Capture the Golden Hour & Join #CapturetheClarity Campaign for realme 9 4G

realme’s latest photography campaign is now accepting submissions for a chance to win the new realme 9 4G

realme is always looking for ways to engage its fans and give back to the members of its community. For this reason, the tech-democratizer regularly holds giveaways of its products and other realme goodies. One recurring giveaway campaign originated by realme is the #CapturetheClarity photography competition. With this campaign, realme users from around the country submit their original photographs centered on a common theme or idea for the chance to win realme devices if they flex their photography skills and become the winning submission.

In the past, realme has centered the @createwithrealme competition on a variety of themes including the themes of black & white, sunrise/sunset, and the theme of Ramadan among many others interesting and diverse themes. For the latest #createwithrealme campaign, realme is taking inspiration from its latest offering – the realme 9 4G. The new campaign will be centered on nine unique photography styles/ themes that the participants can choose from. Once they have selected their themes, they can produce content related to that theme and submit it under this campaign’s unique hashtag #CapturetheClarity for the opportunity to win one of two realme 9 4G devices. Let’s take a look at the fascinating themes chosen by realme.

  1. Spark

A spark refers to a tiny jolt of light that can be generated from a source of heat, light, or electricity. A spark can also represent hope among the darkness. With this theme, participants are challenged to photograph on a smaller scale to find artistic ways to amplify the sparks all around them.

  1. Nightscape Monochrome

Similar to the black & white theme of the past, submissions under this theme are required to include night-time scenes using a black and white filter to create a monochrome effect. Participants of this theme will be shooting low-light, artistic photos of scenes at night and adding their unique perspective.

  1. Light Painting

Light painting is an incredibly trendy technique for today’s photographers. It involves using a moving light source in order to add light to a scene while taking a low-light photo. Through the use of one’s light painting source photographers are not just capturing an image, they are creating the final image by altering the scene’s lighting.

  1. Silhouette

Shadows are a very important aspect of photography. The way shadows play in an image can drastically impact the feelings that the image evokes in the viewer. A silhouette refers to the dark shape and outline of a subject in restricted light against a brighter background. The use of silhouettes in your photography can create very artistic and dramatic final images.

  1. Nature

This theme challenges participants to explore the depths of the natural world around them. Nature photography is one of the most popular forms of photography. This type of photography centers on an appreciation for nature and the rich ecosystems we are surrounded by. From mountainous forests to sandy beaches, the beauty of nature is all around us waiting to be captured through your lens and cherished.

  1. Street View

The bustling city streets are a fountain of inspiration for those with an eye for photography. Participants who choose this theme have to center their submissions around the city streets and the people and objects they may encounter while walking through them. The urban jungle is full of interesting subject matter and with the right exploration, the perfect shot is waiting to be found.

  1. Night Panorama

Panoramic photography is a format of photography that aims to create images with exceptionally wide fields of view. This style of photography creates a wide landscape which encompasses a lot of area. As it relates to night-time photography, panoramas are helpful in capturing the city skyline at night or demonstrating the field of view from a viewpoint. Participants in this theme can experiment with what type of night-time scene they want to capture.

  1. Starry Night

Another really famous subject for photography is the night sky. The mysteries of the universe reveal themselves in the ever-changing night sky. As an ever-changing canvas of stars, different hues, and the clouds, the starry night sky provides a dynamic subject that remains a constant source of inspiration for artists and photographers alike.

  1. Sunset View

Another popular theme makes its return to #shotonrealme as this theme deals with capturing images at the time of sunset when the sky is painted with the hues of the setting sun. Participants who select this theme can focus on how the changing colors of the sky affect the narratives of the scenes they are trying to capture.

realme has selected nine talented, young, rising photographers to follow these themes and provide examples for the general public to follow. These incredible submissions can be viewed at any time on the @createwithrealme Instagram page. So gather your realme devices and muster up some inspiration in order to potentially win realme 9 4G devices. The new realme 9 4G is an excellent device for photography enthusiasts boasting a powerful 108MP ProLight camera with the first-ever Samsung HM6 sensor. In order to participate, select a theme and create your content, follow and tag the @createwithrealme Instagram page, and use the hashtag #CapturetheClarity before Saturday, August 20, 2022 in order to win big!

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