Smartphone GPU Ranking List (Updated 2024)

A graphics processing unit or GPU is one of the main components of the device processing unit. Basically, GPU is a specialized electronic circuit built to swiftly manipulate and alter memory to fasten the formation of images in a frame buffer designed for output to a display device. GPUs are used in smartphones, embedded systems,  personal computers, workstations, and game consoles. There are various types and natures of GPU. The smartphones with a higher price tag will have a better GPU and vice versa. A better GPU adds to the overall performance of the smartphone. Therefore, we are going to jot down the smartphone GPU ranking list which contains all the GPUs that have been launched till now.

Smartphone GPU Ranking List (Updated 2024)

GPU Chipset Brand Grading
Adreno 750 Snapdragon 8 Gen 3 Adreno A+
Adreno 740 Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 Adreno A+
A16 Bionic’s GPU Apple A16 Bionic Apple A+
A15 Bionic’s GPU Apple A15 Bionic Apple A+
Xclipse 940 Exynos 2400 Samsung A+
Immortalis-G715 MP11 Dimensity 9200 ARM-Mali A+
Adreno 730 Snapdragon 8+ Gen 1 Adreno A+
Mali-G710 MC10 Dimensity 9000+ ARM-Mali A+
Xclipse 920 Exynos 2200 Samsung A+
A14 Bionic’s GPU Apple A14 Bionic Apple A+
Adreno 660 Snapdragon 888 Adreno A+
Mali-G78 MP20 Google Tensor ARM-Mali A+
A13 Bionic’s GPU Apple A13 Bionic Apple A+
Mali-G78 MP24 Kirin 9000 ARM-Mali A+
Mali-G78 MP22 Kirin 9000E ARM-Mali A+
Adreno 650 Snapdragon 870, 865 & 865+ Adreno A+
Mali-G78 MP14 Exynos 2100 ARM-Mali A
A12 Bionic’s GPU Apple A12 Bionic Apple A
Mali-G610 MC6 Dimensity 8100 Ultra ARM-Mali A
Mali G78 MP10 Exynos 1080 ARM-Mali A
Adreno 640 Snapdragon 855 & 855+ Adreno A
Adreno 630 Snapdragon 845 Adreno A
Mali G77 MP11 Exynos 990 ARM-Mali A
Mali-G77 MC9 MediaTek Dimensity 1200, 1100, 1000+, & 1000 ARM-Mali A
Mali-G76 MP16 Kirin 990 ARM-Mali A
Mali-G77 MP8 Kirin 985 5G ARM-Mali A
Mali-G77 MC7 MediaTek Dimensity 1000L ARM-Mali A
Mali-G76 MP14 Kirin 990E 5G ARM-Mali A
Mali-G76 MP12 Exynos 9820 & 9825 ARM-Mali A
Mali-G76 MP10 Kirin 980 ARM-Mali A
Mali G77 MP5 Exynos 980 ARM-Mali A
Mali-G57 MC5 Dimensity 820 and 1000C ARM-Mali A
Mali-G72 MP18 Exynos 9810 ARM-Mali A
Adreno 620 Snapdragon 765, 765G, and 768G ARM-Mali A
Mali-G57 MC4 Dimensity 800 ARM-Mali A
A11 Bionic’s GPU Apple A11 Bionic Apple A
Mali-G52 MP6 Kirin 810 ARM-Mali A
Adreno 540 Snapdragon 835 Adreno A
Adreno 619 Snapdragon 750G, 480 Adreno A
Adreno 619L* Snapdragon 690 Adreno A
Mali-G76 MP5 Exynos 880 ARM-Mali A
Mali-G72 MP12 Kirin 970 ARM-Mali A
Mali-G76 3EEMC4 Helio G90, G90T, and G95 ARM-Mali A
Mali-G57 MC3 Dimensity 720 and 800U ARM-Mali B
Adreno 618 Snapdragon 720G, 730, 730G, and 732G ARM-Mali B
Mali-G71 MP20 Exynos 8895 ARM-Mali B
PowerVR 7XT GT7600 Plus Apple A10 Fusion PowerVR B
Adreno 530 Snapdragon 820 & 821 Adreno B
Adreno 616 Snapdragon 710 & 712 Adreno B
PowerVR 7XT GT7600 Apple A9 PowerVR B
PowerVR 7XTP-MT4 Helio X30 PowerVR B
Adreno 615 Snapdragon 670 Adreno B
Mali-G71 MP8 Kirin 960 ARM-Mali B
IMG PowerVR GM 9446 Helio P90 and P95 PowerVR B
Adreno 612 Snapdragon 675 and 678 Adreno B
Mali-T880 MP12 Exynos 8890 ARM-Mali B
Mali-G52 MC2 Helio G70, G80, and G85 ARM-Mali B
Adreno 610 Snapdragon 665 and 662 Adreno B
Adreno 512 Snapdragon 660 Adreno C
Mali-G72 MP3 Exynos 9611, 9610, Helio P70 & P60 ARM-Mali C
Adreno 430 Snapdragon 810 Adreno C
Mali-T760 MP8 Exynos 7420 ARM-Mali C
Mali-T860 MP4 Xiaomi Surge S1 ARM-Mali C
Mali-G52 MP1 Exynos 850 ARM-Mali C
Adreno 510 Snapdragon 650, 652 & 653 Adreno C
Adreno 509 Snapdragon 636 Adreno C
Adreno 508 Snapdragon 630 Adreno C
Adreno 420 Snapdragon 805 Adreno C
Adreno 418 Snapdragon 808 Adreno C
Mali-G51 MP4 Kirin 710 ARM-Mali C
PowerVR GX6450 Apple A8 PowerVR C
Mali-T830 MP3 Exynos 7880 ARM-Mali C
Mali-T880 MP4 Helio X27, X25, X23, X20, Kirin 955 & 950 ARM-Mali C
Mali-G71 MP2 Exynos 7885, 7884, 7884A, 7904, Helio P30 & P23 ARM-Mali C
Mali-G71 MP1 Exynos 7872 ARM-Mali C
Mali-T880 MP2 Helio P25, P20 ARM-Mali C
Adreno 506 Snapdragon 632, 626, 625, & 450 Adreno D
Mali-T760 MP6 Exynos 5433 ARM-Mali D
Mali-T628 MP6 Exynos 5420, 5422, 5430, & 5800 ARM-Mali D
PowerVR G6430 Apple A7 PowerVR D
Mali-T830 MP2 Kirin 659, 658, 655, & 650 ARM-Mali D
Adreno 505 Snapdragon 439, 435, & 430 Adreno D
Mali-T860 MP2 Helio P10, P18, MT6738, MT6750T, & MT6750 ARM-Mali D
Mali-T760 MP4 Rockchip RK3288 ARM-Mali D
PowerVR G6200 Helio X10 & MT8135 PowerVR D
PowerVR GE8320 Helio P22, A22, G35, G25, and A25 PowerVR D
Adreno 405 Snapdragon 617, 616, 615, 610, & 415 Adreno D
Adreno 504 Snapdragon 429 Adreno D
Mali-T628 MP4 Kirin 935 & 930 ARM-Mali D
Mali-T830 MP1 Exynos 7870 ARM-Mali D
Mali-T720 MP2 Exynos 7580, MT6753, MT6737T, MT6737, & MT6735 ARM-Mali D
Mali-T604 MP4 Exynos 5250 ARM-Mali D
Mali-T760 MP2 MT6752 ARM-Mali D
Mali-T720 MP1 Exynos 7570 ARM-Mali D
Adreno 308 Snapdragon 427, 425 and Qualcomm 215 Adreno D
PowerVR GE8100 MT6739 PowerVR D
Adreno 306 Snapdragon 412 & 410 Adreno D
Mali-450 MP4 Kirin 620 ARM-Mali D

How does our grading system work?

Our grading list includes A+, A, B, C, and D grades.

A+ grade:

The A+ grade is entitled to the best GPUs like A15 bionic GPU, Adreno 660, etc. They come along with flagship processors and boost the overall performance of the smartphone.

A grade:

The A-grade GPUs are also designed on the basis of high-end technology. However, they can’t compete with the A+ grade GPUs but still, they are considered as the top-notch GPUs which boost the overall performance like gaming, videography, etc.

B grade:

The B grade consists of the normal GPUs that work just fine. You can enjoy a good gaming experience though and are mostly used in lower midrange phones. These GPUs include PowerVR 7XT GT7600 Plus, Adreno 618, etc.

C grade:

The C grade is entitled to the cheap GPUs that are used in budget smartphones. It provides a mediocre gaming experience. The GPUs in this category include Mali-G72 MP3, Adreno 430, etc.

D grade:

The D grade GPUs consist of the cheapest, old and low-quality GPUs that come in the low budget segment smartphone. The D grade GPUs consist of PowerVR G6430, Adreno 505, etc.

Types of GPUs:

1) Adreno:

Adreno is one of the most famous GPU brands and all the tech geeks must have read its name somewhere. The Adreno GPUs are build by Qualcomm and are mostly utilized in their Snapdragon Processor lineup. Previously, Adreno was called Imageon when it was first designed by ATI Technologies and it was later got bought by AMD. AMD. After some time, it was acquired by Qualcomm and they renamed it Adreno.

2) Apple’s GPUs

Apple had designed the GPU for the first time with the launch of A11 Bionic and A12 Bionic chipsets. The overall performance of Apple’s Graphics Processors is remarkable and undoubtedly Apple is doing a great job with its SOCs.

3) PowerVR

Imagination Technologies design the PowerVR GPUs and they provide the license to manufacturers such as Apple, MediaTek, Samsung, Intel, Spreadtrum, etc. However, Apple iPhones have also used the PowerVR GPUs till their Apple A10 Fusion SOC.

4) ARM-Mali:

The ARM Holdings provides a license of the Mali GPU architecture to a number of chip manufacturers such as Huawei HiSilicon, MediaTek, and Samsung. These manufacturers then incorporate the Mali Architecture and embed them in their processing units.  The number mentioned behind Mali Chip illustrates the number of cores. For instance, the “Mali-T880 MP12” has a dozen cores. However, architecture plays the most important role in their performance, and the number of cores and frequency also does affect the performance.

Factors Affecting the GPU Performance:

Clock Frequency:

IF we talk about the direct relation between the GPU and frequency, we would say the higher the GPU frequency is, the better will be the overall performance of the GPU. A couple of GPUs with a similar architecture may have a variable clock frequency, however, it won’t influence the performance that much.

GPU Architecture:

Undoubtedly, the GPU that is based on a modern flagship architecture will have a better overall performance. In a Mali GPU, the number which comes next to Mali corresponds to the specific architecture or design it is using.

Better Fabrication:

In simple words, a better fabrication process results in a better GPU. This is quite significant when we talk about gaming. Some older chips that encompass the 28nm Node often overheat on extended gaming.

Number of Cores/Processing Units

Though the companies like Apple and Qualcomm do not unveil the number of cores in their GPUs, the others do. Two GPUs with similar architecture but a variable number of cores can have a great impact on the performance.


The above-mentioned smartphone GPU ranking list is made after hours of research work. If you like our article or have any queries regarding it, do tell us in the comment section!

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