British PM Invites Anusha Rehman to Participate in “Panel Discussion” at WEF

The Minister for Information Technology & Telecommunication has already proceeded to Davos to participate in the Annual Meeting of World Economic Forum 2017 and to express views on the emerging technologies shaping the global community. British PM Invites Anusha Rehman to Participate in “Panel Discussion” at WEF.

Anusha Rehman will share the achievements of Pakistan in the arena of ICT with the global community and will also share her continued focus to enable transformation of the country into a “Digital Pakistan”. The World Economic Forum has created a personalized agenda for the participation of the Minister for IT in its year’s event. The Minister is likely to speak in sessions including Digital Economy, New developments in technology, innovative policy-making, and promotion of entrepreneurship.

British PM Invites Anusha Rehman to Participate in “Panel Discussion” at WEF

Anusha Rehman will be the keynote speaker at the session “Digital Economy and Society” discussion leader at “A Magna Carta for the Internet”, and fire-starter at special program on “Innovations to Connect the Unconnected”. Minister Rahman will also be a part of The UN Broadband Commission’s event as a member of the Commission during the Davos programme.

The Minister is also scheduled to hold bilateral meetings with global technology leaders as well as heads of multilateral agencies She will also figure in the the reception which will bring together heads of state, government and international organizations as well as Annual Meeting 2017 members of the Board of Trustees, the International Business Council and Strategic Partners.

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