Chrome for Android to Start Sending Notifications

Chrome for Android is bringing a new feature. Google is trying to drive more Android owners back to use Chrome by sending targeted notifications.  Most recently, Microsoft Edge and Samsung Internet have started a war against Chrome on desktop and Android respectively.

In response to that, Google is trying to win back some of those users who have left Chrome and opted for other browsers, starting on Android. Based on a series of code changes, Google Chrome for Android will send you a notification if you aren’t using the chrome.

Chrome for Android to Start Sending Notifications

Currently, the “feature” is locked behind a new flag coming soon to chrome://flags.

Enable re-engagement notifications

Enables Chrome to use the in-product help system to decide when to show re-engagement notifications.


So far, Google has included three potential notifications to be sent, most likely to test and see which notification may be most effective in bringing folks back to Chrome.

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Let us tell you what specifically would trigger Chrome to send one of these notifications. In case,  you indirectly open Chrome by opening a “Chrome Custom Tab” in an app, Chrome will start checking how long it’s been since you have used the Chrome app. And, if you have more than one browser installed you will receive a notification that will suggest you use Chrome.

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