10 Best Mysterious Netflix Seasons To Watch

Netflix is our sole companion to kill boredom nowadays. Thus, I decided to put forward the best mystery seasons on Netflix. They are sure to run shivers of thrill down your spine and excite you to the extent of complete numbness. These are the most absorbing seasons on Netflix! So, here is a list of 10 best mysterious seasons to watch on Netflix.

1.Stranger Things

5 Best Mysterious Netflix Seasons To Watch

A peaceful town now encounters a biochemical anomaly. Is it a bio-weapon or a mysterious creature from another world? Whatever it is, it stops at nothing and has state-level conspiracies to protect it. This group of young friends need to stop this creature from destroying the once peaceful town they lived in.

2.Money Heist

5 Best Mysterious Netflix Seasons To Watch
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Tired of the economic system of our states we all move in? Of all the sweat and blood we invest never returns us the same. There is no need to continue the never-ending cycle of earning for survival, now is the time to snatch what is ours and wrongly kept away from us. Money Heist is the best mysterious season on Netflix it revolves around the story of financially struggling lads united to fight for their right in the most unlawful ways.


5 Best Mysterious Netflix Seasons To Watch

Have you ever been in love? A love that gets crazy till the end of becoming frightening? Should I renounce it as a tale of a stalker, a lover or a madman? Whatever it is it sure is something you should not miss. YOU is a very absorbing mysterious season on Netflix that makes your heart skip a beat every once in a while!

4.Sacred Games

5 Best Mysterious Netflix Seasons To Watch

Sacred Games is an Indian novel based season, it revolves around the thrill of the world of gangsters and the protectors. A thrilling mystery to indulge your mind in the most explicit manner. Keep your eyes open because these are no sacred games to play!

5.Sherlock Holmes

5 Best Mysterious Netflix Seasons To Watch

When it comes to the best mystery seasons on Netflix how can we miss Sherlock Holmes? Sherlock Holmes is indeed the best detective series of Netflix and consists of mind-boggling twists in its plots. The story-line is very well thought and written which makes it the best mystery season of all times.

6. 13 Reasons Why

13 reasons why is one of the best mystery seasons on Netflix. A young high schooler, full of life and laughter, surrounded with friends and loving parents all of a sudden commits suicide. Did that come as a shock? Well, it gets crispier. She left behind 13 recorded tapes that have all the reasons why she committed suicide. A breath-taking and heart-wrenching story indeed. Best emotional season on Netflix.

7. Breaking Bad

A good citizen never gets paid enough indeed! A reputed Chemistry professor shift lanes to fulfil the necessities of his family. A crime that he won’t ever get blamed to commit. A thrilling series of drama, action, strong emotions and mystery. Breaking Bad is science and crime combined at its best!

8. Peaky Blinders

The darkest secrets of the rich get explored here! Peaky Blinders is the tale of the Shelby crime family that exploits everything they have hold on. It takes you back to the early 20th century in Britain and sketches the aftermath of World War I. A fascinating crime season to watch on Netflix.

9. Riverdale

Archie and his gang are yet to discover the darkest secrets of Riverdale where there is a murder awaiting every passing minute. Riverdale is a crime season not to be ignored. It has the most twisted and thrilling storyline that carries its viewers far away with it. Best mysterious Netflix series to watch!

10. Black Mirror

Just like The American Horror Stories, Black Mirror is a Netflix series with sub seasons. Each Season of Black Mirror is psychotic and mind-boggling. Black Mirror presents the harsh realities of life in the most terrifying manner. It absorbs the person to the extent of escaping reality. The best mysterious Netflix season to watch.


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