Beware of this Clever Online Scam or You will be in Deep Trouble!

Online scams and phishing attempts have increased dramatically in recent times. Hackers use different ploys to steal the data of users, including credit card information, account information, etc. The authorities around the world are taking steps to curb this menace, but the hackers seem to get more advanced with the passage of time. Recently, a famous YouTuber in Pakistan unearthed another online scam related to online platforms. Let’s take a look at some of the details of the scam.

Platforms being used in the online scam:

The e-commerce platforms, including AliExpress, are used along with the US Postal Service and Pakistan Post.

How is the online phishing scam carried out?

The YouTuber claimed that the personal data of the users gets breached when they order from international online platforms (AliExpress in this case). In this scam, the data is breached by the scammers, who then text message the users, imitating the Pakistan Post. Therefore, it is advised that you only pay the money after physically meeting the delivery guy.

As you can see in the aforementioned text, a user ordered a parcel from AliExpress, and the scammers then sent a message depicting that the order was late because of the wrong billing address and then asked the user to click on the link to reschedule the delivery.

When you click on the link, a new page opens, which can’t be zoomed in. If you click on the home icon, you are redirected to the Pakistan Post page. But it doesn’t make it credible, as any backlink can be inserted into the homepage.

scam alert

Subsequently, your credit card details are asked for meager charges (PKR 40k–50k). After providing your credit card details, you click on submit account, and a hacker sitting at the backend makes your amount 40k, 50k, 60k, etc., and it gets lost.

Victim of the scam:

One of the team members of the source has been subjected to a similar scam, after which they found the vulnerability. Therefore, it is advised that the general public should stay aware of such scams.

How to Save Yourself from Similar Online Scams?

In order to safeguard yourself from similar online scams, consider the following measures:

Verify text messages and emails:

Users stay vigilant about unexpected messages or emails claiming to be from delivery services or any other such department. Moreover, they must verify the sender’s identity before clicking on any links.

Check the URL:

Another way to save yourself from an online scam is to check the website’s URL for legitimacy. Most of the scam websites often have slight variations in the URL that can be ignored at first glance.

Use official apps:

You must always use the official apps offered by e-commerce stores and delivery services to monitor your delivery parcel. These apps have additional security measures to tackle such scams.

Never click on suspicious links:

It is advised to never click on links sent in text messages or emails, specifically if they look suspicious. Rather, you should visit the official website or app directly to check the status of your orders.

Confirm with Customer Support:

You can also contact customer support of the respective platform if you receive a message or email that seems suspicious.

Regularly monitor your accounts:

The users should also regularly monitor their credit card and bank statements to keep a close eye on any unauthorized transactions. Users can also report any discrepancies to their respective banks immediately.

Source: Mastech_Official 

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