Check Out Samsung OLED Skin Patch that Works As A Fitness Tracker

Samsung Advanced Institute of Technology (SAIT) has announced a working prototype of a stretchable OLED skin patch that works as a fitness tracker. It can attach to the wrist working as a replacement for the fitness band. It also integrates a couple of sensors.

Check Out Samsung OLED Skin Patch that Works As A Fitness Tracker

The patch is placed on the inner side of the wrist so moving the wrist itself won’t affect the display’s performance. Samsung used a polymer compound with high elasticity and a modified elastomer. It can withstand skin elongation of up to 30% and the prototype remained stable after 1,000 stretches. The company says it’s the first in the industry and even with current tech advancements.

Samsung OLED skin patch

“We applied an ‘island’ structure to alleviate the stress caused by elongation,” said staff researcher Yeongjun Lee, co-first author of the paper. “More stress was induced in the area of the elastomer, which has a relatively low elasticity coefficient and is thus more likely to become deformed. This allowed us to minimize the stress sustained by the OLED pixel area, which is more vulnerable to such pressure. We applied a stretchable electrode material (cracked metal) that resists deformation to the elastomer area, and this allowed the spaces and wiring electrodes between the pixels to stretch and shrink without the OLED pixels themselves becoming deformed.”

Although it is a working prototype, it still needs a lot of time to be available in the market. Moreover, it also needs some improvements as well. No doubt, it is and will be a great effort to digitize the medical field.

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Source: GSMArena

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