7 Best Smartphones To Go Live On Twitch In 2024

Twitch is an American video live-streaming service introduced in June 2011. It focuses on video game live streaming, including broadcasts of esports competitions. In addition, it also offers music broadcasts, creative content, and “in real life” streams. This Amazon-owned streaming service has grown exponentially over the years. According to the platform, it has now more than 30 million daily viewers and around 7 million creators going live every month. We all know that with the continuous development of live-streaming platforms, more young people are starting to do live streaming as a sideline. For that purpose, most people consider using smartphones as a live streaming tool for the first time other than laptops. So, in this article, I’ll be jotting down the 7 Best Smartphones to go live on Twitch in 2024. However, before heading to that, let’s discuss some important things.

How To Go Live On Twitch On PC or Mac?

If anyone wants to stream on Mac or PC, then they need software to broadcast from. There are many popular ones available that have free options like OBS, which works on both PC and Mac. In addition to that, there are also paid options like the Mac-native Ecamm Live. However, Twitch has now its own free Twitch Studio application to help you get started on a PC or Mac. If you are new to the world of streaming then it’s probably best to use it before you spend money on a third-party app or learn the more complicated OBS software. In order to use the Twitch Studio follow the steps written below:

  • Download Twitch Studio from the official website.
  • After installing the software on your PC or Mac, open Twitch Studio and log in to your Twitch account.
  • It will greet you with an onboarding prompt that will easily walk you through the process to connect your mic and your webcam.
  • The streaming platform, Twitch Studio will also help you make your stream unique with different scenes and customizations. In addition to that, live streams can be set up on-air Twitch notifications, chat boxes, and more, easily from within the application. Furthermore, you can Play around with these and change them once you get an idea of how you’ll be utilizing these options during your live stream.
  • Once you are ready to go live, just click “Start Stream” at the bottom of the Twitch Studio app.
  • Then Choose your stream category, enter your live stream title, and click “Go Live” to start streaming. Here You Go! Whether you decide to Livestream your favorite game or just go live for a casual chat stream, you now know everything you need to quickly broadcast on Twitch.

How To Go Live On Twitch On Mobile Phones?

In order to go live on twitch on phones, the simplest way is to start streaming via the Twitch mobile application. The Twitch app can not only be used as a media player to watch streams but enables anyone with a Twitch account to stream directly to their page via their handheld device. All the steps on how to stream from your phone via the Twitch mobile app are mentioned below:

  1. Download the Twitch app from your Android store or IOS store.
  2. Log in to your Twitch account on that app. The first-time login will require two-factor authentication so make sure you have your authenticator app to receive the code. If you don’t have an account, then you’ll need to register now.
  3. Click on the video camera icon at the top of the screen circled in red in the image above.
  4. On the next screen, you will be able to choose between streaming games or streaming IRL. ‘Stream games’ capture anything open on your device and send it to Twitch, whereas ‘Stream IRL’ open up your front or rear camera and stream your camera feed instead.

For more details, read a detailed guide about How To Go Live On Twitch from Mobile Phones.

Furthermore, the Twitch app did not support streaming from handheld devices in the past years. At that time, there were so many 3rd party mobile streaming applications developed to help streamers with their mobile needs. However, these apps are extremely buggy or hidden behind a huge paywall but there are a few that break the mold and might actually be worth a download. They include:

  • Omlet Arcade
  • DU Recorder
  • Streamlabs Mobile

Twitch vs. YouTube

Live streaming has now become an effective way for creators to reach their audience and interact with them. Furthermore, there are a lot of streaming options available for you to use, with the two most popular options being Twitch and YouTube. If we talk about popularity, there is a clear winner between YouTube and Twitch.  Twitch live streaming has considerably more daily viewers as compared to YouTube. Twitch is a better platform for live streaming as it offers a wide range of gaming streaming options and has several features. So, now I am going to jot down the 7 Best Phones for Streaming. Let’s get started.

List of Best Smartphones To Go Live On Twitch in 2024

  1. Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra
  2. Xiaomi Mi 10T
  3. OnePlus 8 Pro
  4. iPhone 12 Mini
  5. Samsung Galaxy S20 FE
  6. Google Pixel 5
  7. iPhone 11 Pro Max

Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra

Best Smartphones to go live on Twitch

  • The Galaxy S21 Ultra is bigger and bulkier and comes equipped with the latest and most powerful chip by Qualcomm, the new Snapdragon 888. It comes with a dynamic 6.8-inch AMOLED display that scales from 10Hz to 120Hz for super-smooth performance.
  • This handset gives high-quality results while live streaming and produces sharp, explicit videos, and pictures no matter whether you are in brightness mode or dark mode.
  • In order to know the price of the smartphone, click here 


Brightest display with the most granular adaptive refresh rate Quite Big and bulky
A very Stylish Contour Cut design and a richer variety of colors Lacks microSD card slot
Stereo speakers are nice and loud
Nice rear and front camera
Good battery life in its class
Support for S Pen stylus 
support for Next-gen Wi-fi 6E standard

Xiaomi Mi 10T

Best Smartphones to go live on Twitch
  • Mi 10T boasts Qualcomm Snapdragon 865 5G chipset, an Octa-core CPU, and an Adreno 650 GPU which means that this phone has excellent speed and power. In addition to that, it is simply the best in this price range as you get a 64 MP wide, 13 MP ultrawide, and a 5 MP macro lens camera capable of shooting 4K at 60fps and 8K at 30fps.
  • It is the best budget streaming phone for last. However, it doesn’t have the best specs in terms of power, but still has an awesome camera that many streamers will appreciate.
  • In order to know the price of the smartphone, click here.
A Very Affordable Price

                Not a lot of RAM

Amazing video quality
Good storage options

 Good battery life

 OnePlus 8 Pro

Best Smartphones to go live on Twitch

  • OnePlus 8 Pro is one of the best and most well-rounded phones the Chinese maker has ever produced, partnering simply with mind-blowing speed and performance with the best display ever shipped on a smartphone.
  • The smartphone enables you to capture more steady videos. Its work behind the cameras is quite impressive, making it an outstanding smartphone option for live streamers.
  • In order to know the price of the smartphone, click here.
Quite Comfortable and lightweight 5G on T-Mobile only
Great performance  A curved display causes accidental taps
Good video stability
Bright 120Hz display
High picture quality and superb video quality from the main camera
Good battery life
Reverse & fast wireless charging

Apple iPhone 12 Mini

  • Best Smartphones to go live on TwitchThe mini version of the iPhone 12 delivers the best price-to-power ratio of any 2024 iPhone. It brings top-of-the-line features that easily fit into smaller hands. The camera of the handset is versatile, the screen is fantastic, and it comes with reams of power and the added benefits of 5G and MagSafe.
  • The iPhone 12 mini can capture high-camera quality photos, videos, views, details, and sharp pixels. It allows you to do live streaming at a pro level.
  • In order to know the price of the smartphone, click here.
Small size with the great build quality Slower MagSafe charging
Powerful A14 Bionic chip Not-so-good battery life
Great performance No telephoto lens
 Good Camera Setup

Samsung Galaxy S20 FE

  • Best Smartphones to go live on Twitch  Samsung Galaxy S20 FE 5G comes with a 6.5-inch 2,400-by-1,080, 120Hz screen that can be kept in 120Hz mode for smooth scrolling. It boasts the same Snapdragon 865 processor as the S20 line. Furthermore, it has 22W fast charging, wireless charging, and reverse wireless charging, taking about 90 minutes to reach a full charge.
  •  The smartphone has great camera performance and good battery life making it an excellent option for live streamers.
  • In order to know the price of the smartphone, click here.
Vibrant color options  low-light camera performance is not good
Powerful processor
Amazing triple-camera system
Good battery life

Google Pixel 5

  • Best Smartphones to go live on TwitchPixel 5 by Google is a streamlined phone with great camera software,  a clean Android interface, and good battery life. It is powered by the Snapdragon 765G chipset, which supports 5G, 8GB RAM, and 128GB storage.  Furthermore, it comes with a 6-inch OLED display with a 90Hz refresh rate and a 4080mAh battery.
  •  The camera of the Google Pixel 5 is characterized by its class-leading dynamic range, accuracy, color dimensions, and other details. So, If you are looking for an affordable budget handset with a high-quality camera for live streaming, Google Pixel 5 is a good choice indeed.
  • In order to know the price of the smartphone, click here.
lightweight No telephoto lens
Good camera with an ultrawide lens The audio quality could be better
Simple Android software experience Unimpressive processor for the price
Bright 90Hz display
Reverse wireless charging
Good battery life
Good in low-light conditions  

Apple iPhone 11 Pro Max

Best Smartphones to go live on Twitch

  • We all know that iPhone 11 Pro Max is a high-budget phone. However, it’s also a perfect smartphone for your live streaming needs because it has the most robust glass with a smooth operating system, a durable battery, and a 6.5-inch  Retina XDR OLED display.
  • iPhone 11 pro max also has a fourth camera, which is the front camera, which has a 12Mp real depth portrait mode, 4K video, and solo-Mo’s making it a fantastic live streaming smartphone.
  • In order to know the price of the smartphone, click here.
Smooth surface and Operating system No reverse charging
Powerful A13 processor Skimpy 64GB storage
New Super Retina XDR display
High-quality Video Recording
Reverse wireless charging
Good battery life
Good in low-light conditions  

Points to Consider before buying smartphones for Live Streaming

We know that high-end smartphone are quite expensive nowadays. So, before investing in a phone, we need to think very carefully. So, if you are planning on getting a streaming phone, you need to consider certain things. Let’s discuss them one by one.

1. Camera

The number one thing that should be considered while buying a smartphone for streaming is the camera setup of the phone. The camera of the handset plays a very significant role in live streaming. So, you need to pay attention when buying a phone for streaming is of course the camera. In addition to that, you will have to make sure that the camera has perfect video quality and that it can stream at least at 1K resolution as this is the bare minimum that will make your streams look professional.

Many people think that the video quality of a smartphone depends on the number of megapixels of the camera. However, it is not true at all. The video quality has nothing to do with the number of megapixels a camera has. All the thing that matters is the type of lens it uses.  So, if you’re going to get an iPhone as a streaming phone, do know that those typical 12 MP are just as good as the 64 MP on any Android phone. Before buying a smartphone for streaming, make sure that the phone has a good lens.

2. Memory Capacity

Okay, now let’s jump to the second main thing. When buying a phone for streaming, the second most important thing is the Memory capacity. A streaming phone must have lots of storage as your streaming videos take a toll on the memory capacity. You should always get a phone which supports a micro SD card as you can easily take it out of the phone and upload the data to your PC. Never settle below 128 GB as memory matters a lot. All iPhone lovers will have to either get the most storage model or use iCloud to their advantage if they want to use their phones for streaming.

3. Battery Capacity

The last but not least thing you need to take into consideration is the battery capacity. It is a known fact that streaming is a battery-consuming operation. That’s why you need to have at least 3000 mAh to even make it possible to stream more than 2 or 3 hours before charging your smartphone. The worst thing that can happen is that your phone shuts down midstream. So, in order to avoid that you must have a phone with a good battery otherwise, you can always carry a power bank, but your phone will surely overheat.

One Of The Best Smartphones To Go Live On Twitch (Editor’s Choice)

Keeping in mind, all the above-mentioned important things, the best smartphone for streaming is the OnePlus 8 pro. It is one of the best and most well-rounded phones among all discussed. The smartphone packs a 4,510 mAh battery. In addition to that, the OnePlus 8 Pro offers the fastest wireless charging around. So, in terms of battery, the handset is definitely a good option. It comes with 12GB RAM and 256GB Storage capacity.

Furthermore, the OnePlus 8 Pro packs four rear cameras, including a 48-megapixel main camera with an f/1.78 aperture that will let you shoot at 48MP or 12MP. The 48MP lens is best for when you have a lot of ambient light. There’s also an 8MP telephoto camera with 3x optical zoom, an ultra-wide 48MP camera with a 119-degree field of view, and a dedicated 5MP color filter camera that lets you apply artistic filters while you’re shooting. The best part about it is that the OnePlus 8 PRO has a great action cam that reduces low-light performance. It enables you to capture more steady videos making its work behind the cameras quite impressive. So, it is an outstanding phone for live streamers. So, according to Phoneworld, the OnePlus 8 Pro is a very good option indeed.


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