Chief Justice Took Notice of 40 % Tax Reduction on Mobile Cards

Chief Justice of Pakistan Mian Saqib Nisar took suo motu notice of deduction of Rs 40 on mobile phone cards. He issued a notice to telecom companies to tell which taxes are applicable on the card recharge and also asked them to explain 40 % Tax Reduction on Mobile Cards.


Breaking News: Telecom Operators to Tell, Why they Deduct 40% Tax Reduction on Mobile Cards

This is a very good initiative as many people were concerned about the taxes being deducted while recharging card. CJP also said that it is an injustice to deduct Rupees 40 when someone recharges Card of Rupees 100.

The reduction of Rupees 40 on Recharge of Card of 100 rupees was already viral on Social media from some time. Justice Nisar, Chief Justice of Pakistan further said that this issue should be solved as it is of public interest. He further added that:

“The companies have to tell the types of taxes, they are implementing on cards,”.

The court will hear suo motu of 40 % Tax Reduction on Mobile Cards case on Tuesday. According to some reports,  on the charge of a Rs 100 pre-paid mobile card, a 19.5 percent federal excise duty is charged along with 12.5 percent withholding tax and 10 percent service charges.

According to Pakistan Telecommunication Authority Cellular, mobile subscribers raised to 144 million as compared to 142.5 million in October 2018.

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