Chrome OS Now Comes with a Built-In Screen Recorder

Google has now officially announced that Chrome OS will receive a built-in screen recorder in March. According to the tech giant, the tool will facilitate the students and teachers in the recording of virtual lessons.

Google wrote in its blog post. “Teachers have long recorded lessons to help students do homework and study for tests, but in the past year it’s become downright critical for virtual learning.”

Chrome OS Now Comes with a Built-In Screen Recorder

It is very simple to use. Once users pressed the appropriate button on the Chromebook, they will see a countdown in the screen’s center. While the Chromebook starts recording, a red circle will appear on the right side of the shelf.

A few other tools for Chromebook learners are in testing phase while some have already arrived. This year, Google is planning to introduce 40 new devices and accessibility improvements so that every student can learn the way they want to. Google claims that every model is “equipped to deliver exceptional Google Meet and Zoom experiences”.

In order to help schools to navigate the new releases, the company has released a list of available Chromebooks, that is consist of configurations from Samsung, Lenovo, HP, Dell, Asus, and Acer, and tips for selecting the right one.

In addition to that, parents are now able to use Family Link (Google’s parental-control app) to manage their children’s school accounts as well as their personal accounts. So, now parents can put screen-time limits, bedtimes, and other restrictions on their children’s personal accounts as well as their school accounts.
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