35 Best Subreddits You Should Follow on Reddit in 2024

Reddit is the largest community on the internet having more than 100,000 active communities. Reddit is said to be a “front page of the Internet”. The best thing about it is that it has something for everybody. Whether it’s popular and general, everyone finds a community of other enthusiasts on Reddit. Reddit has everything for everyone. Sometimes you will find nonsense stuff and other time you will find something good.  What makes Reddit a great experience are the tons of amazing subreddits. A normal subreddits can be easily found however best ones are not that easier to find. We don’t want you to come across some nonsense subreddits, so we have compiled the 35 best subreddits on Reddit that you should go for.

35 Best Subreddits You Should Follow on Reddit in 2024

1. Ask Reddit – Top Question-based Subreddit

best subreddits

There are a variety of subreddits that are question-based, however, Ask Reddit is the best one used by a large number of people which is the reason why it is so interesting. So, if you have a question and you are looking for its best answer, AskReddit will help you out. There are some other special category subreddits based on different categories like Askscience, AskEngineers and many more.

2. Do it Yourself or DIY: One of the Popular Subreddits

This is the most interesting subreddit that can help you build anything. You need to post your details and the community will help you with it in the best possible way and information. There is also the same kind of subreddit named LifeHacks that can be used to see some good objects built that can make your life easier.

3. Ask me Anything or IAmA: One of the Best Reddit Threads

best subreddits

Ask me anything is the most popular subreddit used by celebrities and renowned people globally. It is used to allow people to ask them anything, and the community latterly asks them everything they want. The best thing about this subreddit is that it also shows you the upcoming AMA to ensure you do not miss anything. It is a questions-based subreddit.

4. Explain Like I’m Five – Best Subreddit to Learn New Skills

As the name reveals this subreddit lets you learn new skills in the easiest way. In this subreddit, you will learn different things in the easiest and basic way. Tough this is the best one on my list, but you can also check Today I Learned (TIL), UniversityofReddit etc.

5. ListenToThis – Top Subreddit for Music Lovers

This is the best subreddit for those who love music. There are plenty of subreddits for music however if you want to listen and discover the latest, popular and overlooked artist, you need to go to “listen to this”.

6. Gaming – Subreddit For Game Lovers

There are thousands of subreddits for gamers. If you are a gamer you need to stay updated all the time. To know what’s happening in the gaming world, you should follow the gaming subreddit. In order to discuss favourite games and know what new games are coming, you can also try the game’s subreddit.

7. Food – A Famous Subreddit For Foodies

Do you love food and cooking? If yes this is the best food subreddit for you. You can find some amazing food recipes along with pictures.  SO if you are checking for some good pictures of food that will make you buy one, you need to try this subreddit.

8. Fitness – One of the Most Popular Subreddits

Many people come across some problems when following some diet with fitness regimes and exercise. In such time they need a platform where they can ask other people how to come across any particular problem. This subreddit is for all those people. This subreddit dedicated every of the week to a different fitness topic like Moronic Mondays, Training Tuesdays, Rant Wednesdays, Nutrition Thursdays etc.  This is one of the best subreddits for men.

9. Earth P*rn – A Unique Subreddit for Beautiful Landscapes Photography

If you love nature, this is the best subreddit for you. On it, you can find beautiful places and landscapes on this planet which will blow your mind. There are many other subreddits but this one is on my favourite list due to its uniqueness.

10. Camping and Hiking – A Popular Subreddit for Roadies

If you are a trip lover, what are you waiting for? You should have joined this subreddit. This subreddit is for those people who love to go to a different place. It also has beautiful pictures, trip reports and etc. One can also ask some questions related to travelling from other people on the particular subreddit.

11. 100 years ago– Best Subreddits for Learning

Are you curious to know what happened 100 years back? If yes this is a perfect subreddit for you that tells you some surprising facts and figures. The 100 Years Ago subreddit features various thread about things that happened exactly 100 years ago. Isn’t it scary? No, it is not! It is the best thing for history enthusiasts who will find black and white pictures and some awesome details regarding the past. There are many subreddits for learning and this is one of them.

12. Sketch Daily – Top Subreddits for Sketchers

As the name suggests this subreddit is for art creator. If you love drawing, sketch daily is a must for you. Different people share their sketches on subreddit daily which can be shared with the community. People give you feedback regarding your work which helps you improve it.

13. Relationships – Famous Subreddits to Make Relations

Are you looking for a relationship advisor? If yes this subreddit is for you. There comes a time in your life that you need someone else’s suggestion to make your relationship better. The third opinion is always better and this subreddit is the perfect one to get a good opinion from other people who can understand your problem in a better way.

14. Female Fashion Advice Subreddit– Best Subreddits For Fashion Advisory

This is the most widely used subreddit that is very informative when it comes to fashion. Not everyone has fashion sense however you can ask other people for it if you think you will get a better opinion. So if you are going somewhere and you want to match an upper with you trouser, ask on this subreddit, and you will definitely be relieved.

15. No sleep – Best Subreddits to Read Spooky Stories

Isn’t its name creepy? If you get scared and love to hear horror stories this is the best subreddit for you. So if you are awake in the middle of the night or you are not sleepy and has nothing to do, visit this subreddit. It will tell you some spooky stories. This is a cool subreddit.

16. I Took a Picture – One of the Top Subreddits For Photography

I Took a Picture is a prodigious subreddit for all photographers out there. It features a great community of professional photographers that can provide you with some marvellous pictures. If you are a photography lover, this subreddit is a must-try.

17. NoNoNoNoYes – Best Funny Subreddits

It has most of the funny GIFS and videos that make you launch our loud. This is a funny subreddit.

18. Woah Dude – A Cool Subreddit For Fun

If you want to laugh out loud, this is a cool subreddit that has some hilarious GIFs, pictures and videos. Now add some laughter to your life by joining this page.

19. Internet is Beautiful – Best subreddits for Unique Stuff

As the name suggests, this subreddit shows unique websites. Members share the links of some fascinating websites you probably have never come across in the past.

20. Fan Theories – Best Reddit Page for Celebrities’ Fans

This subreddit is full of people who love to discuss different movies, characters and other theories. Movie fans keep speculating ideas about their favourite movies and this community is a platform for you to discuss all those ideas with like-minded people.

21. Startups – Best Reddit Threads

This is the best place for entrepreneurs. This subreddit helps people grow by sharing their ideas and new business in town. If you are thinking to start your own startup, join this subreddit and get more beneficial ideas.

22. Life Pro Tips – Best Reddit for Easy Tips

This subreddit gives you useful tips so that you can lead a healthy life. This subreddit is a definite page to follow to make life easier by using simple ideas.

23. Technology – Best Tech Reddit Threads

If you are tech-savvy and want to know what’s going on here and there, this is the best subreddit for you. Even if you’re not really into tech, this is one of the best Subreddits to get pinned.

24. Gadgets – One of the Top Subreddits For Cool Stuff

You can know about all the latest gadgets from this subreddit. If you are a tech-lover and want to know about different gadgets launching around the world, this subreddit is surely for you.

25. Fascinating – A Famous Subreddit For Stories

This subreddit has some Captivating stuff from science to culture, from tech to history. It has all the stuff that will keep you active while scrolling down.

26. Shower Thoughts – A Popular Subreddit For Innovative Thinkers

With a family of 22 million, this subreddit gives you a platform to share your thoughts. The members of this community share thought-provoking ideas which often lead to some interesting discussions. If you have a bizarre idea or thought, whether it comes to you in the shower, while eating, or simply staring off into space, it’s the best community to share your ideas with them.

27. Futurology – Top Subreddit For Future Studies

Futurology is a subreddit devoted to the field of Future(s) Studies and speculation about the development of humanity, technology, and civilization. The members of this community discuss futuristic ideas that will change the way we think and function in the future. You will be surprised to find the various opinions on a particular topic. If you have some such ideas or opinion in your mind, then this is the best subreddit to follow.

28. Casual Conversation – Best Subreddit to Make Friends

This Subreddit is the friendlier part of Reddit. It lets you share anything that you wish to. If you are getting bored then simply start a conversation, share a story and talk to other members of the community. You can talk about almost anything here and may even end up really like hanging out with other members you meet in the community. So, it is a good subreddit to make friends by sharing your thoughts.

29. Data is Beautiful – One of the Top Informative Subreddits

This subreddit has a huge community of more than 15 million members and is for statistics and data lover users. In this subreddit, users share all sorts of data, collected by themselves or from a source. This is then compiled into beautiful graphs and illustrations. From a person’s job search process to the variation in the number of deaths due to different diseases over the years, it’s all here. It is one of the top informative subreddits to follow in 2024.

30. Nutrition – One of the Best Subreddits to Keep You Healthy

If you are one of those who put focus on nutrition while eating any favourite food, this subreddit is surely for you to join. This community will help you with finding healthy recipes for your favourite dishes to getting all sorts of advice as far as the food you eat is concerned.

31. Get Motivated – One of the Best Reddit Pages to Get Motivational Content

Words can move mountains and this community is all about making you up through amazing quotes and stories. In this subreddit, members share photos, texts, videos, etc. with motivational content to inspire them to achieve their goals.

32. Art – A Gallery of Intricate Art

best subreddits

This subreddit has more than 19 million artistic members. If you are an artist yourself this Subreddit is the best for you. You will find the most intricate art made by members of the community here.

33. Facepalm – One of the Good Subreddits to Enjoy

The internet is full of amazing things. But some dumb things also happened in the world. This Subreddit is dedicated to getting together all of the dumb things that happened on the internet into one place. These posts will definitely make you facepalm that such things even exist.

34. Perfect Timing – One of the Famous Funny Subreddits

This Subreddit has all the right shots of awkward and funny situation, taken at all the right times. This community is sure going to keep you engaged for a while. If you are getting bored and want some laughter stuff, then this subreddit is a perfect one to follow.

35. Photoshop Battles – One of the Best Reddit Threads for Photography Lovers

Photoshop can do a lot of things if you know how to use it right. This community shows you the work of some photoshop experts. You will see edited pictures that will give your eyes a treat. The best part is that there is a competition held in the community every week and members participate with zeal, producing some great shots. If you are a passionate photographer then this page is for you to join.

Final Words:

If you’re getting bored by watching your friends’ personal lives on Facebook or Instagram then this platform is for you. Reddit will give you a free hand to watch unique, funny, and entertaining stuff according to your choice. I hope this article will help you out in choosing the best suitable subreddit as per your taste. I assure you after joining the above-mentioned subreddits, you will never get bored.

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