10 Best Internet Speed Test Sites of All Time (Updated 2024)

If you think that your ISP is cheating on you and providing you low speed then it’s time to catch them red-handed! The question is how can you exactly check it? There are different tools and techniques that you can apply to figure this out. However, we recommend using top internet speed test sites.

There are numerous internet service providers that you can find online but how’d you know that they are telling you the right calculated results? Internet service providers claim that they are providing you the best internet speed. Are they? It’s really important to check if the numbers and calculations provided are accurate or not. Maybe they are just bluffing and show random internet speed test results. Sounds frustrating right?

Well, not anymore, our team of geeks has test run a number of internet speed test sites and after a lot of test and trial they have come up with the top sites that provide reliable internet speed tests. These browser-based sites help the users in determining a lot of internet speed factors, such as the upload and download speed. These sites also help you find other significant issues with the internet such as latency issues, packet loss, DNS, or any other physical connection issues.

Let’s dig further and see which browser-based sites fall into the category of top sites.

Top Internet Speed Test Sites to make your life easy

1. SPEEDOF.ME – Best Internet Speed Test Site


Speedof.me is an HTML5-based internet speed test site that’s lightweight and doesn’t put much load. It is also designed to replicate real-world browsing and downloading conditions by requesting a series of files of increasing sizes and recording the speed at which they’re downloaded.

If you analyze each aspect in detail then you will realize that SpeedOf.Me is the best internet speed test available on the web. The most captivating aspect about SpeedOF.me it operates on HTML5, which is built-in to your browser, rather than Java or other such technology that might need a browser plugin for running.  Due to this, the SpeedOf.Me load faster and allow the speed test to run smoothly. and renders more accurate results.

SpeedOf.Me uses more than one hundred servers around the globe, and the internet speed test is carried out from the quickest and most reliable server available at that particular time.

2. Speedtest.net


Speedtest.net is one of the most renowned speed testing websites available on the web. The best aspect of the website is that it works rapidly and smoothly and is completely free of cost. In addition to that, it has a long list of worldwide test locations, so you can test your speed while sitting anywhere. Speedtest.net is designed by Ookla, which is a major provider of speed test technology to other internet speed test websites.

It’s a simple yet reliable bandwidth internet speed diagnostic site that shows up the exact running speed of your internet including upload and download speed. The service is super techy, intelligent, and speedy to provide you with accurate results instantly.

Another great feature of this speed testing website is that it also keeps a record of all the internet speed tests that you performed in the past and creates a graph that you can share on the web. The closest internet testing server to your location is automatically calculated on the basis of your IP address.

3. Fast.com:


Fast.com is one of my favorite speed test websites as it is owned by a famous streaming site, Netflix. This speed testing site utilizes an easy-to-use interface and initiates a speed test automatically. The site will automatically show your current internet speed in Mbps when the test is over.

You must be thinking that why Netflix has launched such speed testing site. Well as you know that Netflix is a huge platform and users require a fast internet connection to make it operational. So of course, Netflix mainly designates this for people who wish to test if their current internet speed has the ability to handle Netflix content, particularly high-definition and 4K content, which can run smoothly from higher download speeds. You don’t need to test your internet speed every time to know if you can stream content from Netflix without any buffering. However, we recommend fast.com if you want a reliable speed testing site and don’t require additional latency data information. The test also enables users to select a variety of language options. In order to access this feature, select the Show More Info option after the test to present these extra details.

4. Internet Health Test:

internet health

Internet Health Test secured a place in the top 5 of our list because of its reliability and precision. The Internet Health Test takes a bit more time as compared to other speed testing websites. The reason for taking a longer time is that the site does a comprehensive internet test and runs your connection through a number of servers to check its speed in various situations.

You should not worry about the average speed here as it’s presumably lower than your other internet speed tests. Rather than that, you can check the different configurations run to comprehend how well your internet connection did in multiple server arrangements. If you want to go more into the details, you can compare this to how you usually use the web to check your expected speeds on the basis of your typical activity, but it would take some time and research.  You must remember that this website has clarified its privacy policy and holds the right to keep all test data for publishing studies.

5. TestMy.net


If you’re looking for a reliable internet speed test site that offers more data than the average speed, then TestMy.net is your answer. It runs a series of tests and provides a lot of useful comparison data to you. There are two different options for both download and upload tests, make sure to try them both to get the best results.

The website has an easy-to-use interface, and it provides a lot of information on how it operates. The site utilizes HTML5, which implies that it will operate fast on mobile and desktop devices. It also supports multithreading to test your internet speed against various servers at once for a single outcome. Also, you have the option to choose any server of your own choice. The results from TestMy.net can be shared in the form of graphs, images, or texts.

6. Google Fiber Speed Test:

google fiber speed test

Google Fiber Speed Test is one of the most accurate speed testing websites available on the web. Google provides a fast, reliable, and most importantly, it renders accurate Fiber Speedtest to all users. The speed test from Google will only take 10-15 seconds to render results and is extremely accurate. The users will receive information regarding the upload speed, download speed, and ping data which will help you to analyze the bandwidth of your ISP

Furthermore. the Google Fiber Speedtest can also share information regarding the server you’re using, along with other information. In addition to that, you can also check out how your internet speed matches with Google Fiber’s speeds. Another plus point is that you don’t need to subscribe to Google’s Fiber.

7. Fusion Speed Test:

fusion speed test

Fusion Speed Test is another great speed testing website that allows you to test your internet speed. However, there is a slight problem as this speed test website has a shortlist of server locations that you can select manually or have chosen for you automatically.

But one interesting aspect of this website is that if you’re for some reason interested in testing your internet speed and connection between your region and a particular area of the US in comparison to the closest server possible. The speed test provider Ookla renders the engine due to which it has a resemblance to Speedtest.net, but I’ve mentioned it in this list due to its popularity. Actual bandwidth needs may be a bit higher which depends on the number of users and whether you are using shared or dedicated Internet access.

8. Bandwidth Place Speed Test:

bandwidth place speed test

Bandwidth Place is one of the best speed testing websites available on the internet. Many regard it as a great internet speed test option with more than 20 servers across the globe. Like some others on our list, Bandwidth Place operates via HTML5, which implies that it would be an exceptional choice if you are doing a speed test from your mobile browser.

The Bandwidth Place is not my foremost option but it might be a suitable choice if you’d like to confirm the results of other speed test sites. The main objective of Bandwidth Place is to simplify the process of discovering the best ISP in your region. The website uses its search tool to quickly and efficiently browse all ISPs providing coverage in your respected area.

9. Charter Speed Test:

speed testing websites

The Charter Speed Test is a great internet speed testing website that is majorly used in the USA.  As it is a product of Charter (a major US ISP) so it recommends users to check their internet speed using this website. The Charter Speed Test is completely free of cost and is available to everyone but best-suited for Charter customers.

Similar to other speed test sites, Charter operates by downloading and uploading specifically sized pieces of data and logging in them to check how long that takes. So a few Mathematics equations can calculate those Mbps numbers that the test reports. However, Charter’s speed test utilizes OOKLA software, the same software that most ISPs use, and which we discussed before on our list.

10. Speedcheck.org


Speedcheck is also a decent internet speed testing website and is easy to use. Speedcheck.org has one of the most simple and easy-to-use interfaces which can be used by any person whether he/she is a tech-literate or not. Similar to the other internet speed test websites, Speedcheck.org also measures your connected device’s connection speed and quality of the internet.

Speedcheck.org runs various consecutive tests to examine different aspects of your internet like latency, ping download, and upload speed.

Final Thoughts

Don’t get fooled by your local internet service provider. It is important to keep check of your internet speed by any of the above-mentioned internet speed test sites. The above-mentioned sites are all-timer browser-based reliable speed check websites. Check these out and let us know what you think?

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