CES 2017 to Showcase More Innovative & Smarter Technologies

Consumer Technology Association (CES) is one of the largest trade shows. This year, the mega event of the technology world will take place in Las Vegas. Exhibitors will be showcasing an array of new devices that get smartsis from computer chips, sensors and artificial intelligence. These devices will further be opening new paths to augmented or virtual realities.


Last year this event was attended by 177,000 people. 2.47 million square feet was covered for exhibition. This year 150 countries will be represented. CES 2017 to Showcase More Innovative & Smarter Technologies.

CES 2017 to Showcase More Innovative & Smarter Technologies

The consumer electronics show will begin on Tuesday. It will be offering a look at engineering technology including robotics, connected cars and  dizzying assortment of gizmos from connected sneakers to drones.

This grand show will be attended by big names such as Sony, LG and Samsung in electronics where they will be having constant fight about sleekest most elegant television screens. Smartphone firms such as LG, Huawei, Alcatel and Black Berry etc will exhibit there handsets .

Vehicle industry giants including Ford and BMW are all set to show off technology encapsulated in their autos for efficiency, safety, entertainment and navigation.

Gary Shapiro, president CES said:

Virtual reality is changing the game for a variety of industries including health care, agriculture, manufacturing and business, Doctors are using VR to enhance traditional therapies, architects use VR to design stronger buildings and travel agencies are using it to simplify vacation planning

At this event CES will be celebrating its 50th anniversary. Event organizers have promised to make this event the largest one, showcasing VR technologies. CES panel discussion will talk about transformation of television, movies and news enveloping form of videos.

The grand event will be hosted by person who has experience of hosting virtual reality trade shows. The attendees of event would be more than 600 startups from 33 countries.

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