BlackBerry to Make a Huge Comeback as a Software Company

It seems that 2017 is the year of comeback of tech companies as Nokia has also revival in this year. Now the news about BlackBerry’s reentry is announced. BlackBerry to Make a Huge Comeback as a Software Company. Under the leadership of CEO John Chen, BlackBerry is about to comeback but this time as software company focused on security.

BlackBerry to Make a Huge Comeback as a Software Company

The company said that it has realized that in the age of Android and iOS, it is badly failed hence a new start with new mission will soon make its place in the market, For this purpose, BlackBerry has started investing in its new business and the CEO John Chen said that BlackBerry will soon officially announce the further details.

Before this, in August 2017, BlackBerry announced about its own version of software for its mobile phones.

The higher leadership has obviously saw a way forward for BlackBerry and began to reshape it slowly but surely. We wish Blackberry a very good luck and hope that soon we will hear something interesting from the com[any.

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