Chrome Kaleidoscope: A Streaming Service Hub

Soon you will be able to stream videos from all your favorite over-the-top (OTT) platforms under one roof. Google didn’t share a word about this new addition officially but the latest Canary version of Google Chrome appears to have a hub ready called Chrome Kaleidoscope.

It seems that it is available for only internal testing at this moment. It is to be expected that the company will offer a single place in the future to serve Web content from various streaming services.

Chrome Kaleidoscope: A Streaming Service Hub

This new move was spotted by Chrome OS-focussed blog Chrome Story. For readers’ information, the Chrome Kaleidoscope hub is available on the Canary version of Google Chrome through the URL chrome://kaleidoscope/. There is also a tagline that says, “All your shows in one place” and carrying a list that consist of Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, and Disney+ Hotstar as three video streaming services.  Well, these are initial offerings but the list could be expanded at a later stage. If this platform develops further it will be amazing to see if more popular services such as HBO Max, Hulu, and even YouTube join the list.

There is no guarantee this Kaleidoscope will even make it to prime time, it can now be found directly at chrome://kaleidoscope/. As mentioned before that the feature was spotted first by the guys over at ChromeStory but it is not functional on the page, it shows only the following message at the moment:

“Chrome Kaleidoscope is not currently available for your account. If you are a Googler check out go/kaleidoscope-not-available for more information.”

At this point, it is also not clear how this new addition will potentially work with third-party services like Amazon Prime Video though. There is mention of “Views,” “Likes,” and “Dislikes” which is hinting towards the YouTube integration too.

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