25 Best Subreddits for Memes – Funniest Meme Subreddits in 2024

Top Rated Subreddits for Memes in 2024

Reddit is the largest community on the internet having more than 100,000 active communities. Reddit is said to be the “front page of the Internet”. The best thing about it is that it has something for everybody. It has every kind of community that people can imagine. On this platform, people can chat about life-prop suggestions, grinding, gaming, cool things they found, or some baseless things as well. A scroll through r/all around the world of about 15 minutes is what it takes to figure out what’s happening in the world. In short, you will find everything about everything.

Reddit is the birthplace of many famous memoirs on the Internet. Also, this is an important resource for the humor and positivity that are so much needed in these tough times. You will find hundreds of subreddits that contain funny and humorous stuff. But it will take a lot of time to search for the best subreddits for funny content. So, to make your work easier, we have come up with some excellent, hilarious, funny subreddits for memes to brighten up your daily mood. In this article, we will discuss the 25 best funny subreddits for memes to join in 2024.

Once you joined any subreddit, please review every subreddit’s rules to ensure that you remain within the Group guidelines and then start posting and surfing. You will find this the best place for memes.

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List of 25 Best Subreddits for Memes in 2024

Looking at how to find good memes? Here is a list of some of Reddit’s most positive subreddits to make your face smile and your day happier. Have fun!

1- /r/Aww/

best subreddits for memes

I am sure you have encountered some “AWW” moments at some time in your life. This subreddit is all about the “AWW” moments that happened in your surroundings.

Whether it’s cute animals, a tender parenting moment, or just a sweet picture of something random, this subreddit is devoted entirely to things that make you go “AWW”! Like puppies, bunnies, babies, and so on… A place for really cute pictures and videos. It is the best subreddits for a meme. It has a huge family of 27.3 million subscribers.

Like, a video of a baby rhino taking a shower in the rain and enjoying. This is absolutely an “aww” moment. Aww is the best meme subreddits, where you can find interesting and funny subreddits.

2- /r/Showerthoughts/

best subreddits for memes

Let’s be very true, how many of you have random thoughts while taking shower or sitting idol? This is “a subreddit for you to share those miniature epiphanies you have that highlight the oddities within the familiar.” It has 21.4m huge subscribers. It is among the best subreddits for memes that you can find currently on Reddit.

Shower Thoughts are those fleeting thoughts that you might have while taking a shower, daydreaming, and generally going about your business. Some of them are deep, but most of them are just musings that you might find to be surprisingly relatable. The members of this community share thought-provoking ideas which often lead to some interesting discussions. It’s one of the funniest subreddits you will find on Reddit.

3- /r/PhotoshopBattles/

best subreddits for memes

The concept is clear: Take a funny picture and ask the Photoshop pros on Reddit to come up with a clever Photoshop in return.  The memes community gives a wide range of funny images void of violent incitement. You can access hot, new, and top memes under the collection of posts. People post interesting pictures and video memes here, which gives good humor—for example, the cat head picture posted with the body of a bee.

The post should be an image that is generally stupid or bad but surprisingly turns out to be full of humor and interest. It’s the best subreddits for a meme. It has a big family of 16.8 m subscribers.

 The best part is that there is a competition held in the community every week and members participate with zeal, producing some great shots.

4- /r/PrequelMemes/

best subreddits for memes

With 1.6 million subscribers, /r/PrequelMemes deals usually with Star Wars memes. The photoshop memes or image macros series related to Star War films’ content is what is all about r/PrequelMemes. It helps to change the audience’s opinion about the movie. find memes about your favorite movies.

For instance, when the star war movie is about to start at 7.45 and 7.40, you reach, and your dad is still left to carry your baby brother from his car seat. You see a character from the movie asking you to leave him or else you cannot make it in time for the movie.

5- /r/DunderMifflin/

best subreddits for memes

The /r/DunderMifflin/ is the funniest subreddits that use phrases to show the emotion and the physical and mental state of the user through the linked video or image. The statements used are often ironic while using them in images or videos. It has 1.6 million subscribers. It’s a funny video subreddits where several funny videos are posted. Not all the posted stuff is baseless. Some of them are quite funny.

For instance, a meme shows two different facial expressions when starting to watch a new show on someone’s recommendation. The caption says When people recommend me new shows. It’s the best place to find memes.

6- /r/PerfectTiming/

best subreddits for memes

where to find memes? You’ve seen these kinds of images before; the sort of perfectly timed action shots that you can’t believe someone actually caught on camera? These pics are always awesome, and the images found in this subreddit will not disappoint. They’re not all funny, but they’re all most definitely cool. It has 1.5 million subscribers. It’s the best subreddits with a lot of funny memes.

7- /r/LetsNotMeet/

best subreddits for memes

Let’s Not Meet is a highly entertaining subreddit that will completely freak you out… and have you looking over your shoulder everywhere you go.  It has 873k subscribers. This is where people share stories of near-misses, almost-kidnapping, stalkers, and other scary real-life monsters. It’s the best place to find memes.

8- /r/crappyoffbrands/

best subreddits for memes

It is one of the largest humor stock collections with about 850k subscribers. It’s related to brands’ copies being poorly designed and made locally. People usually post pictures and videos when they locally found anything designed poorly about popular brands. For instance, someone posted the TikTok picture in a plastic jar with the caption “original.” It is the best subreddits for a meme.

You will get a lot of funny stuff here. I am sure you will really like this subreddit to join to get funny memes in your leisure time.

9-  /r/blunderyears/

best subreddits for memes

This is a subreddit that specializes in pictures of people who were going through an awkward phase. It has 738k subscribers. Each image is uploaded by the person in the picture (unless given explicit permission to share it). You can share the pictures of your past that you are now regretting.

This is not a place to publicly shame or embarrass anyone… except yourself! There are also some rules which the members should need to follow before posting anything.

10-  /r/okbuddyretard/

best subreddits for memes

r/okbuddyretard/ is a hot and popular memes collection community. It has 819k subscribers. Even the colorful interface itself can attest to the fun and entertainment you can derive from the available millions of memes. You can switch between posts, wiki, store/merch, and cool funny videos. You can also hit on Hot, New, and Top to access trending and most viewed memes. There are various rules that all users must comply with before posting any creative memes. You will surely find this one of the best funny subreddits. This is a sure killer to the boredom of repetitive statements across memes.

11-  /r/NoContextPics/

best subreddits for memes

Unlike the huge and ubiquitous r/Pics subreddit, No Context Pics is all about the imagery. r/Pics tends to get a little schmaltzy with all of the tragic backstories, so this sub has this rule:

“The purpose of this subreddit is to share interesting pictures without any context. The pics must succeed or fail on their own merit. No sob stories. No stories of any kind.” It has 431k subscribers.

So, if you have a creative mind and can create your own story by only seeing the picture, then this subreddit is best for you. No doubt, this is the best weird subreddits with no caption.

12- /r/Hololive/

best subreddits for memes

If you are looking for a subreddit for funny memes to share with others, then this subreddit should be your choice. r/Hololive/gives a variety of interesting, mostly cartoony memes. It has 210k subscribers. You can filter memes based on the content.

This community also lets you filter memes based on posts, contests, streams/videos, and music. But to understand mostly memes here, you just need to know about the cartoon characters like Yagoo, moona, etc. Like other meme communities, the array of meme categories provides good humor and helps to understand the meme teenagers’ groups who are also interested in cartoons.

13- /r/cringe

best subreddits for memes

r/cringe is another hub for moments that are so awkward that you have to laugh. This subreddit has everything from cringeworthy interactions on TV to awkward text messages, along with tons of other posts. There are various rules that all users must comply with before posting any creative memes.

It has the caption “When it Just Hurt to Watch”. The caption clearly says that by watching the videos you will get hurt by laughing. This subreddit is the best place to get to know the awkward things that happened to other people. I am sure that this subreddit will make you feel better about yourself because at least you’re not this cringe.

14- /r/ComedyCemetery

best subreddits for memes

/r/ComedyCemetery is one of the funniest subreddit where the memes are shared by people who mocked them to try out their humor. This subreddit also has a list of rules to follow before posting any meme. You will not find any macro images or animal advice memes, no poor titles, no ironic jokes allowed, and reposts no harassment or meta-posts. Overall, this subreddit contains the simple yet funniest memes. You will surely find this one of the best funny subreddits for memes.

15- /r/funny

best subreddits for memes

If you are getting bored and want to add some positivity to your life by adding some laughter, then this subreddit is best for you. It is the largest humor stock collection with about 36.1 million subscribers. You will get a lot of funny stuff to make you laugh louder. In terms of content, you’ll find a wide range of laughter-inducing screenshots, photos, and videos.

Having such a large family means a huge collection of funny stuff. You will get a huge collection of memes here to make your day. This community is surely going to keep you engaged for a while. This is one of the famous and funny subreddits for memes.

16- r/therewasanattempt

best subreddits for memes

If you are at that stage of life when you feel lonely and depressed and do not find anything interesting around you but you are a Reddit user, then you should join this subreddit to lighten up your mood. This subreddit is about the attempts that we made for the first time.

For instance, when an animal or person tries something new, they don’t always succeed. The r/therewasanattempt subreddit encourages you to laugh at failure. Sometimes, the failures can also be funny. This subreddit features a huge collection of funny fails that will have you scrolling for hours. Now add some laughter to your life by joining this page.

17- r/facepalm

best subreddits for memes

r/facepalm is exactly what it sounds like. It’s a subreddit for pictures and videos that just make you want to smack your forehead in disbelief. Not all the things that happened on the internet are true, there are some false things as well. Not only false but there are some dumb things as well.

This Subreddit is dedicated to getting together all of the dumb things that happened on the internet into one place. These images of stupidity will make you giggle. You can post screenshots from forums, social media sites, or just real life. I must say, this is one of the best subreddits for memes to join in 2024.

18- /r/AdviceAnimals

best subreddits for memes

The /r/AdviceAnimals is one of the best subreddit memes available on the web. It was created back 0in December 2010. It is pretty simple and straightforward to understand. Initially, Advice Animals was a memes category that displayed memes such as a business cat wearing a formal coat and tie or a penguin that is socially awkward and unconfident with some text or awful advice that is placed over the photo.

The most entertaining subreddits on /r/AdviceAnimals displayed a Penguin with a head and half body. The head has a red background seeing towards the left however the other half of the body and the feet turn on the right side with a blue-colored background. The memes read “Started going to the gym – Only at midnight so there’s nobody else there”. /r/AdviceAnimals subreddit showed it like “there’s someone else in the gym, so I left and made memes instead.”

19- r/MemeEconomy

best subreddits for memes

r/MemeEconomy is one of the funniest subreddit memes ever made. Here, real-world products and commodities are explained via memes. It is important to mention here that there’s no kind of real money involved however when a meme begins to become famous, people opt to purchase and when it’s of no use, they sell it.

For example, the disappointment of a father is making him invest in a certain thing. For this scenario, the memes display a man who is sitting on the wall and looking down while making a thoughtful face and pondering when his son starts Fortnite dancing in the public, he should have made sandwiches rather than making them. So it has a deep meaning.

20- /r/memes/

best subreddits for memes

The /r/memes/ include the most entertaining subreddits that utilize phrases to display the emotion and the physical and mental state of the user via the linked video clip or a photo. Often, the phrases that are used are ironic while using them in photos or videos. The /r/memes/ has more than 1.8 million subscribers. You can take the example of a meme showing Keanu Reeves who is running with a camera and another man who is trying to catch him. The caption entails that he stole the camera from the paparazzi and now he is running away.

21- /r/PewdiepieSubmissions

best subreddits for memes

/r/PewdiepieSubmissions allows you to cast votes regarding the competitions and submissions in pewdiepie. It is pertinent to mention here that there are certain content policy violation rules which entail that you must not post any content related to porn or hate speech.

We can provide you with an example of a long-haired dead man who was found standing on the back of a man doing some work on the computer while his camera took the photo. It is considered to be a cursed photo and if not liked, sharing it can bring ill fate to you or a deceased person will be in your bedroom at night time.

22- /r/teenagers/

best subreddits for memes

/r/teenagers/ is another brilliant subreddit for memes that you can find on the internet. It has a staggering 770k+ subscribers. /r/teenagers/ is basically a teenager’s community designed for teens only. furthermore, it is one of the funniest subreddits for presenting memes that teens enjoy completely. Though there’s no precise age requirement to join, however, the target audience is comprised of teenagers between the ages of 13 to 20. In /r/teenagers/, one of the most amusing subreddit memes explains how the teenagers are singing and playing instruments when they ask for $5 from their mother while they receive $10 in return. That particular moment of joy is something really extravagant.

23- /r/terriblefacebookmemes

best subreddits for memes

/r/terriblefacebookmemes is one of the most bizarre and funniest subreddits that you will find on the web. Basically, it is a blend of notoriously shitty memes with a number of suggestions of granny types. This subreddit meme has more than 220k subscribers. Furthermore, the /r/terriblefacebookmemes is really entertaining and funny yet, it links to a few old-fashioned ideas. For example, a man assumes that if the sun is said to be in space, then why space doesn’t have light and the earth rather than it?

 24- /DiWHY

best subreddits for memes

The majority of the social media apps such as Instagram and YouTube are loaded with DIY (Do It Yourself) videos and gifs. However, the funny part is that you will only be able to find nearly 0.01% of the things that are useful. The remaining are either unhelpful or irrelevant.  So, if you also find such DIY channels irritating, then let’s just turn them into our laughingstock. However, for that purpose, we will have to follow the subreddit r/DiWHY.

DiWHY has more than a million members on its platform. The subreddit hosts photos and videos of DIYs that are really far from perfect. On a serious note, they are really funny. If you think you have seen all of the fantastic DIY projects on social media, well then you must try DiWHY.

25- r/AnimalsBeingDerps

best subreddits for memes

These are the best Reddit memes for all those who love animals and specifically dogs and cats. The silly little cute acts of these animals catch the attraction of the audience. Therefore, the r/AnimalsBeingDerps is one of the funniest and most charming subreddits that you should follow on Reddit. Personally, I also like watching cat and dog videos on YouTube, particularly when they act in a funny manner. Well, if you want such content, then this subreddit will provide you with those light comedy moments.

This subreddit has an enormous subscriber base of over 3 million. In addition to that, you will discover a number of images and video clips shared by the community of their cute pets acting in a silly way. Nonetheless, this subreddit isn’t similar to those offensive pages which you sometimes come across on the Reddit platform. Conclusively, the posts on Animals Being Derps are both cute and definitely funny.

Note: If you are one of those who visit Reddit and browse it every day then you must have encountered deleted or removed comments and posts. Here is How to Read Deleted Reddit Posts and Comments?

Final Words

Suppose you’re bored watching your friends’ personal lives on Facebook or Instagram and feel like you want to figure out a new thing on a unique, funny, and entertaining than any from above according to your choice. We assure you that you will never get bored. These are the best subreddits for memes to join in 2024.

The best thing about Reddit is that the admins of each subreddit are concerned about the quality of the content, its source, and the content meaning (depending, of course, on the community theme), which makes it useful and interesting to explore Reddit. In addition, you have access to several intelligent users who want insightful content to be produced and tracked.

Reddit can be many things, but the great number of positive subreddits that post the best things about life from beautiful animals and people doing kind things for other people is one of the best things about it. If you want to know the Best Subreddits to Follow on Reddit in 2024, click here.

If you have any favorite positive subreddits to share that we haven’t included in the list? Let us know in the comments. If you are new and want to join the funniest subreddits for memes then go and check all of the above-mentioned subreddits. I hope you will enjoy it. Have Fun!

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