Best Xbox Series X controllers you might need to know

You are probably looking for a second controller for more gaming options, whether you’re still waiting to purchase an Xbox Series X or finally have the console in your hands. Or maybe you’re looking for an important upgrade to the controller that gives you much-needed customization. We took a look and found all the new and Best Series X Controllers.

Microsoft Xbox Elite Series 2

Xbox Series X Controller

This thing is expensive, like many professional controllers, but it’s got the official status perk, and a wide variety of adjustment options to make you tune it perfectly. Whether it’s rear paddles in any setup you want or thumbsticks refusing the right number, for most people right now this is the perfect controller – if they’re willing to pay.

Scuf Prestige

Scuf Prestige Xbox X SeriesController

The amazing Prestige controller from Scuf is all about customization, and any decision is (literally) in your hands. When ordering, you can choose whatever colors and faceplates you choose, and there are a number of different selections to pick from. You can change the sensitivity of the triggers when the controller arrives and also allow button stops for shorter pulls and quicker activation.

Razer Wolverine Ultimate

Razer Wolverine Ultimate

The Wolverine is a wired, entirely customized controller that is a variant of the Xbox standard design. You have built-in bottom-down hardware audio buttons, paddles on the back, and RGB lighting around the Xbox button, so all you need is right at your fingertips while you’re in the game.


Thrustmaster eSwap X Pro Brings Super-Customizable Controls to the Xbox Series X – Review Geek

The ESWAP X Pro is primarily built for Series X compliance, so if you want to make sure there won’t be any compatibility bugs, it’s a perfect option. It also entails a lot of hardware to help you tailor your games and give you a strategic advantage, such as switching during a game between various preset environments, and physical locking for triggers. For gamers who want to tinker with both configuration and feel, contract. Bear in mind, however, that it is a corded, not wireless, option.

Xbox One Wireless Controller

Microsoft Xbox One S Wireless Controller - White Price in Pakistan | Buy Xbox Wireless Controller |

Although it may no longer be the newest official controller, the older Xbox One pad is still a decent purchase and may even fall down with time in price, being a great bargain that will also fit with the newer controllers.
In terms of usability and durability, it may just be the greatest ever first-party console controller, and with Bluetooth on board the later models, with the inclusion of a headphone port, for most users, it’s quite a perfect option.


Right now there are so many great Xbox Series X and Series S controllers out there not least because of the Xbox One controllers’ forward compatibility. Better still for nearly any form of gamer, there’s a decent option.

In recent years, Microsoft has done excellent work in the area of usability, and the diamond in that crown is the Adaptive Controller, a device that enables individuals to build fully customized and special controller arrangements that accommodate gamers who may not be able to use conventional pads.


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