5 Best Platforms For Online Teaching During Quarantine

The COVID-19 wave has left the world with no choice but to shut themselves in homes for a while. However, we better not panic rather use this opportunity to polish ourselves, practice self-improvement and spend some quality time bonding with our family. Quarantine is not completely a curse but only if you take it as an in-home vacation and practice all your passions in this free time.

However, business and education are the two things being the most affected by coronavirus lockdown. Jobs have tackled the situation by offering work from home and only online businesses are working nowadays.

Similarly, there have been tries of online schooling lately in Pakistan but due to this not being a trend universities, colleges and schools are unable to implement online teaching fully. If you are a teacher and want your students to focus and take the online study seriously then you must have a proper platform to teach it. Here are the 4 best platforms to teach online in Pakistan.

Best Platforms For Online Teaching In Pakistan

1.Google Classroom

5 Best Platforms For Online Teaching During Quarantine
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Google Classroom is so far the best website and mobile App for online teaching. You can use this App to create your e-classroom. Google Classroom lets your class coordinate on a click. If you are a teacher you can create your classroom and then share the code with your students or add them by their e-mail address. Later you can communicate, allot and share assignments, check assignments and teach here.

2. Zoom

5 Best Platforms For Online Teaching During Quarantine

Zoom is basically a business conference meeting site that allows conference video and audio call. It is a very simple app that can be easily used as an e-classroom. Through Zoom you can teach your students live and not let Coronavirus halt your education.

3. Social Media Apps

5 Best Platforms For Online Teaching During Quarantine

If you and your students are not into fancy e-teaching sites than you can use Social media apps like WhatsApp and Facebook in order to study in groups. You can create class groups and add your students in them the teachers can then share lectures on daily bases through audio recording or video recording or any other way they find suitable. When there’s a will there’s a way.

4. Schoology

5 Best Platforms For Online Teaching During Quarantine

Schoology is a similar App like Google Classroom it lets you interact with your class in a conference live calling just as a real-class. It helps communicate in a classroom, assign work, practice and more. It lets you share academic content, online quizzes and more. A perfect platform for E-teaching.

5. Edmodo LMS

5 Best Platforms For Online Teaching During Quarantine

Edmodo LMS is an alternative to Google Classroom. It is a similar App offering all the features but in addition at Edmodo LMS you can not only communicate with your class, assign assignments and work but you can also design and take online quizzes consisting of MCQs and the website also provides auto-check and mark feature making your task easier as a teacher. One of the best website for online teaching.


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