China’s Online Viral Game Makes you Clap for Xi Jinping

China’s WeChat platform has released a game allowing the country’s hundreds of smartphone users to applaud President Xi Jinping’s more than three-hour opening speech simply by tapping their phone screens. China’s Online Viral Game Makes you Clap for Xi Jinping.

China’s Online Viral Game Makes you Clap for Xi Jinping

In the online game, called “Clap for Xi Jinping: A Great Speech”, short video clips of various passages from Xi’s address are shown on which the Chinese public may applaud.

After around every 10-second clips are finished, players tap on their phones along with the assembled delegates while an image of two applauding hands appears on screen.

Players compete to see how many times they can “clap” within the allotted period of 19 seconds. The significance of the 19 seconds wait is that it has been chosen in the honour of the Congress, the 19th in party history.

Since after Thursday afternoon, nearly 1 billion individual taps had been logged by the game.

WeChat has been a popular platform which is used by Chinese masses of smartphone users. They use them for everything from messaging to online shopping and paying for restaurant bills and taxis. WeChat itself claims to have nearly 1 billion users.

The game was developed by China’s leading gaming and social media company Tencent which operates WeChat.

Tencent and other leading Chinese internet firms are known to make gestures to stay in the good books of the Chinese authorities to ensure their continued success.

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