China’s Online Population Hits 731 Million

China has the world highest internet users. According to the government-linked China Internet Network Information Center (CNNIC), China’s total internet population reached 731 million in December. E-commerce is now very common is Asian counties, meeting consumer demands. China’s Online Population Hits 731 Million.

Government has really made efforts to make china rich in E-commerce. With these efforts China has turned to consumer demand driven economy. Beijing has imposed strict controls on online content which stops users from accessing some very famous websites including Facebook and Google.

China’s Online Population Hits 731 Million

From the end of December a major rise in internet population of china is seen. Total internet user rose to 6.2 percent which is equal to the whole population of Europe. This may be due to the government’s project “internet plus” which aims at expanding the role of online technology in the economy.

The number of people who use internet through mobile has also increased with the decreasing charm of computers. According to CNNIC, Internet users through cell phone has reached to 695 million that is 95.1 percent.

Online consumption has become an increasingly vital part of economy. The statement also revealed that its contribution to GDP is also increasing gradually. According to CCNIC, the number of people in China who used online payments had reached 475 million up-to December. It is is 14.0 percent year on year.

Growing number of China’s online shoppers can be estimated by looking at the Chinese leading e-commerce firm, Alibaba. It provides consumer to consumer, business to consumer and business to business sales services through web portals. Consumers were estimated to spend $17.8 billion on their online shopping promotion on 11th-November 2016. It is more than twice the five-day desktop sales from Thanksgiving through Cyber Monday in the US last year.

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