Best Smartphones of 2018 – PhoneWorld Awards

These are the Best Phones of 2018 according to PhoneWorld

We have had lots of smartphones in 2018, but we think these were the best smartphones launched this year. The ranking is solely based on our experts’ opinions.

We have categorized the awards into 5 (five) sub-categories, Best Smartphone of the Year, Best Camera Phone of 2018, Best Compact Phone of the Year, Best Mid-range Smartphone of 2018 and Lastly Best Budget Phone of 2018. In every category, there will be 1 (one) winner and 1 (one) runner-up.

Best Smartphones – PhoneWorld Awards 2018

Starting with

Best SmartPhone of the Year!

There were many best smartphones released in 2018 that were really promising considering everything, from design, build quality, internals, performance, battery life, and cameras. It is extremely tough to call or to declare a winner as others are very slightly behind, not more.

Anyhow, we think the overall best smartphone of the year award goes to:



Runner Up. 

Huawei Mate 20 Pro

Best Camera Phone of the Year

In this category, determining the winner also extremely tough to call. Why? Because we’ve had lots of serious camera phones released this year, Note 9, Pixel 3, iPhone XS/XS Max, Huawei P20 Pro and more. Also, we had Quad-camera phones, triple rare lens and more.

But, based on testing and reviewing all of them. The Winner who sneaked in at the very end of the year to make sure 2018 ends with an extraordinary smartphone released in it. You guessed it right, the award goes to:




Apple iPhone XS Max

Best Compact Phone of the Year

This category is basically of smartphones that were flagship level, with the best performance, amazing cameras, quality displays and everything that a flagship has and does but were compact in size (mainly below 6-Inches display).

The award goes to:



Samsung Galaxy S9

Best Mid-Range Smartphone of 2018

We took all the phones under 50,000 PKR and then compared them with each other. And the Winner is:




Oppo F9

Best Budget Phone of 2018

The phone that provides the most value at around 30,000 PKR. Award goes to:




Xiaomi Redmi Note 6 Pro

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