Careem vs Uber-A Comparative Analysis of Services, Fares & Marketing Campaigns

Careem vs Uber-A Comparative Analysis of Services, Fares & Marketing Campaigns. The ride hailing services, Careem and Uber, were launched in Pakistan last year and were are welcomed by Pakistanis for making their lives easy. By introducing the act of hailing a cab less cumbersome through the use of smartphones, these companies have made life easier for countless people.

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Both services are striving hard to ease their customers with the best service quality by offering them affordable and secure services. So this is the right time to make a comparative analysis of both Uber and Careem in order to know who is doing better in Pakistan.

Careem vs Uber-A Comparative Analysis of Services, Fares & Marketing Campaigns

Let’s compare the performance of both Careem and Uber in Pakistan on following main factors:

  1. Fares
  2. Price Surcharge (Uber) vs Peak Factor (Careem)
  3. Coverage Areas of both
  4. Maps
  5. Customer Services
  6. Marketing Campaigns 

Comparison of Uber and Careem Fares:

Usually we have heard that Careem is little bit expensive than Uber and I found the same. Being a daily rider, I also experienced Careem as expensive than Uber. But this doesn’t mean that Careem lack somewhere because Careem assures its customers with better service quality.

Careem vs Uber-A Comparative Analysis of Services, Fares & Marketing Campaigns
Careem Taxi Fare
Careem vs Uber-A Comparative Analysis of Services, Fares & Marketing Campaigns
Careem Go Fare

As we know that Uber has recently bifurcated its services into UberGo and UberMini.

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The Low-cost Uber has following fares:

  • Base Fare: Rs.65
  • Per Minute: Rs.3
  • Per Km: Rs.5
  • Cancellation Fee: Rs.90
  • Service Fees: Rs.0
  • Minimum Fare: Rs.90


UnerMini has small cars with somehow less prices: 

  • Base Fare: Rs.50
  • Per Minute: Rs.2.50
  • Per Km: Rs.4
  • Cancellation Fee: Rs.90
  • Service Fees: Rs.0
  • Minimum Fare: Rs.75

The launch of Uber mini was a relive for many people who were fed up of high fares however not a single time I needed to book ride, Uber mini was available. And sometimes Uber mini was more than 30 minutes away. It shows that Uber has less drivers so they fail to provide better service hence getting down day by day. More over Uber has facilitated his drivers to cancel rides if a customer cannot manage to reach you in 5 minutes. This facility is not bad and is fare too but many drivers use it in a wrong way. They accept two to three rides and then cancel others and follow the one which is nearest. Due to this the client has to wait for ride however at last minute he realizes that the captain has canceled the ride which is an utter disappointment.

On the other hand as far as Careem is concerned it has Taxi, Go, Go Plus and Business cars available. One can easily order ride according to the fair and usage. Their Taxi service is seldom available however rest all the cars readily arrive to your destination in minutes.

Careem’s wallet service is also good as they deduct the fare and add the rest in wallet which can be used later on in case the rider doesn’t has change. Uber doesn’t have a wallet system. So the driver ask people to pay full amount as they usually don’t have change.

The only way to ensure price surcharges will go away is for more vendors and drivers to sign up and be on the road. This means companies like Careem and Uber will need to address the concerns voiced by their driver partners to ensure a steady supply of cars in the long run.

Price Surcharge vs Peak Factor:

From last few months Uber and Careem are facing criticism due to price surcharges which in return make fares higher. Careem having more captain and vehicles have some how reduced their peak factors. However when it comes to Uber situation is even worse as most of the times their cars are not available. For instance they are available, the peak surcharge make the service nearly impossible to be used. Many people shared their views that these ride hailing services are exploiting innocent people in the name of technology.

Careem also has monthly package for customers who use this service daily. Monthly service introduced by Careem is more economical and doesn’t include peak surcharges also.

Coverage Areas of Uber and Careem Services:

Careem does not operate in some areas of Karachi but is available in Islamabad, Lahore, Peshawar, Faisalabad, Hyderabad, Multan, Gujranwala, Sialkot and Abbotabad. Uber on the other hand, is only available in Lahore, Karachi, Islamabad, Hyderabad, Faisalabad and Gujranwala.

Mapping System of Careem & Uber:

As far as Maps are concerned, Uber has many issues with in its Map however Careem’s Map directs the Captains more accurately. Due to unavailability of drivers, Uber give rides to far away drivers which is problem for both customers and drivers. Uber Maps also does not show right pin location. Even their drivers don’t have any idea of the drop off location due to which they call customers to ask their destination which sometimes annoys customers.

Careem on the other hand don’t have this problem but sometime they show that driver is 2 minutes away and he reaches after a half hour and some times they show that driver is 20 minutes away but he reaches after 2 minutes which costs your wait time as you were expecting him after 20 minutes.

Customer Services:

Careem has customer care centers however Uber has no physical outlets for customer which is a big drawback. However when it comes to customer service on phones, Careem agents are also not able to provide good service and fail to solve your problems at most of the times. On the other hand Uber’s US customer reps do reply and your issues do get resolved quickly.

Which is Safer: Careem vs Uber?

In both Uber and Careem, just like in a taxi, it is a stranger driving the car. Therefore, the issue of safety is of prime concern. Both companies are taking precautions in this regard, when it comes to signing drivers, to ensure safety of their customers.

It is a fact that Uber’s service has faced criticism in many parts of the world due to incidents of sexual assault involving drivers and customers. This appears to be one explanation for why women in Pakistan prefer Careem’s service.

Marketing Campaigns of both Services:

As far as a marketing campaigns are concerned, Careem is seen very active on social medias and keep on introducing promo codes. On the other side Uber lack this as here social media pages has nothing to engage customers. Even they do not facilitate their customers with promo codes etc. Careem has always tried to bring something new and funny at doorsteps such as, Rishta Aunty ServiceBakra-on-WheelsQurbani Hides, Careem Air etc. These marketing campaigns of Careem became so famous on social media platforms that it ended in brand wars which clearly shows that their campaigns are very effective. Uber should change their business strategy and higher a better marketing personal to compete in the market as good marketing is very necessary to run a perfect business.

Final Verdict:

To me Careem’s Good pricing, nice deals and fairly reliable service brings it on the top. Careem’s vehicle availability is also good during working hours. Don’t expect much in terms of customer service though.

Uber on the other hand is cheap but most of the time unavailable with zero marketing strategy and no customer service centers. So I will put it on the second position.

However it should be mentioned here that both the services has something best in them. Both the ride hailing apps are striving and trying their best to achieve good market position by overall improving the transport system of Pakistan.

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