BlackBerry 10 will feature deep integration of Evernote

It appears that the next operating system of BlackBerry 10 will support more integration of the online notes service Evernote. One of the apps in the new operating system creating thrill is a personal information manager (PIM), named as “Remember”.

BlackBerry 10 will feature deep integration of Evernote That Will Support Online Notes Service

The app features “NOTEBOOKS”, to organizing daily functions like e-mail, contacts, and calendars, etc.

Notebooks are used to organize actionable and non-actionable items called notebook entries into separate folders or topics. For example, you can create a “grocery list” notebook that contains items you need to purchase, each of which can be marked as completed as it is added to your cart. Notebooks can also contain non-actionable notebook entries, such as photos taken on a trip.[/success]

The Application Interface (API) permits the creation of four types of Notebooks. One of which is EVERNOTE, it has 45 million users, people can synchronize Evernote data with the cloud, personal computers, and mobile devices.

Evernote will allow its users to synchronize entries on a BlackBerry device with their Evernote account, also giving the device access to data stored in the Evernote account. We believe that this next Blackberry 10 will gain a huge profit with its new feature.

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