The Ultimate Wireless Headphone Design

The Best Headphones You Can Dream Of

In my quest for finding myself the perfect headphones, I came across a lot of them. I have used the Samsung Level U, QCY T1 Ear Buds And Space Era HD Wireless Headphones. Each of them had their own loopholes thus I have decided to suggest my very own, ULTIMATE Wireless Headphones. It will include all the solutions to the complications I faced with these headphones. Back me up if you also want these features to be adopted by the manufacturing companies out there to design The ULTIMATE, best, ideal Wireless Headphones.

The Design

They should be EARPHONES rather than a wrap around the neck headphones. The reason is that I thought a lot about a design that may have a wire, like those of Space Wireless headphones or a solid design like that of Level U but none proved to be satisfactory. The problem with level U neck design was that it was as if a bump under your neck when using the headphones while laying, plus they had a weak point ‘the hinge’ for flexibility and they break from there easily. The plain wire is a better approach but it has a higher risk of getting damaged thus a shorter life span. Thus, proved earbuds are the best.

The Ultimate Wireless Headphone Design.The Best Headphones You Can Dream Of
Samsung Level U
The Ultimate Wireless Headphone Design.The Best Headphones You Can Dream Of
Space Era HD Wireless Headphones

Ear Piece

Samsung Level U have the most comfortable design of earpiece and my ideal headphones are definitely going to have the exact ones but the issue with them is they don’t have an ear grip. I don’t know the exact name but the kind of earpiece that the Samsung Level Active Wireless Bluetooth Fitness Earbuds has. In this way, the earbuds will grip the ears and firstly they won’t fall off while working out. Secondly, the customer won’t have the fear of losing them anywhere while moving around.

So, My IDEAL headphones are going to have Samsung Level Active Wireless Bluetooth Fitness Earbuds. With the exception that I don’t want them to be round from the top. I want them to be rectangular, cylindrical to be precise. The reason is that the right earbud, at its side, will have the volume up and down buttons and the left earbud will have the Play/Pause button. The right earbud will also contain an Auxilary port for the attachment of a portable mouthpiece.

Volume Up(Serves as ‘Rewind’ if pressed for long), Volume Down( Serves as ‘Forward’ if pressed for long) And Play/Pause(Serves as ‘Next Track’ if pressed for twice).

There will be no Power On/Off button, rather it will work on the principle used by the QCY T1 Earbuds. Which is that when the earbuds are placed in their casing they turn off and when removed they turn on.

The Ultimate Wireless Headphone Design.The Best Headphones You Can Dream Of
Samsung Level Active Wireless Bluetooth Fitness Earbuds. PC:
The Ultimate Wireless Headphone Design.The Best Headphones You Can Dream Of
The QCY T1 Earbuds-The apparent thunder connecting the earbud and its case represents an electric connection for Power and Charging. PC:Amazon

Mouth Piece

I have hardly experienced any headphones with which I am comfortable communicating over the phone. They are all either too low or too in the air And we struggle holding them and bringing them closer to the mouth. As far as I know, the best mouthpiece for communicating is of those headphones used at the call centres.

The Ultimate Wireless Headphone Design.The Best Headphones You Can Dream Of
PC: invensis

Yes, I realize it is a miss-match for my Ideal headphones but I have worked out a solution for them. Firstly to fit in the earbud along with the grips we already need a bigger case. Bigger than the usual not too big that is not handy. So, what might be considered is a portable mouthpiece. Like the Pen in The Samsung Galaxy Note-Series. It will have the same design as the Samsung Level U mouthpiece and at the other end, it will have a thin (As thin and small as possible) Aux cable, which will fit into the Auxilary port in the right earbud. Problem Solved?


The charging methodology will be the same as the QCY T1 Earbuds. The casing should have a charging port which may be used to charge the earbuds once they are placed inside. The casing can have a digital display showing the battery percentage. Moreover, when connected via Bluetooth to phone the battery percentage should be displayed in the connectivity settings.


Well, now I am not here to do all your homework dear manufacturers, thus I may say openly that I don’t know a thing about the science behind it but the connectivity of Samsung Level U is miserable The sound keeps on breaking if you are walking in a larger room with your mobile placed a little far or sometimes even if a scarf has covered your neck. Work on it! The connectivity should be strong enough to allow at least 20 to 25 meters of mobility. QCY is a lot better at it. What is the point of having wireless headphones if you need to worry about your phone all the time?

Moreover, it should be allowed to pair with one device at a time only. The problem with QCY T1 is that both of the earbuds are sometimes treated as two different devices by my laptop. As in it shows a connection with Right earbud and then with the left earbud. What is the point in allowing 2 different devices to connect at once after all? Thus, one device at a time only.

My Ultimate Wireless Headphones All At One Place

  • Cylindrical shaped earbuds along with ear grips.Volume, Play/Pause keys and auxiliary port at the sides of the earbuds.
  •  Charging and Power On/Off will be linked to the casing.
  • The casing will have a portable mouth-piece port.
  • The portable mouth-piece will have an auxiliary cable at one of its ends and will attach to the right earbud.

For better illustration, Mr Taimur Khan, the amazing graphic designer at Phone World, helped give a physical form to my imagination. Behold! for you are to witness the ULTIMATE WIRELESS HEADPHONES in person.*Drum Rolls and some fancy music*

The Ultimate Wireless Headphone Design.The Best Headphones You Can Dream OfThe Ultimate Wireless Headphone Design.The Best Headphones You Can Dream Of


Hope the companies consider the above-mentioned suggestions while designing their next pair of headsets for the ultimate customer satisfaction. If you feel like these are your IDEAL earbuds as well then comment below and if you feel like something is missing in here help in building the BEST headsets.

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