Chahat Fateh Ali Khan’s Song “Badobadi” Discussed in Senate Committee Meeting

Chahat Fateh Ali Khan’s popular song “Badobadi” became an unexpected topic of discussion in a Senate Standing Committee meeting. The meeting, chaired by Rana Mehmood, took an interesting turn when Senator Aamir Chishti raised a question about whether “Badobadi” should be considered for an award.

Senator Chishti’s inquiry led to a lively discussion about the criteria for civil awards in Pakistan. He questioned whether the song’s viral success warranted recognition at the national level. This sparked both serious and humorous responses from the committee members, reflecting the song’s widespread impact and varying opinions about its merit.

The Special Secretary to the committee emphasized the song’s immense popularity. He noted that the views on YouTube had surpassed the population of Pakistan, highlighting the song’s widespread reach and influence. This statistic brought a light-hearted moment to the meeting, as members acknowledged the song’s massive online success.

Chahat Fateh Ali Khan’s Song “Badobadi” Discussed in Senate Committee Meeting

In response to Senator Chishti’s question, the chairman of the committee openly shared his reaction to the song. He admitted that he had listened to “Badobdi” and found it gave him a headache. His candid comment added a humorous touch to the proceedings, reflecting the mixed reactions the song has elicited among listeners.

The Special Secretary went on to explain the revised procedure for awarding civil honours. While acknowledging the importance of YouTube views in gauging an artist’s popularity, he clarified that the primary criterion for civil awards remains the individual’s exceptional contributions to their field. This means that while “Badobdi” has garnered significant online attention, the final decision would consider broader contributions to the music industry.

The Cabinet Division has updated the process for evaluating candidates for civil awards. Although the popularity of a song on platforms like YouTube is taken into account, it is not the sole determinant. The awards committee looks for outstanding achievements and contributions that go beyond mere popularity. This ensures that recipients of civil awards have made a significant impact on their industry and society.

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The discussion about Chahat Fateh Ali Khan’s song “Badobdi” in the Senate Standing Committee meeting brought attention to the criteria for civil awards in Pakistan. While the song’s popularity is undeniable, the committee highlighted the importance of exceptional contributions over viral success. The meeting underscored the need for a balanced approach to recognizing artistic achievements, ensuring that civil awards honour those who have truly made a difference in their field.

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