Budget Friendly Galaxy Z Flip 3 will Exclude this Feature

The Korean company won our hearts in very less time by launching smartphones for the very first time. Nokia relied on feature phones for a long time which was the reason for its failure as well. Since Samsung devices were one-man show at that time, they got popularity in no time. However, now when the smartphone market is full of Chinese players including Oppo, Xiaomi, Huawei and many other, Samsung has to choose quality over price in order to remain up in the manufacturing industry. In such a move, the company launches flagship and its mid-range variant with slight changes, targeting different segments of people. This time the company has come up with Galaxy Z Flip 3, trying to make it affordable for most of the people.

Galaxy Z Flip 3 is a bendable phone so we can easily expect that it would be quite difficult for the company to bring it under affordable price cap. This year, Samsung has promised to launch three foldable handsets in 2022- the Galaxy Z Fold 3, Z Flip 3, and an affordable device.

Budget-Friendly Galaxy Z Flip 3 will Exclude this Feature

According to leaksters, the affordable device will be the lighter version of Z Flip 3. A website, GalaxyClub also showcased¬† Z Flip 3 variant having model number SM-F720F. The letter F in the model number reveals that this device will be an international variant so we might not be able to enjoy it in Pakistan anytime soon. Since model offering 5G connectivity has the letter ‘B’ at the end of the identifier, it means this device will offer 4G connectivity only.

Moreover, the original version of this device will include Snapdragon 888 but to reduce the price for its lighter version, it will be replaced with some older flagship chip.

This was one part of the picture, but there is another group of leakers who believe that model number SM-F720F might indicate a mid-range device and will come in only one variant. The Korean tech giant had announced to manufacture 3 million units of affordable foldable smartphone model so Galaxy Z Flip 3 will be one of it.

Only the time will tell which side of the picture was right, so just wait and watch.

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