11 Best Free VPNs For Android to Try – Top Android VPN Apps

Free VPNs for Android - List of 10 Eleven TESTED!

Today we are living in an interconnected age. Due to which our privacy remains on stake every time. The internet is an infinite web. In the world of the internet, there are countless things to search which aren’t even close to our mind. We can watch anything in Latin America while sitting in South Asia. But that’s not the case all the time. Sometimes, there are certain restrictions imposed on some contents. Certain websites get blocked due to different privacy issues. Then there comes the role of Free VPNs for Android.

By installing VPN services, it provides your Windows PC, Mac, Android device or iPhone with an extra layer of security. The software has become famous over the last two years. There are some additional features apart from security and privacy.  Like their URL-shifting nature gives, so we can watch sports and TV in other countries, getting access to blocked websites and anonymous torrenting. Therefore, it is evident that free VPNs have a lot to offer. They are mostly available on a trial basis. But their premium versions are also available on the internet and not free.

Though in this article, my discussion will be solely based on the best VPNs for android only. There is a number of VPNs available for android. And we will analyze which among them are best. Therefore, I will write down a list of best free VPNs for Android. It will be based on my personal observation and analysis.

11 Best Free VPNs For Android in 2020 That Works Best

Here’s the list of best free VPNs for Android:

1. NordVPN – Top Android VPN App

Best Free VPN for Android in 2020

NordVPN is a premium service that can be used on a risk-free 30-day money-back guarantee service that has world-class security features.  It is ideal for travelling purposes and can operate 5600 servers across 60 countries. These include streaming and P2P optimized servers.

It is also very convenient even if the idea is to try a premium VPN, with lightning-fast speed.

Why this Free VPN is Chosen The Best?
It can be used up to 6 devices simultaneously and can also unblock the international apps on Play Store. The security features in this VPN are absolutely brilliant.  It has compatibility with routers and uses 256-bit encryption which is the military-level protection, a kill switch and DNS leak protection. It keeps strictness on no logs policy and cybersec technology does not allow a suspicious website, malware and ads to come.

NordVPN can unblock:

  • This VPN can unblock famous streaming sites like Netflix, HBO, Hulu, Showtime, BBC iPlayer, Amazon Prime Video, and Sling TV.

Supports torrenting:

  • The P2P speciality servers are also available.

NordVPN works on these devices:

  • Windows, macOS, Android, iOS, Android TV, Linux, Chrome, and Firefox.

2. Hotspot shield – Still Among the Best VPNs for Android

Hotspot Shield - Best Android VPN in 2020

The hotspot shield provides 500MB of free data every day which is enough to browse, check emails or stream for 30 minutes in standard definition. The free version of Hotspot shield is not capable of unblocking any streaming sites though there is P2P supported torrenting that may have data restriction limitations.

Why this Free VPN comes in at the second place?
The free version has ads to support it and limits to only two server locations. It has high-speed servers and military-grade encryption, with the option to not give card details when signing up. It uses 256-bit encryption with a no-logs policy very strictly. The free version of Hotspot shield is not capable of unblocking any streaming sites though there is P2P supported torrenting that may have data restriction limitations. The connection Hotspot shield provides is reliable but comparatively slow as YouTube videos are felt buffered when the VPN was being tested.

Premium service:

The premium service comes with its own benefits if upgraded to the package. There is unlimited data and more than 3200 servers across 70 countries. This comes with a 7-day trial and 45 -day money-back guarantee too.

Hotspot Shield Free can unblock:

  • The free version of Hotspot Shield cannot unblock many popular streaming sites like Netflix etc.

Supports torrenting:

  • Yes, P2P supported although torrenting may be limited by data restrictions.

Hotspot Shield works on these devices:

  • Windows, macOS, Android, iOS, Chrome, and Firefox.
Worthy Mention!
Since you are here to find VPNs for Android that let you surf the web more securely, you might want to try “Surfshark” for free. It is basically a VPN for Android that lets you connect with just a single click to be secure from ISPs that are collecting your data. Some of its highlighted features include zero buffering speeds, a strict no-logs policy and an ability to bypass geo-restrictions as they have servers in over 60 countries. Give it a try, you might love using it.

3. PrivateVPN – Best Free Unlimited VPN

PrivateVPN Settings

Private VPN comes in at the 3rd spot in our list of the best free VPNs for Android. It has unlimited data and bandwidth, along with connectivity with up to six devices simultaneously on one account. The VPN has some high-level security features under its belt. It uses 256-bit encryption, a kill switch and DNS/IPv6 leak protection, and has a serious no-logs policy.

Why this VPN is ranked 3rd?
Free just for 7 days: Private VPN is a premium service that comes with a free 7-day trial without entering any payment details so no amount will be automatically deducted from the eighth day.  It has full access to about 60 locations operating through high-speed servers. It also ensures a 30-day money-back guarantee with all subscriptions.

PrivateVPN can unblock:

  • Private VPN can unblock Netflix, Hulu, HBO, Hotstar, Amazon Prime Video, and BBC iPlayer.

Supports torrenting:

  • Yes, all servers support P2P activity; list of P2P-optimized servers available through the app.

PrivateVPN works on these devices:

  • Windows, macOS, Android, and iOS.

4. Windscribe

Free VPN for Android WindScribe Screenshots

Windscribe is a browser extension that offers 10GB free internet which is sufficient to stream about 20 minutes of TV daily. One can earn 5GB bonus internet by tweeting the company. This proxy browser uses military-grade encryption, a built-in ad and malware blocker and strict no-logs policy. Windscribe is easy to use and it will not affect the performance of a device as it is a lightweight app.

Why Windscribe remains on the fourth place?
This VPN supports P2P connections and split tunnelling, but its free version cannot unblock Netflix. It has a limitation to 10 server locations. In order to get unlimited data and access to servers in 50 countries, the browser has to be upgraded. Its free servers become overloaded at times, which can slow the connection speed down. Due to these low speeds, it comes in at the fourth place.

Windscribe can unblock:

  • The VPN cannot unblock Netflix on its free version. In order to unblock Netflix, the premium version is required.

Supports torrenting:

  • Yes, all servers support P2P activity.

Windscribe works on these devices:

  • Android, macOS, iPhone, Windows, Linux, Chrome, Firefox, Opera. Also compatible with smart TVs, NAS devices, and routers.



Hide.me is a VPN provider that aims to keep information safe and secure. It offers 2GB of free internet on a monthly bases. This is enough for unblocking websites and secure browsing but not enough for streaming. This app uses 256-bit encryption and keeps a strict no-logs policy. It also uses an automatic kill switch.

Hide.me is easy to use and is P2P friendly. It has military level security features and high-speed connections. It has a Stealth Mode which lets the user choose apps which can run when the user is not connected to the VPN. This way unsafe apps are prevented from compromising the user’s security.

Why this VPN is ranked 5th?
It cannot unblock streaming services like Netflix. It has a limitation of 5 server locations out of its 57 when using the free account. Upgrading the account gives unlimited data and access to all of its servers but it is available at a high cost.

hide.me can unblock:

  • This VPN can unblock YouTube, Kodi and Spotify.

Supports torrenting:

  • Yes, supports P2P activity.

hide.me works on these devices:

  • Android, Windows, macOS, iOS, Linux, Chrome, Firefox, Windows Phone, Amazon Fire OS. It is also router compatible.

6. TunnelBear

Good Quality VPN

TunnelBear’s is a VPN provider that offers 500MB of free internet per month which is enough to download a game from the Play Store and stream an episode of a TV show in standard definition.Its is a fast and user -friendly app, keeps a no-logs policy and uses 256-bit encryption.

It has a GhostBear mode that can bypass VPN blocks and deep packet inspection. TunnelBear is a useful choice for those users who live in a region with internet surveillance and censorship.

Why it comes in at 6th place?
This VPN has a no “money back” guarantee. It provides only 500MB of free data which is not enough in the contemporary world. Upgrading grants the user unlimited and five simultaneous connections but it’s very expensive. The free version has also a problem of slow speeds at times.

TunnelBear can unblock:

  • The free version of Tunnel Bear can only unblock HBO GO.

Supports torrenting:

  • Yes, supports P2P activity.

TunnelBear works on these devices:

  • Android, Windows, macOS, iOS, Chrome, Firefox, and Opera.

7. Proton VPN

VPN for android

Proton VPN provides unlimited free data and bandwidth. It enables security features which is used by militaries and intelligence agencies. These features include 256-bit encryption, an automatic kill switch and DNS leak protection. The VPN gives access to famous sites like Spotify, Kodi, YouTube and Netflix.

The free version of this VPN permits access to serves in the Netherlands, Japan and the US.

Why this VPN is ranked 7th?
When I was in my testing process.  Sometimes I experienced high speeds but often I encountered very slow speeds. The premium version costs you a good amount of money with only 30-days limit on your money-back guarantee. So, eventually, if anything happens to your VPN after a designated amount of time, you are basically on your own.No, P2P-friendly servers are available to the free users.

ProtonVPN’s free version can unblock:

  • This VPN can unblock YouTube, Spotify, Netflix, and Kodi.

Supports torrenting:

  • No, P2P-friendly servers are not available to free users.

Proton Free works on these devices:

  • Android, Windows, macOS, iOS, and Linux.

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8. Speedify

Speedify VPN Screenshots

Speedify grants 5GB of free data per month which is enough to stream Netflix for 90 minutes in high definition. This is an android app that is easy to install and use and it supports P2P as well. Channel bonding is used to increase the user’s connection speed by combining cell data and Wi-Fi connection.

Why this VPN is ranked 8th?
It uses 128 GCM encryption which is weaker than 256-bit encryption but is secure enough for everyday use. This VPN does not record the browsing activity of the user but does collect some user information like contact details and the time and duration of the user’s connection. The users also experience slow speeds at times.

Speedify can unblock:

  • Netflix, Hulu, Kodi, Spotify

Supports torrenting:

  • Some servers support P2P traffic.

Speedify works on these devices:

  • Android, Windows, macOS, and iOS.

9. Opera VPN

Opera VPN Top List

Opera VPN is an extension of Opera’s browser. And doesn’t work with any other browser except Opera. It provides unlimited bandwidth and data speeds. This VPN is not available as an app. It kind of an additional feature in the Opera browser. While examining this VPN, I found that there are three servers available. These include the US, Europe and Asia.

Opera VPN's Cons!
The VPN can’t access any streaming site like Netflix. I tried to open Netflix. But I wasn’t successful. Also, the speed of the connection is slow as compared to the above-listed VPNs and it has no P2P friendly servers.

Opera can unblock:

  • Cannot unblock any streaming sites.

Supports torrenting:

  • No.

Opera works on these devices:

  • Android, Windows, macOS, iOS, and Linux.

10. Betternet

VPN for android 2020

Betternet comes with free 500MB data every day which can stream a 20 minutes episode in standard definition but not a movie. No payment details need to be provided when registering for Betternet. It uses 256-bit encryption and Catapult Hydra protocol.

Reasons we listed the Betternet VPN for Android at 10th Spot!
There is perfect forward secrecy without an automatic kill switch and high-end security features. It cannot unblock Netflix or streaming sites. When upgraded to the premium, there is a 7-day free trial along with unlimited data provided. But it does not come with any money-back guarantee. The users also experience very slow speeds at times.

Betternet can unblock:

  • Cannot unblock popular streaming sites.

Supports torrenting:

  • Yes.

Betternet works on these devices:

  • Android, Windows, macOS, iOS, Chrome.

11. PrivateTunnel VPN

Last VPN

Like its predecessors PrivateTunnel VPN has a limited free package. And they also have a paid version. But its different than the others. It doesnot have a traditional monthly subscription package, you are instead provided with 200MB of non-expiring data to use as you want. When this runs out, you can purchase more data in bundles of 20GB or 100GB. If you feel that you’d like to use PrivateTunnel all the time, you can opt for a $30 per year package which give you unlimited data. You can examine the 200MB as something of a taster session to see if you like everything.

PrivateTunnel VPN's Cons!
As a VPN, PrivateTunnel connections can be very slow and unstable at times. It offers a very limited choice of location. And the premium version is not easy to use and expensive as well.

PrivateTunnel VPN can unblock:

  • This VPN cant unblock any popular streaming sites.

Supports Torrenting:

  • No

PrivateTunnel works on these devices:

  • Android, Windows, macOS, Chrome.


Although there are a lot of VPNs on the PlayStore for Android, we tried testing the top ones and made a list of the Best Free VPNs for Android that you can download and try in 2020. We hope you liked the list and if you are a technology enthusiast, subscribe to our blog and follow us on the social media in order to get the latest updates.

  • Not free (unless you count the free trial) but ExpressVPN is another good option. I have it on my phone and laptop.

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