:


In the early days of the internet, Last.fm was a well-liked source for free music streaming. However, in 2014, the site stopped offering these services and has since shifted its focus to providing music suggestions based on users’ listening behavior.

Even so, you may still legally download a modest selection of free music from this site. A straightforward, unsearchable list of 227 MP3 songs is available for playback and download on the Last.fm. It takes considerable exploration to make use of this collection because there is no indication of style or genre.

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Final words:

Music is something that works on a wound, like medicine. There is a song per mood, so keep listening and stay happy every day of the year.

These are the top 12 free websites for downloading Songs bringing music from everywhere. While you can still download and stream songs free of charge for hundreds and loads of other websites, we have deliberately created this special list for our readers. And as a helpful tip, we suggest that you download music free of charge using any website mention here, your decision will always be absolutely great! You will find these websites as the best music download sites.

See these websites to discover a track you waited on. Check these Free Music Download Websites and Right now download your favorite track!

Finally, if you think anything should be included then please let us know. Our collection will be strengthened.

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