Careem Set to Establish Pakistan as a Regional Tech Hub

● Careem is building its engineering capacity in Pakistan, in addition to its current
facilities in Dubai and Berlin
● Careem plans to staff up to 100 new engineers primarily in Karachi and Lahore
● Strengthening its tech centres is an important step in cementing Careem’s
position as a tech organization

Karachi, September 16, 2019: Careem has accelerated plans to build its engineering
capacity in the region through the establishment of a new tech hub in Pakistan, in
addition to the engineering pool working in UAE and Germany. Establishment of a new
tech hub will help bring Careem one step closer to their vision of developing a Super
App in the region, combining all aspects of a consumer’s world from transport, deliveries
and payments on a single app.

Careem Set to Establish Pakistan as a Regional Tech Hub

With a strong brand identity and a large customer base in Pakistan, developing
engineering talent within the country can help focus on providing solutions to local
problems. Careem has close to 400 engineers working on the platform in their
headquarters in Dubai, and across R&D centers located in Berlin and Karachi. The
target for the next 12-18 months is to staff up to 100 new engineers primarily in Karachi
and Lahore in an effort to create an internationally recognized tech hub in Pakistan.

With the first lines of Careem code written in Karachi, Pakistan has always been a key
hub for Careem’s tech talent. Careem will continue to invest in the country to attract
premium engineering talent that can help make their Super App vision a reality.

Mudassir Sheikha, co founder and CEO of Careem commented: “Pakistan holds a
special significance for Careem – it’s where our first engineers were based and where
the first line of code for our platform was written. Together with our hubs in Berlin and
Dubai, it is now one of our three main homes for tech. The talent on the ground in
Pakistan is plentiful and with our new tech hub in Lahore, we welcome budding
engineers to come and help us problem solve for the region.”

Pakistan has long been an exporter of engineering talent in Careem and other tech
players, not just in the region but globally. With Pakistani talent finding a home in
organizations like Careem, it is time that Pakistan becomes recognized as a country
that can host the best engineers the world has to offer.

Capacity building of engineering talent in Pakistan will commence on November 1,
2019, with a new tech site being established in Lahore and talent from across the world
joining the Careem family in both Karachi and Lahore. Tafseer ul Islam Siddiqui, Head
of Engineering in Karachi will be focusing efforts to increase engineering capacity.
Establishment and strengthening of it’s tech centres in Berlin, Dubai and Pakistan are
important steps in cementing Careem’s position as a tech org focused on changing the
way people use the internet in the region.

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