Buying a Used Phone Online? Run a Proper Verification Process to Avoid Disaster

Are you planning to buy a used phone online? Whenever we think about it, while there may be many but the one name which pop-up first in our mind is of course OLX. You can find thousands of ads of smartphones / mobile devices listed there as it is considered to be the biggest market place for used stuff mainly. They say that electronics, mainly PCs and mobile devices’ market is the hottest on OLX. BUT, before you make any decision, you need to be aware of what kind of mobile device you are going to buy. You should be vigilant while buying a phone on OLX and make sure whether the device is carrying valid IMEI number or not.

When you open the OLX website with the intention of purchasing mobile phone, you will notice that People have posted ads on OLX listing their smartphones for sale declaring their device’s validity and registration with PTA via sharing a screenshot.

Don’t trust the screenshots at all While Buying a Used Phone Online- Most of them are fake

There are chances that you might end up buying an illegal phone that actually has an invalid IMEI, and basically isn’t approved and registered with PTA. It also may work fine for 60 days. Your nightmare would become real if you find your phone blocked on the 61st morning. Showing that fake screenshot to officials at PTA or Mobile Franchise wouldn’t solve your problem.

“These phones may be legally acquired but its IMEI might have been changed just because they are stolen.”



1)  Don’t fall for that fake screenshots, test the IMEI yourself with PTA Device Verification System (DVS)

2)  Don’t buy phones without box

3)  If there’s full box along the phone, you still have to match the IMEI of the phone with the box’s IMEI details, and thereafter verify it from PTA DVS.

4)  Look for the purchase receipt/bill of the Mobile Phone

5)  Make sure when you buy mobile from either Online store, Retailor or anyone make him liable for at least 3 months of the legality status of the mobile

You can check the status of your phone via three basic ways but you need to know your mobile IMEI number. In case you don’t know the IMEI of your phone dial *#06# and you will get your IMEI number.

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