Biden Govt Will Review the Trump Policies against Tiktok & Wechat

The White House has dropped Trump management orders to restrict the popular TikTok and WeChat applications. Biden officials stated yesterday that their own review will seek to find national security issues with China-based software applications.

A new executive order requires the Department of Commerce to undertake the investigation of applications created or delivered or controlled by China, which officials describe as an evidence-based evaluation. Officials are worried specifically about applications that collect personal data from users or link to the Chinese military or intelligence.

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Biden Govt Will Review the Trump Policies against Tiktok & Wechat

A senior source said, however, that the Trump measures were not always implemented as well, and the investigation aims to establish clear guidelines for assessing particular security and privacy threats for each application. He added that this might lead to a spectrum of possible, app-by-app future measures. Here, he continued, we want to apply a tough and personalized approach.

According to top administration officials, the Department will also suggest ways to further secure and protect personal information in America and address the concerns of some Chinese-related software apps or others. Although, TikTok and WeChat refused to comment on it.

Also, Biden management pointed out 59 businesses banned from investing in the USA, including those that create and operate surveillance technology used against Muslim minorities

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