Completes One Year in the Pakistani Market

In 2012, Pakistan witnessed its first dedicated mobile phone accessories e-commerce store come to life. A young Karachi-based company was hoping to help people extend the life of their smartphones by providing accessories that would add utility to your devices. mGadgets focused on the high end market and pushed high quality products from manufacturers from different corners of the world.

By October 2012, the online store was no more. mGadgets founder, Muhammad Khanani continued to grow the distribution company by focusing on offering quality products at amazingly low prices. Over the course of the next two years, mGadgets was able to push down the average retail price of their products by over 50 percent. Completes One Year in the Pakistani Market: Enabling More People to Use Technology & Empowering Them

In early 2014, mGadgets decided to make a return to e-commerce but it was not until late 2014 that the plans were finalised and it was decided to launch exactly one year ago today (Friday). would focus on mobile phone accessories and used phones. The sole aim of launching was to enable more people to use technology and empower them using it.

In a year since its inception has grown to become one of the top three online stores in Pakistan and is now pushing to become the market leader by the end of 2016. It has not been an easy journey for with a plethora of well funded competitors.

Over the past few years one of the largest complains of online shoppers in Pakistan has been that it takes too long to get their products and too many orders get cancelled. The primary reason of this is that majority of the online stores in Pakistan use a marketplace model which means that the stores actually have no stock and only when an order comes do they go and buy the product.

According to Khanani,

“The e-commerce war will be won by whoever can get the products in the customers hands the fastest.”

In 2016, bytes is planning on opening warehouses across Pakistan to offer same day delivery in over 15 cities. While logistics and delivery are a very important part of e-commerce there is no point of having a great logistics network if you have no sales. Majority of Pakistani online stores have been having a tough time growing sales and have continuously missed targets.

For it was no different initially. According to Khanani it was probably because initially we got too comfortable. One of the key decisions took was to launch a selection of in house brands, which would offer amazing products at super low prices. Another key strategy was working directly with the factories, which has allowed to offer the best products at the best prices. has more than 35 global brands exclusively in Pakistan. These strategic shifts have propelled to amazing levels of success and this month alone they expect to ship a minimum of 25,000 orders and attract at least 10 million page views. has had an amazing first year and we expect to see great things from them in 2016 and wish them the best of luck for 2016.

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