Brand-Phobia At The City Of Lights

‘I’ve got Nokia and you have got Samsung’, ‘ I keep a smartphone at home while using G-FIVE on the road’. These aren’t quarrels or brand competitors trying to trying to prove each other wrong. These are the ‘Karachi-ites’! Yes! You have guessed it right!- The brand conscious residents of the city of lights and the economic hub of Pakistan are deeply concerned about the brand of the cellular phone which they own. It is due to such brand-loyal customers that Nokia still remains the best among a wide range of distributors and dealers of Pakistan.

Cellular phones have already penetrated a lot into our lives. As the old proverb says: “Variety is the spice of life” Pakistan hosts a diversified mobile market. It is at times difficult for the consumers to select a handset and usually they see both their hands moving towards two different handsets.

Like other branded items cellular phones have also turned into a ‘difficult to choose’ entity which is beyond doubts a healthy sign for the mobile market. However, some people also think that this leads to stagnation of the mobile business as Nokia remains the best just because it is ‘Nokia’. Another school of thought holds the opinion that this ‘brand-phobia’ sets challenges for the new brands in the market.

Coming to the preference of ‘Karachi-ites’ – the teenagers and students prefer to own a smart phone. Nokia users have the higher percentages where they strongly agree that the thing that formulates their decision while buying a handset is the established brand name.

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M. Mohsin Rehman

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