Bykea Collaborates With TPL Trakker to Improve its Mobile App

TPL Trakker Limited (the “TPLT”), has collaborated with Bykea Technologies (Private) Limited, Pakistan’s leading On-Demand Ride-Hailing and Logistics Service. The main motive behind this merger is to improve the mobile application of Bykea Technologies mainly its location services. As many users across the country complained about the location services of the Bykea app which has led the company to partner with TPL Trakker.

Bykea Collaborates With TPL Trakker to Improve its Mobile App

TPL Maps’ largest location-based dataset covering more than 400 cities, 4.5 million geocoded addresses, and 600,000 km of road network across Pakistan. Hence, it would provide value, scalability, and performance with the help of TPL Maps’ Location-Based Service (LBS) APIs, which will enhance the quality of on-demand ride-hailing service of Bykea.

TPLT will be integrating its state of the art Location-Based Service Application Programming Interface with Bykea’s all-in-one Mobile Application for updating the existing transportation, deliveries, and cash on delivery payment services, currently being provided via Bykea’s Mobile Application.

Bykea currently operates in four major cities of Pakistan, serving thousands of users and is one of the biggest job creators in the country by providing part-time job opportunities to any individual with a smartphone and a motorcycle.

Previously, TPL Maps, Pakistan’s only licensed digital mapping company and the mapping arm of TPL Trakker, collaborated with food panda to improve its food and grocery delivery app.

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