25 Best Things Google Assistant Can Do for You

Assistants have come as a faithful helper, making thousands of lives easy. Different brands have launched their own assistants such as Amazon, Alexa and Google which can perform many tasks for people. Now Google Assistant is not just limited to Google Home devices or pixel phones but it is extended to other Android and iOS devices. In this blog, we will let you know the best 25 Things Google Assistant can do on your behalf.

Google Assistant can help you in thousands of ways and has a dozen of features which can be done just with your phone. There is no doubt that Google Assistant is very active and smart. It has made our lives easier by understanding different languages such as  English, German, French etc. Almost everyone knows about it but don’t know What you can do with google assistant. One should also know Google assistant commands list to make things done from it.

Here is the List of Things Google Assistant can do for you:

So these are the things you can do with Google Assistant.

  • Unlock your Pixel Phone:

Usually, people are tired to hold the phone and enter a code to open it. Now it’s fun! You can use the Google Assistant voice command to turn on your mobile’s screen. For enabling this, you just need to turn on “Ok Google Detection” from Google Assistant settings.

  • Use Google Assistant to Make Charity Donations:

Now charity donations become so easy. Yes, now you can make charity donations via Google assistant. It offers you a very simple way. You can contribute to good causes by using your voice on your smartphones and devices that include smart speakers like the Home. o start charity donations is a very easy process. You only have to say: “Ok Google, make a donation”, or “Hey Google, donate to charity”.

  • Ask Google Assistant if your Flight is delayed:

Google Assistant can now predict if your flight is delayed or on time. The feature of prediction is already available in Google Flights, but now you will be able to ask from your Google assistant and it will tell you the status of your flight that whether it will be delayed or not.

  • Google Assistant can Answer Call for you:

With call screening feature, Google assistant can Answer calls for you. This feature allows the Google Assistant to answer a call for you, find out who’s on the line, and show you a written transcript of the whole conversation on your screen. Furthermore, it also allows you to hang up in the case of a spam or nuisance caller.

  • Assistant can Book a hotel/restaurant for you:

This feature will let you do things like booking a table in a restaurant over the phone. The sad part of the news is that all the three generations of Pixel phones residing in only New York, Atlanta, Phoenix, and the San Francisco Bay Area will be getting Duplex booking capabilities in November. However, you can just ask google assistant to book it for you.

  • Can Book a Ride:

Now, you will be able to use Google Assistant to easily book ride services. By using your Android, iPhone, Google Home or any smart speaker with the Assistant, you can send a command like “Hey Google, book a ride to….” Or “Hey Google, get me a taxi to… .” You will be provided with a list of popular ride services along with estimated pricing and wait times.

  • Reads Stories from the Google News App:

This new feature will allow you to ask about new news from Assistant on your phone. Lets suppose if you ask “Hey Google, what’s the latest news?” Your device will play some news directly from the Google News app, selected from different and authentic media companies.

  • For Making Appointments:

Google Assistant can make appointments for you. Be it a doctor or hair stylist, Google cna do this job for you.

  • Google Image Search:

Do you Like Babies and want to search any image of them? Don’t worry! Ask your Google Assistant to do this job for you.

  • Advice you what to do:

You are getting bored? Want to .where to go? Google will advise you where to go. Be it restaurants, dance clubs etc.

  • Suggests Vacation Spots:

Its holiday and you want to go on Vacations somewhere but are confused about where to go! Don’t Worry, Google Assistant will also suggest you a marvellous vacation spot and you will not regret going there.

  • Plays your favourite Netflix shows and movies:

Your friends have come for spending a night and sleepover and you have planned a good movie.  just ask Google Assistant to start streaming your show. You can even get specific: Say, “Play Stranger Things on Netflix”.

  • Ask sports scores from Google:

You are a sports lover but stuck somewhere so are not able to see the whole match. Don’t worry Google Assistant will do it for you. You Just need to ask Google Assistant about the scores and it will tell you in just matter of seconds.

  • Google Assistant- A weather Forecaster:

Want to go somewhere but it’s rainy weather? Ask google Assistant whether you should go out or not.

  • Send a Voice Message:

If you are out somewhere and kids are at home and want to command them. Use Google Assistant to broadcast your voice message through Google Home Speaker.

  • Book Movie Ticket:

Want to watch a new movie but don’t have time to book a ticket? Ask Google Assistant to book a movie ticket for you.

  • Play a Song:

You are driving and can’t play a song at the same time. Just ask Google Assistant to play a song” for you. You can name the song.

  • Google Assistant- A perfect Reminder:

Do you forget dates easily? There is a friend’s wedding, doctor’s appointment or any meeting just set a reminder with Google Assistant and he will remind you on a specific day. To set the reminder, you can say, “OK,

  • Ask Google Assistant to Shop for you:

Just give Google your shopping list so that he can remind you in the grocery store what to buy. For this, you need only go into your Google Assistant settings, then select Shopping List.

  • Make Google Assistant an Alarm Clock:

No need to buy an alarm clock to wake you up on time. Just ask Google to wake you up. Using Google Routines, you can also set an alarm to trigger other actions.

  • Instruct Google to Send a message:

Want to thank your friend for the dinner last night but are too tired to type it on your device? No problem. Just say, “OK, Google,” followed by the thanks note and Send a text message to (the person’s name).

  • Google Assistant or Calculator:

Maths is a tough subject and not everyone can do calculations in their head so ask google assistant to do it for you.  just say “OK Google, tell me what is 19 x 44,” and it’ll respond with the answer quickly.

  • Extract Motivational Quote:

Do you have a habit of sending motivational quotes to your friends every morning? However today you are stuck in work however you don’t want to break the habit of sending motivational quotes daily. Ask google assistant to extract a motivational quote from you.


  • Play Game with Google Assistant:

You are feeling bored, no worries you just need to tell google assistant that “I’m bored.” The assistant can tell funny jokes and play games such as solitaire or tic-tac-toe with you.

Google Assistant is artificial intelligence at your fingertips. Just enjoy, take rest and let Google Assistant do work for you! Many of us use Google Assistant on a daily basis to get weather reports, checking their daily schedule, setting up reminder and more. However, it may possible some people do not want to use it and want to turn it off. Here’s how to turn it off.

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