Bunch of New Telegram Features to Beat WhatsApp

WhatsApp is the most widely used platform having more than 1.5 billion users globally. By providing marvellous features, it has maintained its position in the app world. Due to its simplicity and user-friendly nature, the app in no time won many hearts and acted as a sole platform facilitating people with a medium of communication. Its easy availability on both iOS and Android was a huge success. However there a blooming time of everything which ends anyway. Seems like this time, the rival Telegram is overpassing WhatsApp by providing some extraordinary features. Keeping in view this, Soon many people will be shifting to the new App. Telegram Features show that the platform is trying to beat WhatsApp.

Telegram Feature- Will it able to overpass Mighty WhatsApp

Telegram has 200 million users, and soon, they will double due to the extraordinary features provided by the app. The company has overall improved app usage by making several changes to the way people send and receive messages.

The best one among the bunch of features launched by Telegram is its ability to send a note without sound. This feature is launched, keeping in view that everyone has a private space and time. By sending voice note without sound, the other person will not be disturbed even if he has forgotten to switch off the notification. This feature can be used by simply tapping on the “SEND” option and clicking on the option to get it delivered without sound. This setting works on both groups and individual chat.

Unmuted message is not the only thing that Telegram has introduced. It has also launched several other features including Slow Mode. Slow mode feature limits the number of times someone can post in group chat. Furthermore, when a user sends video on display thumbnail so that one gets some idea of the video.  All the above-mentioned feature are available on the latest version of Telegram.

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