Biometric Attendance Devices Installed in All KPESE Offices

Keeping in view the world wide advancements in technology, Pakistan is also trying to improve its system with the help of latest technologies. The KPK Government has already started working on many projects of E-Government in collaboration with ICT, as KPK is one of the under developed province of Pakistan and it requires huge reforms.

In this regard, the Government of KPK has introduced “Biometric attendance system” in hospitals and now recently in Department of Elementary and Secondary Education for the effective and smooth performance check. The traditional system of marking attendance through “signature” has been replaced by the effective “Biometric attendance system” which will definitely make the teachers and other staff more efficient regarding their duties.

The Government of Kyber Pakhtoonkhwa is persistently working to promote and articulate PTI’s “Agenda of Change” by setting up a responsive social service delivery, economic prosperity and peace for all strategies. KPK government is using technology as their major weapon to fight back the social and administrative problems of the province. The government initially computerized all its departments and now using mobile technology to establish good governance in KPK.

The Government of KPK is on its way to revolutionize the province and has also taken following major steps:

  • Centralized Repository of Information and Services:A state-of-art tier-III data center
  • Centralized Human Resource Management Information System:Transparent merit based hiring and performance evaluations
  • File Tracking System:No more “lost” files
  • E-Office:Provide a platform for re-engineering the government
  • E-Health:Province-wide end-to-end hospital management information systems including patient history Training and Capacity Building: a learning program for government employees and unemployed IT graduates on e-governance and market leading tools and technologies
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