25 Best Habit tracking Apps to try in 2022

Generally, habits are something which define a person. Anyone could be characterized by scrutinizing habits. Almost everyone has a blend of good and bad habits. Some have a high ratio of good habits with less bad habits and vice versa. Habits of some kind have a long standing affect on personality and life style. For example, habits smoking, carelessness and procrastination can have adverse affects on your life while physical exercise on daily routine and anticipation towards work can have some positive affects on your daily life. As much as we run from habits, they are actually a part of our daily routine. A 2014 study revealed that 40 percent of our daily activities are simply habits. Though, the most difficult part is to change a habit after all it is so much ingrained in our lives.

But, you don’t need to worry anymore. Technology has some solutions for your habits. There are some free habit tracking apps which can assist, motivate and guide you while altering your habits. Therefore, i am going to quote a list of best habit apps.

Best Habit Tracking Apps

Here is the list of Best habit tracker Apps

1. Habit Tracker:

Habit tracker

Habit Tracking app is an all package app designed for android. It was formerly known as Habit Bull. This app  basically encourages you to accomplish your tasks. This app enables you to create customize tasks. Like, in order to stay healthy you must maintain a balanced diet. Therefore, vegetables must be a part of your diet.

As the habit tracker app is an all feature app. So, it publishes detailed reports of your daily activity. The app mostly uses graphs. Moreover, the app even use motivational quotes to muster up your determination when you are on the low side. Some additional features are also given. Like you can lock your app with a password and also sync your Google data. We can also take part in the in-app forums to meet people with identical goals. You can participate in in-app forums to interact with people who have similar goals. This app is totally free to install but it only grants the permission to create three habits without a paid account.

To Download, click here.

2. Momentum Habit Tracker:

Momentum habit app

The momentum habit tracker app has an array of brilliant features. This is considered as an ideal habit tracking app for ios. Because this app keeps track of your habits and routines. The most unique and distinctive feature of Momentum habit tracker is that one can import its data in the excel document and stores all data into it. It enables you to witness cross platform viewing of your work. Above this, you have the option to set weekly and fortnight targets. Then you can also take notes and control your habits feasibly.

There is a slight problem. Unlike many habit apps, Momentum is available exclusively for IOS or apple devices. Therefore, we wont be able to grasp it on the android. That’s a drawback. Though, there is a pro as well. Due to this exclusivity, your Momentum account can easily be integrated into the iCloud.

To Download, click here.

3. Habiticia:

Habiticia habit app

The Habiticia habit tracking app is one of the most dynamic and creative in its functions for tracking and maintaining good habits. The app has been inspired by RPG video games. Like, every time you pass a certain objective, there will be a level up as happens during a game. That upgrade in level provides you with extra incentives and encourages you all the time. This app truly is unique as it is based on the video game model. SO, its catchy and keeps tracks of your habits and tasks.

Furthermore, the app is not just limited to habit tracking but you can also collaborate with your friends and accomplish tasks and objectives. Therefore, we can also make a claim that the app is a game itself and not just inspired by the video game.

To Download, click here.

4. Loop Habit Tracker:

loop habit app

The Loop Habit tracker app has a  very simple user-interface. This is basically designed for people who are not fond of extra features and complicated stuff but prefer an easy to use interface. The app gives a very profound look when the dark theme mode is turned on. The app has simple though interesting features. It gives an option of sticky reminder. And the notification doesn’t fade away from the menu until you turn it off. In addition to that we can export all our data and can watch it in a Microsoft Excel sheet. And the data can also be imported from the other tracking apps like Rewire, HabitBull etc. I will recommend it for older people as it is simple to use.

To Download, click here.

5. StickK:

stickK app

The stick App has a motivational slogan. ‘Dare to change, improve, learn and grow’. This app was designed by a group of behavioral economists from the famous Yale university. When you sign up on the app, it makes a commitment contract with you in order to accomplish your tasks. For surveillance and further encouragement, you can assign your friend or sibling to go through your data oftenly. It will make sure that you are on the right path in achieving your tasks.

This distinctive commitment contract idea is an outstanding way to stay encouraged and motivated. The app has been finding success since its inception. Along with that, the app has a charming interface.

To Download, click here.

6. Coach.me:

coach habit app

The name given to this tracking app is clearly is clearly defining its description. It is a life coaching tracking app which provides an extra feature of hiring a coach for specific training which assists you in accomplishing our tasks. Basically, the purpose of this app is the personalized training. We can either choose a habit coach or leadership coach for some extra money. Furthermore, Coach.me for Android is a best option in a circle of people who share useful information related to any objective.

And it doesn’t end here. Even if we don’t employ a coach, we can still follow him and remain up to date with premium content shared on their coach.me profile. The only drawback in this tracking app is its sophisticated and slow user interface.

To Download, click here.

7. Productive Habit tracker:

productive habit app

The productive habit tracking app is another well renowned app for apple devices and iOS. It is not available on android. This app has a very simple and easy to use interface. But it is very carefully and well designed. Due to which you can keep a track of your habits in a very comprehensive manner. This tracking app is instinctively designed and you can start planning and working in a matter of few seconds.  Productive’s simple, but well designed interface makes keeping track of your habits simple. It is intuitively designed, with it, you’ll be able to starting planning in seconds.

Although it has a simple interface but it encompasses a wide range of brilliant features. The app maintains a record of your all achievements therefore you will be able to calculate the improvements in your habits.

To Download, click here.

8. Habit Share:

Habit share app

The Habitshare tracking app is unique because of a distinctive idea. Habitshare combines social netwroking site with a habit tracker which enables you to grow habits with siblings and friends. Social options provided in this app well presented and also rare. That’s why its not like a common habit tracking app.In addition to that, there is a text messaging option which enables you to interact with friends in real time. It provides a chance to motivate your friends or get motivated yourself. That’s how your goals become collaborative team effort and easy to achieve.

If you are concerned about your privacy then you don’t need to get worried at all. Because it has an option of disabling the social network.

To Download, click here.

9. Fabulous:

fabulous habit app

Fabulous tracking app is known by its exquisite design and display features. It is unlike any other app and has some very bright and contrast colors. You will feel enchanted while looking at it. This particular app for android encompasses the idea of journeys like a pack of 5 ultimatums unlocking one by one. It also motivates you to celebrate your victories over time. The most prominent feature of this app is that it already has a whole bag of pre-installed routines. for example, low fat diet schedule, workout routines and much more. Along with this, there are intuitive reminders in the app as well.

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The one disappointment face by the users is its inflexibility and restrictiveness. You cant open up to the outside world.

To Download, click here.

10. Goalify:

Goalify tracking app is another extra-ordinary app with a classic user- friendly interface. The exquisite design of this app assists you remain intact and focus on you goals and tasks. It has a distinctive feature as well. You can even pause your habits or tasks if you can’t manage the time for them. The premium version of this app for which you will have to pay has some cordial features as well. Like, you can form groups and chat with your friends to encourage each other. Personalized reports on the basis of our habit activity will also be provided to us.

To Download, click here.

11. Habitify:

Habitify tracking app

Habitify tracking app is an elegantly designed app. The user interface is simple, easy to use and has a charming look. This habit app provides you a list of your habits on daily basis and gives you a feedback whenever you complete any task. Along with these basic features, the tracking app has a dark mode too for relaxing your eyes. And there are a lot of graphs and tables. The app is available for both Android and iOS.

To Download, click here.

12. Strides:

Strides habit app

Strides tracking app encompasses a professional and easy to use interface. It has the same basic habit tracking functions. Like, it creates a list of your daily tasks and alerts you whenever it is completed. There is a distinctive feature as well. For example, you can make streaks for like 30-40 days. This app is only available for iOS.

To Download, click here.

13. Beeminder:

beeminder tracking app

The Beeminder tracking app is not just a traditional app. There are some unique features in the app. In order to make the app more effective. It lets you put real money on the line. And if you fail to complete a certain task, the app will charge your credit card and it will increase each time you fail. So, basically this app penalizes you for not doing your work. The habit is available for both iOS and Android.

To Download, click here.

14. Habit Hub:

habit hub

The Habit Hub tracking app is our next choice. This habit app allows you to form streaks as literal chains. The app has a nice catchy design. The app allows you to set tasks for your habit streaks. This can be very useful if you’re doing a 30-day challenge, such as “Floss every night for 30 days.” The app is available for android users only.

To Download, click here.

15. Tick Tick:

tick tick habit app

Tick Tick tracking app is much more than a habit app. The app is rather a full to-do list app. It encompasses all the habit app features. It provides you task which you have to accomplish in a certain time frame. The app is available for Android, iOS and windows as well.

To Download, click here.

16. Goal Tacker:

Goal tracker habit app

The Goal tracking habit app utilizes Jerry Seinfeld’s productivity formula. The app has a built-in huge calendar where you can mark your daily activity and tasks. The Goal tracker is best designed for people who have a bad habit of procrastination. Goal Tracker’s most unique attribute is that it includes all basic habit tracking features with no in-app purchase. Therefore, its a totally free with no advertisements as well.

To Download, click here.

17. 7 Weeks:

7 weeks habit app

7 weeks habit tracking app has a pre-installed flexible and easy to use interface. There is a research that it takes a minimum of 44 days or 7 weeks to alter someone’s habits. This habit app just tries to accomplish that. There is also a dark theme mode which includes 15 different types of themes. The app is available for Android, iOS and Windows.

To Download, click here.

18. Mindset Habit Tracking App:

Mindset habit app

Mindset tracking habit app has a flexible and friendly user interface. The design is also very catchy. You can understand all the feature of the app in just an instant. There is a loud reminder list. Currently the app is only accessible to registered users of Mindset  The app is available for iOS, Android an Windows.

To Download, click here.

19. Streaks Tracking app:

Streaks habit app

Streaks Tracking app is another habit solely designed for Apple devices. This app is an award winner and as the name suggests, it motivates you to build a 12 day streaks of your tasks and habits. Streaks is a very customizable app with a wide range of features and options. There is an alerting reminder list as well.

To Download, click here.

20. Balanced:

Balanced habit app

Balanced tracking app is created to assist you in keeping track records, measure your sleeping patterns, exercise and also the time of your leisure and rest. This app motivates you to grow healthier habits. The complete focus of this habit app is to develop healthier habits.  It is available for iOS and Android.

To Download, click here.

21. 42 Goals:

42 goals habit app

As the name suggests, the 42 goal habit tracking app has a sole objective of triumphing your goals. It has an easy to use interface. It has almost all the features of a basic habit app. But there is a slight problem,this app is available for web browsers only. The Android and iOS version is expected to some soon.

To Download, click here.

22. 21 Habits:

21 habits app

21 habits tracking app is yet another habit app designed only for apple devices. It is based on a concept that it takes 21 days to change a habit. We can only check that by testing the app. Apart from it, there are basic feature available as well.

To Download, click here.

23. Chains.cc:

chains habit app

The name really explains the functions of this habit tracking app. Unlike other apps, there are chains of your habit activity which never ends. Therefore, you can easily compare yourself. The Chains.cc is only available for apple devices.

To Download, click here.

24. Done:

Done habit app

Done habit tracking app provides you an opportunity to track an activity multiple times each day. This app is full of exciting features. This app helps you to build up good habits and eliminate the bad ones. This app is only available for Apple devices.

To Download, click here.

25. Sessions:

sessions habit app

Yet another habit tracking app designed only for the iOS. Sessions habit tracking app is a beautifully designed app for managing your tasks and habits. It has a very vibrant and colorful look. This app allows you to set particular amounts of time to perform each activity, you’ll be able to carefully plan and structure your day and routine.

To Download, click here.


These habit tracking apps are a good way of motivating a person to change his/her habits. Because its not a very easy task at all. If a person wants to alter his/her habits then it will require a lot of self determination, practicality and hard work. The former three are the underlying attributes which are compulsory for changing a habit. Only then these apps can really help you in changing your habits.


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