15 Best Mystery Solving Movies To Watch Online

Are you a mystery lover? And you enjoy the curiosity trickling down your spine? Then these movies are just for you to watch. Here are the best mystery movies to watch online in 2023. these top mystery movies will surely give you the thrills of your life, enjoy these movies with your friends and family.

1.Knives Out

5 Best Mystery Solving Movies To Watch Online

Knives Out is a top mystery movie, revolving around a filthy rich family. The wealth is solely owned by the old father who is not very fond of his spoiled children and is only taken care of by a teenage foreigner girl. The story twists between the knots of a suicide or an attempted murder solved by a very renowned detective.

So if you love detective movies and have already watched Sherlock holmes than you should definitely go for it!


2. Shutter Island

5 Best Mystery Solving Movies To Watch Online
PC: Film

A murderer or a psychopath? Shutter Island is a twisted movie in its nature, order, composition and story. It is one of the best mystery movies and a heart-breaking love story. No doubt that the storyline, site selection, production and direction of the movie is splendid but who needs another reason to watch it when they are starring Leonardo Decaprio? *blush* A must to watch!

3. Prisoners

5 Best Mystery Solving Movies To Watch Online
PC: Netflix

Mind-boggling story of two fathers looking for their missing baby princesses. The movie is a beautifully put together complex puzzle with increasing curiosity and thrill by each passing minute. It is filled with sentiments, tragedy, psychopathy and mystery.

4. Get Out

5 Best Mystery Solving Movies To Watch Online

What can be more thrilling than a love-story transforming into a mysterious tragedy? Get Out is based on the long-gone idea of racism (long gone? seriously? Well, I am not sure). It has a crispy story outline filled with emotions, hypnosis, hatred and mystery. Best movie to make you think twice before taking your next step!

5. Gone Girl


5 Best Mystery Solving Movies To Watch Online
PC: TheNewYorker

A renowned writer aka the gone girl is full of surprises. Gone Girl is a love story gone wrong. The storyline is not only full of exciting twists but includes murder, psychopathy, emotions and thrill. One of the best movies to watch with friends and family to make you regular sleepy nights a lot more thrilling.

6.Murder On The Orient Express

15 Best Mystery Solving Movies To Watch Online
PC: 20th-century fox

A classic detective, mystery-solving movie. Murder on the orient express has a very impressive plot of a train journey where the world-famous detective Poirot gets to solve a murder case on the train. The story-line is as twisted as it could be. A completely unpredictable movie indeed.

7.After Life

15 Best Mystery Solving Movies To Watch Online

The story revolves around a state between life and death, a state of utter confusion and chaos. Where it is not known whether a deary has departed or still remains. A mystery, a love story and a tragedy, all at one place in this amazing twisted movie.


8.The Time Traveller’s Wife

15 Best Mystery Solving Movies To Watch Online

What can be more mysterious than a twisted time travelling movie? where past, present and future intermingle to make our minds numb. The time traveller’s wife is yet another time travelling movie but with a very twisted plot and a sweet love story to enjoy with friends and family.


9. Us

15 Best Mystery Solving Movies To Watch Online
PC: mxdwn Movies

Ever wondered there may exist your identicals craving to take your place in the real world? Well Us is such a chilling nightmare. The movie is totally unpredictable with a twisted plot and ending. It is not just a random fight for survival but a fight between two different worlds, a fight for the identity.


10. The Silence Of The Lambs

15 Best Mystery Solving Movies To Watch Online
PC: Enzian Theater

A thrilling, serial-killer, psychopathic, mysterious movie with the most chilling story-line and mind-boggling twists. It is no movie for the light-hearted. Dr Hannibal Lecter (Anthony Hopkins) a brilliant psychiatrist who is also a violent psychopath, spending life behind bars for various acts of murder and cannibalism. Crawford a young woman from the FBI training academy, believes that he may have insight into a case.


11. Changeling

15 Best Mystery Solving Movies To Watch Online
PC: film school rejects

A heart-touching, twisted plot, starring the exalted Angelina Jullie as a mother who lost her lovely 9-years old son to a mass child-murderer and a psychopath. Her struggle in search of her son is both heart-wrenching and courageous. One of the best mysterious movies of all times indeed!


12. SAW

PC: dread central

If nothing makes your goosebumps this surely will! Saw is a thriller, mysterious, criminal, psychopathic movie to get you all the chills you crave for. It is filled with deadly games and puzzles to twist your mind and make you hold tight to your sofas. A must watch!


13. Now You See Me

15 Best Mystery Solving Movies To Watch Online
PC: Otakukart news

What is better than magic? Magic tricks! This group of super-talented magicians are on the loose to use the best of their abilities against the crocodiles of the society and work for the well-fare of the common people. The surely not only entertain but play games with your mind to give send chills down your spine.

14. 12 Angry Men(2016)

15 Best Mystery Solving Movies To Watch Online

One stuck case to solve and a jury of 12 angry men on it, what a deadly combination! The story moves towards its climax as they deliberate the conviction or acquittal of an 18-year old defendant on the basis of reasonable doubt, forcing the jurors to question their morals and values. See to discover what an unexpected conclusion they reached!


15. And Then There Were None

15 Best Mystery Solving Movies To Watch Online
PC: Vox

A far off, isolated island, a creepy house, 10 poor people and a murderer on the loose. It is a quest to kill or to get killed as the killer is amongst the victims. A beautifully plotted and crafted story to take you by surprise on every turn. A mystery yet to be revealed!


You can watch all these movies online or download them. This is my personal list of movies and is sure to die for. DO NOT miss these movies as they may be the best movies you will ever see. I will keep on adding to the list for you.

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