13 Best YouTube Alternatives 2024 – Free Websites Like Youtube

YouTube is one of the leading video streaming sites used around the world. We can watch every type of video on it. People are doing business using YouTube. I think we are so immune to using YouTube, there will be hardly any person who will not be using it. with guidelines being revised without any given notices with other complaints in tow, millions of internet users are clamoring for something different—something that will provide them with a stack of content they can view in peace. So, in this article, we will tell you some important YouTube Alternatives that you can use in 2024. Let’s check out all one by one.

Best YouTube Alternatives Video Streaming Sites

1. Dailymotion – Best Video Streaming Alternative

YouTube Alternatives

Dailymotion is one of the most used YouTube Alternatives, or you can say it is the second-best option to avail when YouTube is not available. If you want to use a website like YouTube than Dailymotion is the most preferable option. Dailymotion is also a common brand for video sharing sites such as Youtube, which has similar software.

In this app, you can find trend videos on the homepage and find out more at the top of the search bar. It also provides the same video categories as its video-streaming and uploading. So it is very easy to use Dailymotion, its best youtube alternatives.

The users of this app can upload a video of size 4GB and a total of 60 minutes. Even though Dailymotion has its own set of rules, but the copyright policies aren’t as tough as YouTube. So users have more choice and flexibility and better tolerance for content uploaders. And if Dailymotion has its own back and forth the copyright laws are not as disturbing as YouTube. So for content uploaders, there is greater versatility and flexibility, but this advantage still has consequences. The content may also be paid for by an ad or paywall. So viewers will anticipate that advertisements are shown in some videos when other videos have no ads.

Key Features

  • High-quality content
  • The layout of the website being similar to YouTube makes it easier to use
  • Lax rules with fewer risks of content removal

If you want to check its website, Click Here

2. Vimeo – Best Replacement of YouTube

YouTube AlternativesVimeo is not as much user-friendly and easy as YouTube but still is considered as one of the best YouTube alternatives.  The platform is best suitable for filmmakers to show off their work. The best thing about this app is that there are fewer distracting elements in the background to divert your attention away.

Vimeo is one of the greatest artists and classy filmmakers’ video sharing sites. In this platform, performers in music, dance, video, photography, etc are invited to look their best.  Vimeo is the best alternative to youtube. But you would need to look somewhere else if you want to view random cat and dog footage. But if you are interested in classic short films, groundbreaking music clips, or snapshots, Vimeo is your place.

In addition to high-quality content, this website has stringent rules for uploading content, where 4K Ultra HD visuals can also be viewed with HDR. Vimeo’s ad-free model is the best thing. It is funded by users’ contributions and payroll for some videos.

With respect to the drawbacks of its 500MB weekly upload limit, content creators may be disappointing. Although this cap can be upgraded to 5 GB, it is always too little if you pay for it.

Key Features

  • Neat interface with well-defined categories for easy search
  • Reliable YouTube alternative for hosting your videos online
  • More focus on video and less distracting elements in the background for a better viewing experience

If you want to check its website, Click Here.

3. Vevo

YouTube Alternatives

Vevo is basically for music lovers like me. It offers an endless supply of visual content for music lovers which makes it one of the best alternatives to YouTube for watching music videos. The user interface is quite simple and delivers all the latest collection of tracks from popular artists. If you get charged by the music, then Vevo is your primary health center whenever you are feeling down.

Vevo always says, music is therapeutic and gives a great boost if you are down and out. It doesn’t provide diversified content like YouTube. So, most of the first visit might be disappointing. After a few minutes of browsing, it feels great. Vevo is the best youtube alternative.

Key Feature:

  • Best place for Music video lovers
  • High Definition quality promising service
  • It is a ‘Simple to use’ web interface.


YouTube Alternatives

YouTube has a new rival from the house of Facebook. Instagram TV is a great alternative to YouTube with a twist. It took everyone by surprise when they launched their own streaming platform called IGTV. Instagram IGTV is a service that plans to feature videos from rising internet celebrities, artists, and poets, some of whom have tens of millions of social media followers. Videos will start playing as soon as a user clicks on the TV-shaped icon on Instagram or opens the IGTV app. This new video platform offers vertical, long-form videos that have been specifically created to be watched on smartphones.

For content creators, IGTV is really great, and you can show your content to a larger audience since you do not have to punch in a URL, search the video you want to watch, and then watch it. Please note that you can browse videos only through the app; however, uploading videos through a desktop is enabled. If you already have an Instagram account, IGTV immediately shows your videos shared by creators you follow.

You may also join other platforms to view their content or simply search through a feed that features curated content based on your interests. Instagram TV has one of the best platforms as a content maker to show the content of motion to a larger public with little effort. Check our hands-on IGTV Tutorial for information on how to use the app when you’re new to Instagram.

Key Features

  • For watching videos on a smartphone
  • More short-form videos with a maximum limit of up to 1 hr.

If you want to check its app, Click Here.

5. Twitch

YouTube Alternatives

Twitch is one of the best and most preferred Youtube alternatives for a number of viewers who want to watch gaming videos and nothing else. One of the best features of this site is that it deals with viewing ‘live broadcasting’ videos for millions of users around the internet.

Twitch is one of the best other alternatives to youtube if you’re looking for gaming. This video hosting site is the best known in the gaming world and enables its users to ‘live’ or share their gameplays. It also functions as a social network on which people can share their feedback and engage with other players. This site does not provide you all types of videos that we see on Youtube. But if you want to watch gaming videos, then surely this site is for you. Twitch may not be the perfect choice in terms of payout, but if you want to truly enjoy gaming videos, this is the site you need to keep up immediately.

Key Features

  • Very impressive in attracting gamers and content uploaders alike to the website
  • Game-based content available in massive amounts
  • Great for watching live gaming videos

If you want to check its website, Click Here

6. Veoh – Best Alternative to Youtube

YouTube Alternatives

Veoh is a name you’re going to get in when you search on the internet for more websites such as YouTube than Veoh is the Best youtube alternatives. The video streaming site allows your on-line Viewing experience to be searched, viewed, and personalized easily.

Veoh is the best Youtube alternatives because it provides a smooth interface to like Youtube to millions of its users. The best part of the site is that users can upload any video of any length. The other advantage of this site is that there are lots of social features that will allow users to start sharing their content amongst friends and other people. Moreover, if they like their content, then you will become more popular. It allows users to upload and share unlimited videos, Veoh can be a good choice to view long videos. Several films, TV series, and even anime can be found in this section.

Veoh is an excellent youtube alternative for creators through a clean user interface and many social networking functions such as contacts, group creation, and direct messages.

Key Feature

  • Recommended for long-form videos and movies

If you want to check its website, Click Here.

7. Internet Archive

The name is not as catchy as other popular video streaming sites have. But The Internet Archive is part of the Wayback Machine. It consists of a lot of content from back when content uploaders and viewers were very few in number. The Internet Archive is very good websites like youtube, If you want to watch a wide range of documentaries, TV series, movies, and more, we highly recommend that you should start following The Internet Archive.

This site is an archive with a vast amount of contents and contains just as it states. In the video segment of the Internet Archive, from documentaries to TV shows and films, you can find a remarkable variety. Content can be filtered by setting year, language, topic, and subject filter. Exploring can find some videos on other sites that are difficult to get through. All will connect to the archive free of charge via the upload of content.

Key Feature

  • A vast collection of old documentaries, TV series, movies

If you want to check its website, Click Here.

8. Metacafe

YouTube Alternatives

It is one of the oldest video streaming sites. Metacafe allows its users to share videos of 90-second limit and make it more appealing as a community-based YouTube substitute. The website is usually used for fun videos.

Metacafe was one of the oldest video sources and was created well before YouTube came to light in 2003. This site is specialized in short video content that focuses on short clips of 90 seconds and provides its viewers with fast and light-hearted videos.

The Metacafe interface is well classified for easier browsing and supports nearly 40 million viewers. However, this site is not for you, if you are searching for professionally created videos or a complicated subject. You will find Metacafe the Best youtube alternatives. It is more click-bottom with designed thumbnails and names, but Metacafe is the perfect alternative platforms to youtube for someone who likes to spend time on brief funny clips made by frequent users.

Key Features

  • Excellent site for enjoying short 90 second videos
  • Offers quick and to-the-point product reviews, how-to guides, and funny content

If you want to check its website, Click Here.

9. PeerTube – Best Alternative to Youtube

PeerTube is an open-source video sharing platform that can serve as one of the best YouTube alternatives. It is a Peer to Peer-based software. PeerTube is an open-source video sharing site and can be a successful alternative to YouTube in 2019. It’s a decentralized Peer-to-Peer (P2P) software, like BitTorrent, which allows everyone to host videos on their own instances.

The interface is quick, clear, and without publicity. It includes a new section where new videos can be discussed. It overcomes Youtube disadvantages, such as being blocked or censored, the great thing of PeerTube.PeerTube allows the developers to advertise their content all over the world without the possibility of being prohibited very quickly. Since PeerTube is very recent, there is no varied video set. However, as a rival of websites like youtube, it gives a significant service.

Key Features

  • Open sourced and decentralized
  • No signup required and lax terms & conditions

If you want to check its website, Click Here.

10. DTube

After the recent eruption of cryptocurrency, Blockchain is becoming popular and spreading around the internet. The good news is that DTube is based on Blockchain and is a completely decentralized platform that serves as one of the excellent alternatives for YouTube. Moreover. In fact, a comes real close when looking for sites like YouTube because its user interface looks very similar.

Users can easily browse through the hot, trending, as well as watching videos on their homepage. You have also the option to save the videos that you can watch later, as well as the option to check out the viral content from a list of trending tags. Because of its features, people can use Dtube in replacement of websites like youtube.

One of the best parts is that it is completely without ads, and it uses Steem blockchain to keep the records and users do not have to pay anything to start using this streaming service. Another great thing here is that if you upload videos on the platform, you will be rewarded with Steem cryptocurrency for seven days. Moreover, leaving comments on videos will also give you the chance to win. This is certainly a clever way of attracting people.

Key Features

  • An ad-free website which gives you an uninterrupted viewing experience
  • Blockchain-based platform with a chance of earning crypto-currency

If you want to check its website, Click Here.

11. Utreon – Best For Content Creators

Best youtube alternatives

While it’s true that YouTube does a huge content portal, what is a service where an infinite list of rules and regulations bombard you? The overall experience for the producers of content and audiences is undoubtedly damaged and this is where Utreon helps the creators of content.

At Utreon, producers are equipped with creative instruments for arranging and handling their material in new ways, such as cover arts, episode counts, content tables, and more. Therefore, new updates are added regularly on the web currently in beta. This site has great smartphone device navigation, all the content is grouped according to new, up-to-date, trends, and so on. Utreon is there an alternative to youtube for content creators.

Utreon encourages content owners to contribute to their videos for more options for the future. The most important point is that Utreon is supporting wrongly demonetized networks across Youtube that are being constantly strict and censorial.

Key Features

  • Has less harsh rules than YouTube on removing videos
  • Monetize with Subscriptions
  • Professional tools for creators

If you want to check its website, Click Here.

12. The Open Video Project

Best youtube alternatives

If you are looking for something that is far more educational than any other video streaming platform, the Open Video Project is something that you need to look into. This project started in 1998 and is a multimedia library of around 195 segments of the video. The Open Video Project serves as a digital video repository of so many documentary, instructional, and historical images.

The good news here is that it is only through filters, time and sound, and format, that users can select from the content. The thing about this website is that the government agencies of the United States made most of the videos on this platform. The Open Video initiative is definitely an interesting one, but it would not once be called a direct youtube alternative, because all platforms support a range of user bases.

Key Features

  • Great for educational videos.
  • Completely free.
  • Huge repository of videos

If you want to check its website, Click Here.

13. VideosHub:


The video platform VideosHub focuses on producing brief videos. It is one of several video-sharing websites like YouTube. Content ranges from highlights of the top surfers in the world to succinct and to-the-point product reviews and advice on how to beat a challenging level on your favorite video game.

The simplicity of VideosHub is one of its advantages. Its surfing layout is simple and has a navigation bar with links to the most popular movies. The panel on the left, which offers a longer list of video genres, can be used by those who want to go further.

Key Features:

  • User Friendly and intuitive user interface.

If you want to check its website, click here.

Final Words

Even there’s not a particular website that can replace YouTube completely, audiences and producers can use a mixture of the websites referred to above if needed. I hope you find our list of the Best youtube alternatives helpful.

For example, if you’re in the mood for a crazy random video, you can use Utreon or PeerTube. Feel free to pick one of the above-recommended sites and let us know in the comments section, in case you find any other cool video sites such as YouTube.

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