Cabinet Division Advises to Use Secure & Reliable Communication Networks for Officials

Cabinet Division has issued orders to all Federal Secretaries and PSO’s to Chief Secretaries of all provincial Governments to use protected and trustworthy communication networks to defend against breach of security.

A reminder has been issued again by The Division in which it has mentioned references of different letters of Ministry of Information Technology that growing use of information and communication technology (ICT) has though led to significant advancement in means of communications but has also generated severe security threats for the reliability of our communication networks.

Cabinet Division Advises to Use Secure & Reliable Communication Networks for Officials

Moreover, severe cyber security instances are happening all over the world as well as in Pakistan too. The reason of cyber crimes are the use of ineffectively secure networks. It has become important for all Government organizations and foundations to use secure communication networks.

The Federal Government has witnessed that several Government organizations and institutions are still availing telecom services such as voice or data from the private operators without getting No Objection Certificate (NOC) from National Telecommunication Corporation (NTC), being a state owned telecom service provider of Federal and Provincial Government, which may cause serious breach and compromise national interest. It is not merely against the Federal Government directives but also infringement to the reason for which NTC was ingrained.

Strict directions have been issued by The Cabinet Division to all Ministries, Divisions, Government Departments and organizations to acquire telecom services whether it be voice or data services only from National Telecommunication Corporation (NTC) and if for some reason NTC network is not available in a specific region, then NTC shall take measures for establishment of telecom services by guaranteeing applicable security measures.

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