China Launched World’s First Driverless Rail Transit System

China as a country is developing gradually and have conquered the market of world. This time China Launched World’s First Driverless Rail Transit System.

A Chinese rail car manufacturer has unveiled the first ever Autonomous Rail Transit System (ART). The ART rail system will definitely speed up public transportation in Zhuzhou, Hunan province of China.

China Launched World’s First Driverless Rail Transit System

The manufacturer of rapid rail car service revealed that the rail is equipped with ART rubber wheels on a plastic core instead of steel wheels. It carries company’s copyrighted technology to guide the vehicle automatically.

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The new Driverless rail technology has advantage of being a rail and bus transit system at the same time. This rail is environmental friendly.

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It is undoubtedly a height of technology and clearly narrates that China is progressing so fast. The new ART system is economical as compared to usual subway systems. Subway systems cost between 400-700 million RMB per kilometer. It stands fifth in a row of electric cars which cost 150-200 million RMB per kilometer.

The company CRRS started designing ART system back in 2103. The first ART car was 31 meters in length and can carry maximum passenger load of 307 people or 48 tonnes. It has highest speed of 70 kilometers per hour and can travel 25 km after charging for 10 minutes.

The world’s first ART line will be launched in Zhuzhou having length of 6.5 kilometres. Once completed, it will be able to dock with the city’s mid-low speed maglev train.

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