Competition ‘Cellular Network of the Month contest’

Competition is a healthy activity, which brings out the best from you. TalentIdols is searching for YOU!
Do you make videos? Do you like money and prizes? If the answer is YES, then you should be logging on to has announced Competition ‘Cellular Network of the Month contest’ has announced the ‘Cellular Network of the Month Contest’, where anyone can post their video review of the cellular connection to participate in a competition to win prizes. is talent competition portal of budding talent to showcast its full potential to the right target audience. The creative edge of Talentidols’ is the concept of Video Blogging where anyone can participate by uploading a web cam or mobile based video. They have started 5 such monthly contests already including ‘Cellular Network of the Month contest’.

This competition will provide the opportunity and platform for many hidden talents in Pakistan and with the passage of time this is get to another level.

Winners will get certain cash prizes and giveaways. This contest will be repeated with new themes and topics each month ending on a mega video blogging contest from Pakistan by the end of the year where all winners from the entire video blogging contests will compete with each other to win even more exciting and bigger prizes.

This would give people yet another platform to share their feedback and help cellular networks improve their quality of service, a topic that has indeed become an integral part of our lives, as the telecommunication industry continues to take great leaps and bounds in Pakistan.

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