China Mobile and Huawei Install World’s Highest 5G Tower on Mount Everest

China Mobile Hong Kong (CMHK) and tech-giant Huawei have collaborated to install the world’s biggest 5G antenna on the Mount Everest. The 5G antenna was installed at a base station 6,500 meters above the sea level, which also makes it the highest 5G antenna installation in the world. CMHK announced the fulfilment of the project on its official Facebook page.

China Mobile and Huawei Install World’s Highest 5G Tower on Mount Everest

General manager of China Mobile’s Tibet branch Zhou Min stated that the installation of the new 5G tower would guarantee telecommunication services for the activities like mountain climbing, scientific research, environmental monitoring and high-definition live streaming. In addition to that, the tower will also allow tourists and indigenous mountain people to stream 8K live broadcasts have endless communications with relatives from the world’s tallest peak. The installation corresponds with the remeasurement of the Mount Everest, with methods to use the 5G network to help take the most accurate measurement ever possible.

CMHK announced the project, entitled as “5G on Mount Everest”, in April. Since that time, three 5G base stations have been set up at Mount Everest Base Camp at the height of 5,300 meters, along with one at 5,800 meters and a couple more at 6,500 meters. Because this extensive network of stations and antennas, the company has become capable of providing 5G coverage on the entire mountain, which also includes the summit situated at 8,848 meters. Now that’s a stunning endeavour to achieve.

Understandably, the project was an enormous undertaking and needed the use of yaks to carry the equipment to such high elevations. Thanks to their unique adaptations, yaks proved to be the ideal mode of transport for nearly 8 tons of gear needed to set up the tower.

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Highlighting the importance of its achievement, CMHK stated that the 5G on Mount Everest project, “not only another extreme challenge in a human life exclusion zone but also laid a solid foundation for the later development of 5G smart tourism and 5G communications for scientific research”.

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