Chinese Universities Offer Course on How to Go Viral Online

The rise of social media and more specially the entire digital world due to the increase in smartphone penetration across the world has embarked a new trend. People are getting online as soon as the rate of connectivity is increasing. People are sharing their views on different issues be it social, political etc. on online platforms like Facebook, Twitter and YouTube. Hence, keeping in view this prevailing trend of digital media, many universities in China have started teaching the online/digital media as main course in the syllabus. Chinese Universities Offer Course on How to Go Viral Online.

Chinese Universities Offer Course on How to Go Viral Online

Recently, a 21 years old Chinese student from a private university got viral after her live streamed and share her random thoughts.

In China, these days students are struggling to apply their university course knowledge to develop their online businesses. Even fashion students are directly speaking to Chinese 700 mn smartphone users by doing live stream sessions. Jiang Mengna is one such student who is communicating with her customers/audience via streaming sessions.

In China such talent is named as “Wonghong”; students who are going viral on internet and who represent an industry of billions having their own university curriculum.

Jiang said during her 30 min live session with her internet audience that:

“I like dressing myself up really pretty and take pictures. I feel like this major really suits me.”

Hence, the rise of e-Commerce industry has convinced the educational institutions too to offer such courses. This will enable students to train for future e-Commerce industry and they will be able to run their own startups and businesses.

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