Cheezmall’s Massive, Persuasive & Aggressive Strategies in Pakistan

Month of eleven is always devastating. Some cry over 9/11 and some get crazy at 11/11. Online shopping is taking the contemporary world into next generation level. What Alibaba did on this November 11 was something what Godfathers like Amazon and ebay can never dream off. There was the time when Alibaba was copying these, now the stage is when they are copying Alibaba. This is the lesson what Chinese People giving in this world and this is the vision upon which work. As Bill gates said:

“If you born poor it’s not your mistake, but if you die poor it’s your mistake”.

According to google research on digital consumer in Pakistan, Pakistani consumers spend more time on internet instead of any other medium like watching TV, reading Newspaper, listening radio etc. The trend for online shopping is growing in Pakistan; experts have estimated in 2013 that eCommerce market size in Pakistan is around $25-30 million a year with revenue of around $4 billions is being generated per year through E-commerce. These Figures have grown much larger after the introduction of 3G and 4G technology in Pakistan. An average shopper is spending Rs 25000 on online shopping. Out of total households that have access to internet, around 25% do online shopping once a month and more than 60% shop atleast once a year.


With the entry of in Pakistan (A Chinese Online Website) Pakistani Online shopping industry is entering into a new stage. It’s the quality of Chinese people that they always do things silently. When Alibaba formed, very few took it serious. Nobody can ever imagine that a platform starting from one bedroom flat would shatter the dreams of many big Giants. The strategy was keep calm and follow the vision aggressively. That was the strategy in Pak-China economic corridor. This is something missing in Pakistan’s market. That is why major eCommerce players are still running nowhere and finding it hard to meet even break-even. is bringing totally different model then what is currently followed in Pakistan. The main aim of Chinese people here is to increase the Online shopping thirst first then look for other advantages. The model they are bringing is the model that would not only benefit consumers but also to other eCommerce players.

Most of the Local vendors in Pakistan are not happy with the strategy of current Online players. The business and reach that they deserve is standing nowhere. Putting all the brands among other replica products is the demotivating factor for them. focus is different. As they say, the door for replica and fake products are always closed at cheezmall. They only sell Genuine brands.


Second pleasant thing in their model is that they deal in deals only. The products are not available for long time. What the consumer saw, he has to buy otherwise may not found in future. This is something really unique. Because here consumer feel delighted that what he or she is wearing cannot be buyable at that price or quality again. So no more same clothes, same brand and same color problem. Every customer is a unique customer.


Similar is the case with Brands. Limited brands availability at a time is something that enhance the reach of Brands, add value to them and also generate revenue. That is why they lack Search button so that each consumer must visit each and every brand. Keeping limited brands at a time cause less sight pollution as what other website cause. Changing brands after every one week interval is something that is getting value for brands and best prices for consumers.


So if you are customer, you have to buy they won’t wait until you buy. The strategy is extremely marvelous and worthy in the end for both consumer and vendor.

Apart from these the major surprises are coming from Today’s shocker. Today’s shocker is totally new concept that only can Chinese create. Best price, extremely high quality but limited time period. It is the bestselling component at up till now.


Cheezmall is aggressively coming with huge budget and strategies. Recent event in which they gave 93% discount with Rs 5000 coupon was the major turning point for cheezmall to positively get in to the market. That single day event covers almost 70% of Cheezmall’s Investment in Pakistan. Average basket size of major Ecommerce players is in three figures. But cheezmall attained 5 figure basket size on that single day. They cleared stocks within seconds. Even one of the ecommerce players celebrated such type of deal but the response was not that much since they lack the vision of Chinese. The proof of the argument is from the fact that due to lack of sales the platform extended from one day event to 3 days. But still didn’t got that much response.


This is the difference which cannot be filled because where others earn in years, Chinese earns in seconds. Even Amazon cannot reach to that, how come local platforms then. Being unsuccessful, many of the platforms have even designed teams to spread bad word of mouth regarding Cheezmall, but in spite of their efforts they have failed miserably because such tactics are no more workable now for a longer time period.

pic-7 is golden chance for Pakistani Brands and organizations to attach their name with Chinese people. Many of them have started working on it aggressively and made a que. The platform is also opening its arms but very wisely. One best example is recent signing of Lenovo’s other mobile brand with cheezmall which is something that would turn the whole market into fire. The price & specifications that Cheezmall is bringing would set a tough competition in the market. Soon they are unveiling the name and offer.


The future strategy of is very aggressive again. Working on multiple occasions both offline and online with new brands. Also working on payment solutions to eliminate COD model which is the biggest problem in Online shopping in Pakistan. Coming days are very tough and sleepless nights are awaiting for Online platforms and Big brand names of Mobile brands.

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  1. But I think there are many other online shopping websites and also comparison shopping engines like At you can compare prices online on millions of products and also find the best deals from top brands and online stores in Pakistan.

  2. Cheezmall is the best ever website to buy online. Amazing quality they have. I ordered one shoe pair its just an awsome product specially quality wise

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