Check Out the 5 Hidden iOS 13 Features

A few days ago, we informed you that the iOS 13 has been rolled out with the dark mode. Now we found some hidden features in iOS 13 and couldn’t resist ourselves to share them with our readers. So if you have also updated your devices to the iOS 13, then you must be interested to know about several excellent hidden features. We are providing you the list of some pretty nifty features in this post. In case, you didn’t upgrade to iOS 13 then these hidden features would definitely push you to update.

Here are the 5 hidden iOS 13 features

Find the list below:

1. Switch Wi-Fi networks & Bluetooth Devices So Easily

You can easily connect to WiFi instead of going to the settings. For that, open the Control Centre, tap and hold Wi-Fi icon to reveal a list of Wi-Fi networks. Similarly, you can activate the Bluetooth as well, You are able to connect or disconnect Bluetooth devices from here quickly.

2. Silence Spam Calls

If you are tired of spam calls then you can easily silence calls from unknown numbers by visiting Settings > Phone and enable Silence Unknown Callers there.

3. Mobile Data Support to Download large apps

You can easily download large apps on mobile data. For that, you have to go to Settings > iTunes & App Store and in the Mobile Data section tap App Downloads. Now tap on Always Allow in order to download all apps on mobile data. Furthermore, Always Ask will check if you are willing to download apps on mobile data.

4. Make a Use of Mouse with an iPhone or iPad

iOS 13 is now making you able to use a Bluetooth mouse with iOS devices. But for that, you will need a dongle free mouse. If you already have that type of mouse then you can pair it via Settings > Accessibility > Touch > AssistiveTouch > Devices > Bluetooth Devices.

5. Delete apps directly from the App Store

In case, you notice an app that’s received an update on the App Store, then you can delete it so quickly by opening the App Store and tapping your profile icon on the top-right. After that scroll down to the Updates section > find the app you want to delete > Swipe left and tap Delete.

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